Yoga For Weight Loss – Strengthen and Lengthen – Yoga With Adriene

Hey everyone, so today we’re going to tackle
another Yoga for Weight Loss video. Really, this is just a practice that is intended to
wake up, and strengthen, and perhaps tone all the major muscle groups, or at least most
of them. We’re also playing with ease, and also hopefully increasing flexibility in the
body. Also going to tap into the breath and find what feels good. So to begin, today we’re going to start flat
on our backs. Go ahead and get comfortable here. Oh, yeah. And I’m a little sore from
my previous practice yesterday and the day before, so we’ll just see what happens. And, you know, that’s a good little lesson
as we kind of step on the mat, and step into the present moment, for a good little reminder
to just open your mind up to new experience. Forget what you previously know or have
experienced on the mat. Maybe you’ve tried a video before, and didn’t get all the way
through it, or didn’t quite like it. It wasn’t your thing, or your body wasn’t feeling up
for it that day. So just kind of hit the refresh button, and just open yourself up to seeing
what happens. I am happy to guide you through this video
today. Let’s begin with a nice, long, beautiful neck here, tucking the chin to the chest.
Closing the eyes. Letting the hands rest either gently at your side or gently on the belly.
Mine feel best here on the hip creases today, for some reason. Again, just seeing what happens.
Opening yourselves up to the present moment. I breathe. Our awareness to the breath. Begin
to deepen the breath here.Take a nice, full belly breath in. The belly might rise as you
inhale, and fall as you exhale. Also, reach the fingertips up and overhead.
Keep deepening the breath here. And throughout the practice today, see if you can find nice,
long, smooth deep breaths. I cannot say that enough. To just keep bringing your awareness
back to the breath. Okay. Find a little organic movement here.
Spread the fingertips. Spread the toes. You might rotate the wrists. Rotate the ankles.
And I’m going to walk my feet, my heels, over towards the right bottom corner of my mat.
So I’m going to walk them on over. I’m going to press into my head and shimmy
my shoulders, head and shoulders, all the way towards the right corner. So I’m kind
of coming to the bottom right corner, top right corner, and kind of coming into this
crescent moon shape, more or less. Now I’m going to take my right fingertips,
wrap my left wrist, and just a gentle pull here. Really mindful in the body.
Kind of setting the tone for our practice today. We’re going to create
some heat in the body, but we always want to work from a place of softness
and ease, of mindfulness. Creating strength that way, rather than just
kind of mindless, forceful action. That’s a no-brainer. For the last few breaths here, I’m going to
lift the left leg up, cross the left ankle over the right, breathe deep into
the left side body, relaxing the shoulders on the exhale. And on your next
inhale in, fill the lungs with air. Expand. And on the exhale, soften
and release everything. We’re going to walk it back through center and take
it to the other side. So walking your heels now towards the bottom
left corner of the mat. Reaching the arms up overhead, and then pressing
into the back of the head and shimmying the shoulders, now, over towards
the left corner. Taking the left fingertips to the right wrist. Reaching
up and overhead. And same thing on the other side, here, my friends.
Breathing into the right side body. On the exhale, relax your shoulders
down. Keep the skin of the face nice and soft. Notice if you’re clenching anywhere. See if
you can begin to soften and relax those tight places on the exhale. Lift up the right leg. Cross the right ankle
over the left. Have a little crescent moon here. Breathing into the right
side body. This feels super great, super yummy, with the support of the
earth. Inhale. Fill the lungs with air. Expand. And
on your exhale, release and soften everything back to center. Walk your
head, neck, shoulders, and heels, legs, back to the center line. Take a deep breath in. Fully body stretch.
