You Only Need This To Build Muscle

(upbeat contemporary music) – What’s up Elite ThenX
athletes, it’s Chris here. Welcome to another
video of Official ThenX. Now aside from getting enough
protein and proper recovery the only thing you really need to build muscle is resistance. Now when you think of resistance you probably think that you need weights but there are actually
other forms of resistance other than weights like body
weight, resistance bands, even training in water
is a form of resistance and each one is effective
and have their own benefits. For example when you’re using weights the amount of force that’s
being applied to the exercise is always gonna be consistent throughout the entire
duration of that movement. Meaning whether you’re at the bottom or the top of that exercise you’re still gonna be
feeling the full force of whatever amount of weight
that you’re working with versus using something
like resistance bands which progressively increases the force as the band expands and as
you reach peak contraction during an exercise. So free weights will feel heaviest at the beginning of the movement while resistance bands make
your muscles work harder at the peak of your contraction. Both are beneficial for
building strength and muscle but either way your body is
working against resistance and that’s what gives your
muscles an effective workout and allows you to see results but one thing I really
like about resistance bands is because they’re so small and portable you can take your workout
with you anywhere. Resistance bands are a great way to take your whole gym
with you when you travel. Each band has its own amount of resistance and there are many
resistance band exercises that can easily be done in
a small space of a hotel or even your home. Just one resistance band can
replace an entire dumbbell rack and with the band you can
simulate any exercise, meaning that you can work
out any muscle in your body just with this and today
I’m gonna show you how with a full body workout routine only using resistance bands. Now before we get started if
you need some resistance bands go to, pick yours up, and start taking your
training to the next level. And of course to get the workout routine
that we’re doing today on your phone as well as
all our workout programs and technique guides getting you in the best
shape of your life, download the ThenX app in the app store. Now if you’re ready to get started open up the ThenX app to
the YouTube workout section and you’ll find this workout. Now like I said, we’re gonna be working
every muscle in our body and the first muscle group we’re gonna be working on is legs. We’re gonna be doing squats
with the resistance band. All right let’s go ahead
and step on the inside. Squat down, bring it over, come up. Just like a barbell squat. (contemporary music) All right so there we go for legs. Now we’re gonna be moving on
and emphasize on our chest and we’re gonna do that with
a pushup and for pushups you’re gonna wanna choose a lighter band than the one we already used. As I said before, each resistance band has
its own amount of resistance so choose the one that’s
gonna challenge you but allow you to perform
the exercises properly with perfect form. So I’m gonna apply extra
force with the resistance band to our pushup. You wanna give it a little twist and then hold it on both
sides of your hands. Keep it behind your back and line it up right under
your delts like this. We’re gonna go right down to the ground. You’re gonna come all the
way down and when you come up you’re gonna feel that the
top of your contraction has the most amount of force on it. So as you begin to push up you’re gonna feel it
getting harder and harder. Let’s go for it (contemporary music) All right, now that we hit our chest we’re gonna move on into our back. The next exercise we’re
gonna do is single arm rows with the resistance band. Now if you’re in an open space you can put the resistance
band down on the floor, go ahead and step on it, and you can give yourself
the amount of resistance that you wanna work with. From here you wanna pull straight up, make sure your back is
flat and you’re squeezing your scapulas and your
back every single time. (contemporary music) All right, switch arms. (contemporary music) All right, now there’s other various ways to do this exercise. You can switch the angle up to engage more different
areas of your back. For example, if you can
attach the resistance band to a handle you can do
the single arm row upright and feel a different type of contraction. So incorporating these
different variations will make your back even stronger. Now the next muscle groups
we’re gonna move into is gonna be a combination of
our legs, glutes, core, back, traps, and even your shoulders. We’re gonna be able to
engage all those muscles using one exercise, deadlifts. Now for deadlifts we’re gonna
be using a heavier band. So let’s pull out the green one again. Let’s go ahead and step on it. Give yourself as much
resistance as you wanna be using for this exercise. From this squat position you wanna have your shoulders
retracted, your back straight, come straight up. (contemporary music) All right, so there we have the deadlift. Now of course the wider your stance the more you’re taking
up of the resistance band and that’s gonna increase the resistance. So now let’s move on to biceps. We’re gonna be engaging our
biceps using bicep curls and like I showed you before, these exercises can be executed
in different variations. If you don’t have anywhere to tie or loop your resistance band around you can always step on it to keep the resistance bands stationary when you’re doing exercises
but you can always switch it up but tying it to something like a handle will always give your muscle
a different type of engagement when doing that exercise for
even more muscle development. Now let’s go for these bicep curls. All right go ahead and put your feet on top of the resistance band. Make sure it’s nice and even. (contemporary music) Just like a normal curl as if you were doing it with dumbbells. Although you will feel it get
a whole lot harder and heavier at the peak of your contraction. (contemporary music) All right, next muscle group
we’re gonna be moving into are gonna be triceps and
to engage our triceps we’re gonna be using tricep kick-backs. Let’s get right into it. (contemporary music) You wanna keep your back flat,
bring your arm all the way up till you have a 90-degree
angle and go straight back. (contemporary music) All right, switch it up, back straight. (contemporary music) All right, so there we
have tricep kick-backs and of course the other variation would be to tie it to a handle and doing this exercise upright position. Now that we got triceps out the way, now we’re gonna move into
one of our last muscle groups emphasizing mainly on our
shoulders with lateral raises. All right give it enough slack
that you’re comfortable with. Keep your arm tight, your
shoulder engaged and retracted, a tight grip on your hand. You’re gonna go ahead
and pull all the way up and all the way back down 10 times. (contemporary music) And of course the same
thing can be applied to your frontal delts as well if you were to pull right up in front. (contemporary music) All right, but we’re gonna move
on to the last muscle group and that’s actually
gonna be your abdominals and to get our abs shredded
with the resistance band we’re gonna be doing seated in and outs. Let’s max those out. Now for this exercise it’s
gonna be most effective if you loop the resistance band around something stable and secure. We’re gonna do down on the ground, put the resistance band around our feet, and you wanna bring your
knees into your chest as tight as you can and
then all the way back out. Let’s go for it. (contemporary music) All right, I definitely
feel my abs on fire woo! And that’s gonna be it for round one and that’s how you get a full body workout working out all the muscles in your body with one simple thing that you
can take absolutely anywhere, a resistance band. So if you enjoyed the
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next Sunday at 8:00 PM. Made love, peace out. (contemporary music)


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