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[Music] so family is a new hashtag moving forward it was suggested by one of you guys on YouTube and we thought it was a super creative and fun idea adding family and envy together I’ve been receiving so many of your amazing puppet you say I woke up videos especially my 30 days that burning program I’ve been sharing them on Instagram sorry and many of you actually requested a YouTube video on it because if you like me sharing this progress really motivate you to keep going and not give up you asked for it and we go it would go let’s jump right into it while sniping first one wow so this transformation is actually just within five months hello I want to say thank you I lost 17 kg from March to August I’ve used so much healthier my lifestyle has completely changed never felt so happy I’m not done yet but I’m super motivated that’s crazy look at that way just yeah not just the weight this shape you could pick up burn it all and I also really like that you said you give so much help yeah so it’s not just focusing on the number is also how you feel Emme I’ll be following you for almost a year now since I began this new healthy lifestyle and work routine I went down from 89 kg all the way to 51 kg that’s almost 40 kg I really want to thank you for making all these videos and motivating me I feel way more confident now and everyone has been complimenting me my hard work as well get a bomb a waist shape even at the back there we burn off that muffin top and for those of you guys who might be just starting a fitness journey it may be the first month you’re so straited that you don’t see progress you really need to keep going and don’t give up your body will change and transform according to your own timeline so everyone is different but you can see that if you are willing to put in the hard work you are going to get the results okay no pain no gain for money to burn somebody but you guys gave her quite round she’s actually quite forgive me to bury skin yeah it’s just all that hair when she has no hair she looks like a hamster ooh you think I’ve lost weight overall but also in my face pretty annoying my favorite black jeans and denim skirt are so loose but guess that’s a good suck it’s a great sign buy a new favorite pair of black jeans and a new denim skirt you deserve it celebrating a progress yeah super define that’s now like even that much Jesus she’s bought it so black oh it’s a family your workout videos told me to lose weight a lot I’ve been watching for over three months now and I must say my health improves a lot thank you so much so 78 kg now down to 60 thank you so much you guys are looking good cute family in the change of the clothes and also tell that right now if you’re more confident showing off the nice shoulders and I also love that busy family like taking care of your kit you can still squeeze in time for yourself and work hard for your party this really shows other women have given birth before that you can do it too hey I usually 65 kg and since following your vid I now weigh 59 kg and now I’m finally getting closer to the body I want to achieve thank you so much period both the arm toll and even just the way in the face I haven’t been checking my weights because of my old bad habits but I went down almost to clothing sizes thank you for your workout videos I don’t need equipment I can do them lightly in my room a lot of you always ask how to get rid of some of you know that you can just see the difference the booty is a most impressive because food is actually also something that I’m working on myself because I’m Asian natural now if you really think because all the works it was thank you for your work out since then help me loose about 15 kg I really appreciate it very much dogs look a lot more time and the waste and even the Vice yeah so many people sent out their transformation photos just thought I will send you – aw I lost 10kg in about three months just doing your workouts and eating well but I love the most about this message is actually about eating well it’s not going on to a shit diet or starving yourself healthy is most important balanced diet never starve yourself for fitness no worth it you can still be happy about your food and at the same time just by doing workouts already really good results before pick is May 30 2019 afters from 1st of August 2019 I started your workouts on the 6th of June 2019 8 kgs down 7 inches lost around the waist almost getting abs evenly slimmed down on the whole body can’t thank you enough this is just 2 months in think of the results you can get in six months a year this woman she believes she can so she did just sharing these photos you actually inspire a lot of other girls we change it lags and to know what they can achieve because if you can do it they can also do it it’s ok we thank you for sharing whoa one guy 97 kg down to 77 and you can see that their friends like face body and it’s cool because what he did is he made sure that he wore the same clothes in both photos so you can see like the difference on the stomach a lot of times I get comments asked and I also do my workout is it only for girls so I need to be in a lot of the videos as well so let us know if you guys want me back in the videos to provide that sort of like male example from this photo you can really see that if your target as a male just to burn fat and to really get rid of that fast I think Emma’s workout perfect way to do that I mean that you’re following your workout video no pain no gain you know my life I think what I love about all these photos of moles it’s been wearing a t-shirt – wearing a sports bra for me that’s a huge turning point that’s when you’re really happy with your results the moment you start going to buy sports bras I’m gonna progress each day it’s a little results I think it’s easy for a lot of us to think I’ve already put in hard work like three days five days a month and I still don’t see myself I know that some of the transformations that we’ve seen today and we were saying like wow that was just over two months not everybody changes at the same rate even though you’re doing the same exercise you can’t think that I will be the same as everybody the most key thing is consistency if you do it over a long term period of time then you’ll really start to see the results a lot of the people who are in the fitness industry now that you see on Instagram they’re in it for like five minutes here 10 years just keep in mind that like this is a long-term life-changing thing it’s not just gonna happen like a tonight the shoulders so you can see the definition in your collarbone of girls yeah it’s so impressive from the belly to the side good job keep it up same background same angle so you can close both arms the bag booty everywhere and your body is slimmed down the belly it’s just like diamond and also the app look at the definition yeah I’ve been following your videos for ages and I’m so thankful for them because it was the one that started my workout journey but after pops in the waistline longer more athletic really good apps and also the Lakes transformation yeah those absolutely yeah you encouraged us during the workout and I feel energetic to finish it your picture is also my motivation whenever I want to give up I remember your voice with the call of no pain no gain this is what I get after six weeks following your exercise yeah ha you call that those ABS that’s a legit six-pack yeah I should some a lot of one pack right here going on right now I want to say thank you and love my determination not sure you guys know but I actually have work determination tattooed on us interact when she’s feeling under terrorists although the domination football success in the world I really believe like no matter what you do its determination and hard work you don’t give up [Music] [Music] the streets I’ll get miss Donnelly no me I’ll take care of my family I’m picking my [Music] I’m poking down this family I’m taking care [Music] you guys want to see even more puppets because I’ve actually received so many from all of you so many people do another one next time but I just get this video will be too long so this video is all about you guys I know a lot of you also asked me about my own fitness journey I’ll show that in a separate video how I went from thermo from not knowing anything about fitness not knowing what to eat and not being able to do even one sit-up a one question and all the ups and down I’m a party girl yeah putting alcohol we used to be like this that’s what we were like um I I just want to say thank you again for sending me your cover and your messages actually inspire me and motivate me to work even harder myself and to keep creating something for you guys so keep sharing your progress with me I’ll also share with our family here so we can keep motivating each other and celebrating all your progress is your hard work there’ll be lots of new videos coming up so remember to Like comment subscribe and turn off the notification button so you won’t miss any of our new workout videos and maybe more of you 30 days Cobra yeah no paint okay no game


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