Point the toes. Flex the feet. And then we’re going to hug the knees into
the chest, wrap the arms around the shins, scoop the tailbone up, and your
navel down towards the spine. And a couple rocks here, back and forth. Sure
feels nice. Then I’m going to hug, squeeze the knees into the chest. Relax
the shoulders down and away from the ears. Interlace the fingertips. Bring them up and
overhead, and then slide them underneath, behind the back of the head, the
neck. You can keep the thumbs extended here. Some of you might have done
this with me before in another video. Keep the thumbs extended here. You
might even give yourself a little massage. Sensual massage. Shut up Adrian. And after you’ve done that, go ahead and find
extension. Long, beautiful neck. Elbows extending left to right. So they’re
going to want to come in here. See if you can keep them nice and long.
In fact, take a second here to pin them to the earth. Find the length
in the neck. Then begin to flex your feet. Inhale and exhale.
Lift your shins parallel to the ceiling. Now, knees are just drawing
slightly in front of the hip points, so that my lower back can become flush
with the mat. It kind of kisses the mat there for support. Right away, my abdominal wall becomes a little
bit engaged as I scoop the tailbone up, draw the navel down. I’m wiggling
my toes, just kind of rotating the ankles and the feet here. Inviting
that self-expression into the practice at any and all times. So the more we can kind of integrate you into
the practice, I feel like, one, the better time you’ll have, two, the
more benefits you’ll reap from the yoga practice, and just the more likely
you are to enjoy the workout or the practice itself, which means you might
return to it again. Enjoying the journey is key. So finding self-expression
whenever you can. Take a deep breath in. On your exhale, lift
the head, the neck, the shoulders. Keep the elbows wide. Nice and
long. Imagine a lot of space. A big, juicy piece of fruit between the chin
and the chest. And the lower back’s going to want to come up here, but
I’m going to say no. And support by lowering my navel down and lifting my tailbone
up. So I’m kind of tucking my pelvis in so that the lower back
can become nice and long. Great. Release the fingertips. Bring the palms
together. Interlace the fingertips here. Keep the index finger extended.
I’m going to move my mic here. Okay. And then I’m going to straighten the right
leg and draw a line with my index finger over towards the bottom left
corner of the mat. Now, so that I don’t have any pain or tension in the neck,
I’m extending through the crown of the head, and I’m keeping bright through
the toes, and really reaching towards the index fingers. Inhale in, exhale, bend both knees, draw a
rainbow up and overhead, and take it towards the right side of the room,
extending now through the left leg. Inhale in, exhale. Back through center.
And taking it over towards the right. Extend through… excuse me, over towards
the left. Extend through the right leg. And that’s a little yoga for
the brain, too. Keep drawing the navel down as we come back through center,
and over towards the right, extending through the left leg. One more time on each side. We got this. Lifting
up, lengthening through the crown of the head, and coming over towards
the left. Extending through the right leg. And last time, through center,
we go towards the right. Take a deep breath in. On your exhale, bend
both knees. Come back to center. Bring the arms back behind the neck,
cradle the neck here, and then slowly we’ll release everything down, bringing
the soles of the feet together, coming just supta baddha konasana
with the arms and the legs kind of nearing each other here. So soles of the
feet come together. The hips are super tight. You might draw your toes
out toward the bottom edge of the mat. Otherwise, hike those heels up towards
your tail, and breathe deep here. Close your eyes. Relaxing through the
groin and the hips. Softening. Then gently release your fingertips. Bring
them to the outer edges of your thighs. Closing the knees here, we wrap this
part of our practice by hugging the knees up towards the chest, crossing
the right ankle over the left, grabbing the outer edges of the feet,
and then going for a little rock. Front to back. This might seem a little
silly to you. Do you do it at least three times. Just give her a try. If
it feels really good, do it five times. If it feels awesome, rock and roll
all day long. I don’t care. Okay, coming up to the nice cross-legged position.
