YoYoFit fitness tracker unboxing and first impressions

Hi everyone I’m Ricky from TechTalk this is
the yoyo fit fitness tracker from Amazon UK and us the link will be in the
description here in the UK it does cost $29.99 which is a lot cheaper than the
brand new Apple watch and also cheaper than the Fitbit so you can choose an
option of black or blue in colour which is really good so having a look around
the box very clean clear packaging coming to the back there’s loads of
contact information here and also links to your kid’s room websites you also
have a QR code down here at the bottom you can also far away at take another so
you then have letters notes or any information you need from them you can
get in contact again there’s a QR code there is an app available for this as
well but this shoe that a little bit later you also then have your fitness
tracker manual here quite large very small so here is our fringe tracker so
we have a fitness tracker I know it does have an aim own loading screen I’ll say
more about it I thought we’d just unbox it boots off with anything else nope
nothing else glad is it yo-yo fit fitness tracker does offer an
app from Android or iOS and they show you on Android today but let’s have a
little look more at this fitness tracker and talk about what it can do and some
of the specs as well so it offers a heart rate monitor fitness activity has
little games on it it’s got an ip67 waterproof rating a pedometer it’s a
watch it has a sleep monitor and smart notifications that means your phone
calls and text messages all come through designed for women men and children so
nice a fitness tracker here last color blue like it’s actually a little bit
color here a one size band so we’ll be testing that in this band so loads of
different options here so it’s only one that you can see the display here offers
bluetooth 4.0 the screen size is 0.9 6 centimeters work times going between 5
to 7 days depending on usage and activities it’s going to take 1 to 2
hours of charging time so moving on let’s have a look at the application app
is called eye x and IT search so you’re looking for an application that looks
like this it’s going to be the same as well on the
iOS App Store hit installation has downloaded here so we’re just gonna
start this up so this is open application and then select
tap to pave and we have to allow bluetooth to turn on again which is fine
we’re going to connect the new device it’s asking if we’re male or female I
like you got a tire or both tires really cool think a little bit different so now
it’s going to ask me to put in my height and my weight so height is in
centimeters and a weight is gonna be in kilos how well you’re burning your
calories your steps and making sure you’re exercising to the best level you
can so next is asking for your age and also your step though one thing I don’t
like about this as a being visually impaired the text size could be a little
bit of a girl we have so much room here make it nice and big and easy to use so
it’s asking it for bluetooth here we’re gonna say allow so it’s families fitness
tracker here so we’re gonna click on this fitness track down so as that’s
just synchronizing let’s put the fitness tracker on so I’m sort of set up now so
look at the track art I do like the design here do like it this nice brushed
aluminium effect here turn around you can see our sensors underneath so just
before we begin you may wonder where’s the charger and how do I charge my
device so when you turn this one round you’ll see a USB device here and you
connect this up and charge here this will take one to two hours depending on
your charge as well so here it is on my wrist just swipe up there and then you
can go through the different options I will have a full review of this as well
right at the moment which is a shame but just swiping up you can go through the
different options here they’ve got a couple of your games that looks like
flappy birds option there so once your app is all set up and ready to go the
band is on it’s already tracking stuff away for me so you have your activities
and your steps here we have our heart rate that you can measure and also blood
pressure as well which would be Goods coming across we have our sleep sleep is
very important to measure here as well camera lap finally is your profile this
is where you can go through and change the settings for yourself on here as
well and also you could do your calls coming through your text messages coming
through so you can get key information as well and also you can do other bits
in here which will go into depth more of when I give my review in three to four
weeks time clean how well it performs so if you have any questions or queries
about the yo-yo fix tracker here please do let me know it’s
it’s gonna be using and I’m actually going to enjoy it so we’ve got arts
finding there swishy a little bit bigger it is quite small but I can bring out
close to my face when I’m off-camera and seeing how well it does it’s quite
noticeable it does look like other brands as well so don’t be worried about
your brand loyalty I’ve also fire the links in for Amazon
UK and Amazon us do believe I have a discount code as well for people that
click through on my link that will be in the description like I said it offers so
much opportunity and here to attract so many different Fitness’s I’m going to
see how it does so please give the video a thumbs up if you’re new to the channel
hit subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye for now


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