ZUU Workout: The new fitness regime taking the world by storm

Keep moving forward and five. Forward please! Oh my God. That’s so… -And that’s it.
-Nice. The summer is looming, and we all know what
that means. Bikinis? Don’t remind us, Sam. Yes bikinis are looming. So when Virgin Active invited us down to try out
their new exercise class. Come on. Let’s go. We had to move it, move it. Moo-ve it. Terrible, terrible. Okay guys, this is called a frog squat. Feet
are a little bit wider than shoulder width. Poke your arms inside your legs, and we just
go down to a nice, deep squat so you have to find your own range and then you stand
up again. And you’ll work out very quickly which muscles it’s working, which is obviously
your quads. -UGHHH.
-That is not the noise a frog makes. Come on. We’re nearly finished. Alright guys, this next move is called the
Bear Crawl, so we’ll start on the ground. We just crawl forward, just move forward.
Then we’ll go in reverse. Just focus on the push through your arms. The next move is called a Gorilla, so we just
go down to a deep squat. We lean forward onto our hands. Your objective is to get your feet
to the outside of your hands. Do you get more flexible? So the more you do that, the more mobility
you’ll get through your hip. This last move is called an Iguana. Left hand
goes forward. Right leg just up and to the side. Just do a half push up. I’ll show you the power of ZUU, okay? So what
moves… Can you tell me what moves we’ve just been through? -Frog.
-Gorilla. -Frog.
-A Bear. And an Iguana. Just listen to the commands, okay? Gorillas. Let’s go. Frogs where you are. You know how to do these.
Keep your arms tucked in. Reverse bears. Reverse bears and push push.
Up to a frog, nice and deep. Let’s rip them out team. Rip them out. Into Iguanas, set
it up. Left hand forward, right leg to the side. Keep moving forward. There’s about 26, 27 moves in the first level. I don’t think you realise quite how much you’re
working your muscles. Do you know what I mean? Because I’m just trying to focus on doing
an Iguana, and I’m actually toning up my arms, my core. And the more you do it, the harder it becomes. What’s your hardest move? The hardest move. One of the hardest moves
is probably the crocodile. Ooh, could you do that? Crocodile sounds good. All the way down, and keep your arms tucked
in nice and tight. Move forward so it’s. I can’t even move! I can’t even do it. And then you do can do Fleas going back. Oh my God. That is ridiculous. You burn a lot of calories, if you put your
heart into it. I’ve burnt 1000 calories in a class. So bikini bodies. I have a kangaroo pouch.
How do I get rid of my kangaroo pouch? The first one I would do for you would be…
I’d probably give you three. Yup, I’ll do Frog Squats, and then I’d do Gorillas. Yup,
most definitely. And the last one I’d probably give you is called a Kick Sit. All I’m going to do is sweep my leg through
and sit down. Up and down. Up and down. We’ll just do four 30 second rounds. Good
luck. That’s round one. I’m so tired… Oooh! This is just getting more embarrassing as
time goes by. Film Sam. We even stopped early and that was tough. Deceptively. Deceptively. Way deceptively tough. You just
think sitting on your ass, shoving your leg out. How difficult is that? And then you do
it, and I can’t even last longer than 40 seconds. I’m a convert. The sign for ZUU is top hand and left hand
on top of the right.


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