The point is, find what feels good. And from here, we’ll lift up through
the sternum. Find a little grounding opposition by tagging a little weight
in the elbows. Take a deep breath in. Then, on your exhale, bring your
right palm to your left knee. Swim the left fingertips behind. Inhale. Lift
and lengthen as you exhale. Journey into your twist. Again, inhale, lengthening through the crown
of the head. Exhale, moving into the twist. Taking the navel, the belly,
along for the ride. Breathe deep into the lower belly. Then exhale, looking
past the left shoulder. One more deep breath in. And exhale gently, releasing
back to center, and taking it to the other side. Left palm to right knee. Right fingertips
swim behind. Think up through the crown of the head. So I’m not leaning back
into the lower back here. But keeping the sitting bones grounded so I can
lift up through that center channel. What that might mean is you don’t
twist as far right away, but that does mean that you’re twisting from the
right place. It’s kind of working with integrity, and working from the
inside out. Let’s take two more breaths here. Lifting
up on the inhale. Journeying into the twist on the exhale. Take one more deep
breath in. Lift your heart, and then exhale. Bring it on back through to the
center. Take a couple seconds here to just move in
a circle. Warming up the spine here as we inhale. We come forward. Exhale,
around and back. This is also awesome for digestion. Which, if you’re looking
to lose weight, I highly recommend you do take a second to mindfully
analyze kind of your digestion. Pay better attention to how your body reacts
to the things you eat. Go ahead and reverse your circle, inhaling
as you come forward, exhaling as you come around and back. You might begin
to get the neck and shoulders involved here. Warming up the spine. You also
get a little booty massage here. Always looking on the bright side. And then coming back up to center. Great.
Inhale. Reach the fingertips up and overhead. Palms come together as we interlace.
Inhale, reaching index fingers forward, up and back. Take a deep
breath in here. Smile. And then exhale, releasing the fingertips, and diving
forward to all fours. Take a second here to come to tabletop position,
wrists directly beneath the shoulders. Press up and out of the palms.
Press into the tops of the feet. Make sure that you check in with the
neck here. So remembering always, the neck is a beautiful extension
of the spine. So I’m not crunching here, and I’m not letting it hang
low. But go ahead and keep your gaze straight down, and find the length of
the back of the neck. Draw your shoulders away from your ears. And then see
if you can draw your navel up towards your spine. So nice tabletop position
here. Take a deep breath in, and on your exhale,
press into the tops of your feet. Lift your knees. Let them hover. We
hover in cat here, cat variation, for three nice, long breaths. Hang with me.
Full body experience. Shoulders drawing away from the ears. Pressing into
the pinky toes, even. Pressing up and out of the palms. One more breath. And
then exhale. We release. Nice work. Bring the two big toes together. Widen the
knees as wide as the mat, and send it on back. Extended child’s pose with
active arms. So reach your fingertips towards the front edge of your
mat. As you release your heart, and your forehead down. This might be a great
place to connect with a little of that self-expression I was talking
about earlier. You might sway a little side to side. Always finding ways
to become more alive in the body, to work out the kinks. Kind of honoring
yourself in that way. Understanding that every body is different
and unique and beautiful. So our yoga practice should reflect that. Great. Draw your navel up. Come back to all
fours. Walking the knees back underneath the hip points. Wrists underneath
the shoulders. Two out of three. Our second hovering cat here. We inhale
in, exhale, pressing up out of the knees. Notice it’s not a gigantoid
lift here. Just a gentle lift. Checking in with that line from the crown
of the head to the tip of the tailbone as I draw the shoulders back away
from the ears. Press up and out of my foundation. Grow up from the ground.
One more breath here as I find that upward current of energy. And then I
gently release the knees back down. This time, curl the feet under. Walk the palms
forward. And from here, I send my sitting bones up towards the sky.
I really rock the pelvis, bring the belly towards the tops of the thighs,
and find heart to earth pose here. Forehead and heart melting to the ground.
Spread your palms. [inaudible 15:28] heart to earth pose. So
if your shoulders are super tight here, you might not even bring the head all
the way to the ground. You might just let it hover here, working on this
length in the lower back as we tilt the pelvis, belly towards the tops
of the thighs. If you are able to release forehead to the
earth, use your exhale to soften the heart further down. And whatever variation
you’re in, find length in the side body. Find integrity in the palms.
And we’re kind of in a puppy posture here. Kind of a half-dog. So if you’re
ever tired, and you want to substitute this for downward facing dog, I
recommend you do so. Same benefits. Just a little less heating, more
cooling. Great. Take a deep breath in. On your exhale,
press in all ten fingerprints. Lift your heart. Come back to
all fours. Last hovering cat here. Checking in with our core. Pressing
up and out of the palms. Make sure you have your alignment before you lift
your knees. Inhale in. And on an exhale, we gently let the knees hover.
Find your action points, drawing the shoulders away. Gaze straight down. Navel,
lower belly drawing up towards the spine. Softening that lower ribcage
in. Two more breaths. Might find a little bit of a heat here. A
little bit of a shake. That’s good. That prana energy moving through the
body, waking up those muscles. And on an exhale, we release the knees down.
Hallelujah, we made it. Curl the toes under. This time, walking the
palms forward to come up into downward facing dog. Now, engage the belly
here. Navel comes to the spine. I lift the left knee, followed by the right.
Find that tilt in the pelvis here as I slowly, slowly rise up into our
first downward dog. With a practice together, peddling the feet, finding
a little movement here. So not even worrying about the asana shape, downward
facing dog, for the first few breaths here. Just kind of finding a little
bit of movement. Honoring, again, your body. Whatever you did
earlier today or last night. Maybe you have something in healing that you’re
tending to right now. As you pedal the feet, press up and out of the
palms. Then walk your two big toes together. Turn
them in just slightly. Imagine the tops of the thighs spiraling in towards
each other, and then out towards the back of the mat. Then press up
and out of your palms. Relax your head over. Draw your shoulders out and
away from the ears. Imagine your two arm to chests — your armpits, basically
— looking at each other here. So there’s lots of space between the
ears and shoulders. One more breath. Inhale. Got excited there.
And then exhale. Bend the knees generously. Belly to the tops of the thighs.
Hang with me as we gently draw a line with the nose and look forward. And
you can either hop the feet up towards the front edge of your mat, or go
for a slow walk, all the way up towards the front edge. We’ll arrive here
together, feet hip width apart. And we let it all hang in the uttanasana. Take two to three breaths here to find the
movement in your body. Bend the knees as generously as you need to. You might
grab the elbows, rock a little side to side. You might shake the head
a little, yes or no. You might pedal the feet. And we all will continue
to deepen the breath. Toes are pointing forward. I press in all
four corners of the feet. Inhale. Lift up to flat back position, sliding the
palms all the way to the tops of the thighs, and just first looping the shoulders.
Finding that hovering cat even here, maybe, as we draw the navel in.
Maintain this length through the sternum, through the crown of the head. And
then draw the shoulder blades in together, and down and away. So my elbows
are pooling back. One more breath here. And on an exhale, we
soften and release everything back down. We tuck the chin into the chest,
press into our foundation, and slowly begin to roll it up, curling the tailbone
in, stacking the spine. And slowly, we arrive in tadasana mountain
pose. Bring the palms together here at the heart.
Take a deep breath in. Lift your sternum to your thumbs. Then soften the
knees here. Find a little bounce. A little buoyancy. This is going to
become super helpful for us in our practice today. Head over heart. Heart over pelvis. I inhale,
spread the fingertips left to right, and reach it all the way up. On the
exhale, diving forward, soft knees here, leading with your heart. Uttanasana,
fully forward. Now inhale. Slide the palms up to the shins.
Lift to flat back position. Long, beautiful neck. And exhale, soften and
bow. Fingertips come to the mat. We set the right foot back into our runner’s
lunge. Inhale. Loop the shoulders. Look forward.
Let your heart really open up towards the front edge of the mat. Breathe.
Lots of space between the ears and shoulders here. Then make sure you’re
not on a tightrope, but on two separate planes. Take your left thumb, peel
your left hip crease back. Level the hips here. Find integrity. Again,
working from the ground up. Inhale in. As you exhale, plant the palms.
Step it back to plank. Zip the legs together by bringing the two big toes
to kiss. Spread the palms wide. Send the sit bones down towards the heels
energetically, and send the shoulders away from the ears. Press up and
out of the palms. Really spike your heels towards the back of the mat. Deep
breath in here as you press up and out of the palms, almost hollowing through
the upper back. Then, on an exhale, slowly lower to the knees.
Cross the ankles, and walk the palms just a little forward. Coming into
a half plank here. So tucking the pelvis, making adjustments, finding that
nice, long, beautiful line from the crown of the head to the tip of the
tailbone. Great. Draw the shoulders away from the ears.
Inhale. Look forward just slightly. Exhale. Slowly lower down, keeping
the elbows hugging into the side body as long as you can. Press in your
knuckles. Slowly lower down, and then release the feet and inhale. Loop
the shoulders, lift your heart. Cobra. Nice small cobra here to start. Exhale
and release. Curl the toes under. Press it all the way
up to your plank position. Then draw your navel up and back as we send it
in to downward facing dog. Pedal it out. Continue to breathe deep, my friends. And then nice and easy, nothing fancy, step
the right foot up into your runner’s lunge. Warming up the body here.
Finding a little movement. We’ll take the right thumb now, maybe peel the right
hip crease back. Find space. Level the hips. You can always lower the back
knee here, no problemo. Then loop your shoulders. Come light on your
fingertips. Let your heart radiate forward. Strong legs. Deep breath
in. On an exhale, rock that back foot up to meet the front, feet hip width
apart or flush together. Hang over, full fold. Now, deep breath in. Fingertips on the mat.
Now we lift up to flat back position. So now we have three variations
of this flat back. We have fingertips on the mat, palms on the shins,
and palms on the thighs. I encourage you to do what best suits you. You
can also mix and match them. Take a deep breath in, and on your exhale,
soften everything and bow. Back all the way up. We spiral the shoulders open,
left to right. Spread your fingertips. Take a deep breath in. Press into
your feet. Reach it up. Strong legs. And exhale. We come back to the
heart. Lift your sternum to your thumbs. Find the soft knees again. Nice buoyancy here
as we inhale. Reach it up again. Exhale. Think up and over. Lots of
space in the spine. Enjoy this movement. Forward fold. Deep breath in as
we inhale. Lift to flat back. Exhale, soften and bow. Plant the palms. This
time, step or hobble back to plank. Now, two big toes are together once again.
We’re sending the heels towards the back of the mat. I’m pressing up and out
of the palms. Really pressing up and out. So not sinking into my bones here,
but finding stability in the shoulders by engaging my core, drawing the
shoulders away from the ears. Nice full body experience. Great. You can
lower the knees here, or you can stay in full plank for this as we hug the
elbows into the side body. Gently take our gaze forward, and slowly lower
down. Nice and slow. See if you can get a constant rate of speed here,
and if you eventually fall, just smile, enjoy. Inhale. Lift up. Cobra. Exhale.
Soften and bwo. Curl the toes under. Press up to plank. If
that transition’s a little too intense for you at this moment, you can always
transition by coming to all fours first, and then sending it up to downward
facing dog, which is where we will all meet, pedaling the feet. Great. Walk the two big toes together. Drop
your left heel. Slide the right leg all the way up. Now, take your right toes.
Turn them toward the left side of the mat to level your hips here. And
then see if you can square off the shoulders here as well. So it might mean
that your leg doesn’t go as high, but at least we’re in a nice juicy alignment,
bones stacked right. Deep breath in. Exhale. Draw a line with your
right knee, all the way towards the right side of your mat, up and
over to kiss your right elbow. Drop. Then inhale. Drop your left heel. Send
the right leg back up. Deep breath in. Exhale. Right knee crosses up and
over to kiss the left elbow. Looking forward. And exhale, back, all the
way. Three-legged dog. Now carry your line all the way through the
center. Notice how I’m not just going straight through, but I’m thinking up
with my navel. Up and over, hugging my knee up towards my chest, and then
eventually stepping it all the way over into my lunge. Great. This time, I am going to plant… too
much coffee. I’m like, huh. That’s right, yogis drink coffee, although
I’m trying not to drink coffee. Plant the back heel. Draw your hands to your
hips. Inhale. Lead with your heart, pressing your feet. Lift it up. Warrior
one. Right toes pointing forward, left toes pointing towards the front
left corner of the room or the mat. Now, if you’re a beginner, you might just
be working on anchoring that back leg. If you’re experienced, really, let’s
see if we can get the bottom of that right thigh parallel to the mat. And
anywhere in between, of course, my friends, is fine. Tuck your pelvis. Draw
your navel in. Kind of knit the lower ribcage together here. Find your integrity
as you loop these shoulders. And inhale. Reach the fingertips
forward, up and back. Pull the thumbs back here. Inhale in. Exhale.
Open up to warrior two. Now, you might widen your stance here. Bend a little
deeper. Make sure you can see your front right big toes. Excuse me.
Pull the right foot… pull the pinkies back. Lift your heart. Lengthen your
tailbone down. Deep breath in here, looking past the right
fingertips. Then, on an exhale, flip your palms, straighten your front leg,
take your gaze to the left, and draw your palms together. Deep breath in here.
Exhale. Warrior two. Looking past the right fingertips. Inhale. Open your
palms. Reach it up. Straight leg. Exhale. Warrior two. Deep breath. Lots of space between the ears
and shoulders here. Two more times, just like this. Strong legs. That left
inner thigh still is nice and charged. And stacking head over heart, heart
over pelvis, as I move through my vinyasa. And then exhale back to warrior
two. Beautiful. Bring the right elbow to the top of the right
thigh. Sink deep into that right leg. Breathe into the outer edge of
that right hip, and trace a line with your left fingertips along the left side
body, behind the left ear. And then reach up and over towards the front
of the mat or the room. So you might be thinking that we’re here, but we’re
actually going for the side stretch here. Engaging the belly, drawing
the navel back. Heart is spiraling up towards the sky. In
fact, you might cheat and take your left palm and smear it across your ribcage
to remind you to open up here. Then return the fingertips to reach
forward. Notice how I’m not collapsing into the right shoulder here, but
I’m keeping that integrity. That space. I’m pressing into the outer edge
of the back foot. If I want to, I can release the right fingertips to
the ground here and open up for one breath. Take a deep breath in here, and exhale. Send
your gaze down. Release everything as we pivot on the back leg. Plant
the palms and step back to plank or half plank. This time, choose your
vinyasa. So you can be at half plank or at the top of a pushup. Inhale in.
Shift forward. Exhale. Chaturanga practice. Hugging the elbows in.
You might go all the way down to cobra, or this time you might flip it to
up dog, pressing up and out of the palms, drawing the shoulder blades in
and together. Lengthening through the crown of the head. Inhale. As you exhale,
draw your navel towards your spine and send it on back. Downward facing
dog. Great. Bring the two big toes together. Slide
the sole of the left leg up. Keep pressing up and out of the palms here.
Find that upward current of energy in the arms so that we’re not hurting
the wrists. Now, turning the left toes towards the right side of the mat,
leveling the hips, squaring the shoulders. Take a deep breath in as you
drop through that right heel. And then on an exhale, we bring the left knee
towards the left elbow to kiss. Looking forward. Press up and out of
the palms. Deep breath in. Exhale, send it back. Crossing it over. Left
knee to right elbow. Deep breath in. And exhale. Free like a dog. Last time, carving a line through the center.
Think up and over as you squeeze, squeeze. Hug those left… excuse
me, hug the left knee up towards the heart. Draw the shoulders away from the
ears. Aha, and then we plant it. Finding your runner’s lunge here for one
breath, and planting that back foot now for warrior one on the other side. Peeling the left hip crease back. Find my
footing. Lift my heart. Then, whenever you’re ready, inhale in, lifting
the fingertips forward, up, and back. Pull the thumbs back as you lift your
heart, tucking the pelvis, lengthening the tailbone down. Hands can also
stay on the waistline here, no problem. Breathing deep. Inhale in. On an exhale, open up into warrior
two. Outer edge of that back leg is nice and strong. Bending deep in that
front leg. I pull my pinkies back. And again, just make sure you can see
your front big toe. Breathing deep, shoulders away from the ear. Flip the
palms. Inhale. Straighten the legs. Palms come together. Deep breath in.
Tuck your pelvis. Tailbone lengthens down. On an exhale, send your focus
past the left fingertips. A deep bend, warrior two. Inhale. Straighten that leg. Draw energy up
through both arches of the feet. And exhale. [inaudible 31:20] Inhale.
And exhale. Navel draws in. Inhale. Reach it up. Straight legs. Exhale.
Full body experience. Strong legs, softening that lower ribcage. Maybe
bend a little deeper. Let’s do one more. Deep breath in, and exhale. Take
up space. Warrior two. Great. This time, bending the left elbow,
bringing it to the top of the left thigh. Tracing a line with the right
fingertips. All the way up the side body, behind the ear, and reaching up
and overhead. You might take that right palm and use it to maybe smear
something. I was going to say, like, honey or something. Across the ribcage,
just spiral the heart up. And then bring your fingertips back. Then, not collapsing left ear to left shoulder,
but finding that extension through the crown. Strong legs. Engaged in
the belly. Pull your right thumb back. Lean back into the pose for one breath.
Then you can stay here. To go a step further, you might release your finger.
Left fingertips down. Go a little deeper, bending into that left hip.
And then inhale. Open up through the right wing. Take one more breath here. Strong in the back
leg. And then exhale. Send your left… excuse me. Send your gaze down.
Bring the fingertips back to your mat. And we vinyasa. You can send it
back, extended child’s pose here, right away, or vinyasa. Stepping it back to plank or half plank, shifting
your weight forward. Hugging the elbows in, we either inhale, lift
up to cobra or up dog, yogi’s choice. And if you’re not familiar with what
I’m talking about, check us out in the Foundations of Yoga series, and
we can just kind of break down the poses one by one there. It’s super helpful
and yummy for even experienced yogis to just kind of go back
to basics. Back to that beginners mind. I’m here in downward facing dog. I’m pedaling
it out. I’m going to slowly walk my feet towards the center of my mat
here, and then I’m going to heel- toe, heel-toe the feet as wide as the mat.
Toes turn out just slightly. Heels are in. And then gently, I’m going to
look forward, lengthen through the crown of the head, then soften the knees
as I slowly come into a deep yogic squat. Strong legs here. Palms come together at the heart if we can.
If I’m feeling a little unstable here, or perhaps my feet aren’t able
to come down, who cares? No problem. Keep the heels whipped in. Keep the
fingertips on the ground, and breathe deep into these babies. Nice, long,
beautiful neck here. If you are able to come palms to the heart,
then use the outer edges of your arms to press into the inner legs. I’m
going to turn this way so you can see me a little better. And then find
the resistance there, hugging the knees back into the arms. So there’s a little
bit of resistance there, if you’re able to bring the palms here. Any variation
is good. Checking in with the hips. Breathing deep. Great. Then no matter what variation you’re
at, heels lifted or down, bring your left palm to the center line and inhale.
Open up through your right arm. Now, you might stop right here. That’s
about as far as it’ll go. Maybe you can go all the way up towards the sky.
But anywhere in between is nice. And also, to find a little movement is quite
nice, as well. Keep pressing into the outer edges of the
feet. Slowly release it back down. Right palm replaces the left, and we
inhale. Open up through the left wing. Oh, yeah. Breathe deep. Again, it might
just come this far, and that is A-okay. It might come a little bit. I find
that when I give myself permission to move and find what feels good,
I often find space and length that I didn’t even know was there. So it might
look a little silly. It might even feel even sillier. But give yourself
permission to move however feels good. Pressing into the outer edges
of the feet, I inhale one more time and exhale. Come back to center. Crow pose, or bakasana. Plant the palms. Gently
come up onto your toes. Walk the palms slightly forward. Inhale. Think
up and over. I’m going to gently walk my knees towards the armpit chest.
Keep my gaze looking forward. And I might just get this far, guys.
Nice little balancing pose. Prep here. We have a whole video just on this
pose. Nice and long in the neck. And I might just rock a little back
and forth here. Full body strength in here as I press up. Might lift
up onto the toes. Lift up off the toes for one second here. Again, gaze
straight forward. If I want to go into a bakasana, I might walk
my knees all the way up. Find that length as I lift one toe, then the other.
Breathe deep here, pressing up and out of the palms. Inner arches come
together. I find length. Space between the ears and the shoulders. And then
I release back down. Great. Slowly transitioning onto the sitting
bones. I send my legs out in front. Inhale, reaching all the way up, and
shake out the legs. And exhale. Forward fold. Now, the knees can bend as generously
as you need to here. Just finding a little length in the lower
back. Relaxing the head over. Then releasing. Rotate the wrist a couple
times if you need to. And then coming back onto the flat back. Yay. Soles of the feet flat on the earth. Knees
up to the sky. If you need to take a second here to kind of just windshield
wiper the legs, that always feels good. Again, always think in those little
grace notes. Those little pieces of movement that make you feel good,
and that are going to make you stick with your practice. They’re going to
encourage you. Great. Rest into the palms. Inhale. Lift the
shins again, parallel to the ceiling. Tuck your tailbone a little bit so
that lower back can become flush with the mat. Then once again, palms
come together. We interlace, keeping the index finger extended, just like
we did at the beginning of our class. Of our video. Now, notice I’m not drawing my shoulders up
towards the ears, but rather finding that resistance. Drawing them down
and away. I’m going to inhale. Straighten the right leg, just as I did before.
And exhale. Lift the head, the neck, the shoulders, and draw that line
once again, over towards the left side of the mat. Deep breath in here.
And exhale, switching through center and taking it to the other side. Inhale.
And exhale. And really, rather than say inhale, exhale
here, I’d rather you just swallow your breath, moving from side to side.
When your fingertips go to the left, you extend through your right leg,
and when your fingertips go to the right, you extend through your left leg.
How about that? Moving with your breath. Keeping the navel actively drawing
down. I keep hitting my mic here. I apologize. Now, to avoid any tension or tightness in
the neck, keep lifting your chin, and keep length through the crown of the head.
Shoulders drawing away from the ears. I’m working my lower abdomen here.
Breathing deep. Keep it going. And now I’m going to come back to center.
Before I release my head down, I’m going to bring my palms to the back of
the head and bicycle. Right knee to the left elbow, straighten the right leg.
And then switch. And switch. And switch. Two more on each side. Switch.
And switch. Switch. That exhale is necessary for me. And switch. Okay, great. Come back to center. Release
it down. And again, supta baddha konasana. This time, bring your hands to your
belly. Pet it out. Great. Bring your left hand to your heart. Right
hand stays on the belly. Elbows are relaxing down at your sides. Close your
eyes. Job well done. Take a nice deep breath in, and exhale out. I might
stay here for a couple breaths. Might extend the legs out long, coming
into more of a corpse pose, or savasana. Arms at your side. But whatever you do, just take at least a
couple breaths, if not longer, to reconnect back to the natural ebb and flow
of your breath. To notice how you feel in your body. And be at peace. [music]


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