Yoga For The Classroom – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I am Adriene and this is Benji, and today we have a special
sequence for the classroom, so this is a little bit of
yoga you can do to refresh, to ground, and get a
little kick start so you can feel good and
have an awesome day. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my friends,
let’s begin standing up. We’re gonna bring
our feet hip width apart. And we’re just gonna
take a second to stand up nice and tall. So a lot of people
think, oh, yoga has to be like this contorted pose
or this pretzely posture, and those things are fun, but really yoga is
about taking a moment to really be. Right, you may have heard
it before, be in the moment. So we’re just
gonna take a second to stand up nice and tall. Hopefully you’re there
by now, and we’re just gonna squeeze the shoulders
up to the ears and take a deep breath in,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze so much,
don’t hurt yourself, but squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, lift, lift, lift and then on a big exhale, big
breath out, we’re gonna drop the shoulders down
away from the ears. Here we go, one, two, and three, (sighs). Let’s do it two more times,
inhale, squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift, and
this time as you squeeze really try to feel your feet
pressing down into the earth as you squeeze and lift,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and here we go, one,
two, drop on the three, ahh. And last time, here we go,
inhale, squeeze and lift, squeeze, shoulders
up to the ear lobes, press your feet
into the ground, squeeze, and here we go,
one, two, and relax, ahh, three. Awesome, we’re gonna
shake the head yes now. And after that squeeze you
should really be able to feel or have an awareness
for the muscles in the neck and the area
around your shoulders. And after you’ve done
yes a little let’s just balance it out, right, no. Feeling the muscles of the neck. And then now you’re
gonna do a little freestyle, tap into your creative
energy and just do a little yes and no and maybe so, so you’re just gonna
move around the shoulders and depending on
what mood you’re in, if you’re in a kind of grumpy
mood or just a quiet solemn mood, that’s all good,
just move nice and slow, but if you’re in a
silly mood you might get a little silly and embrace
that and use this time, but keep your feet planted
parallel, very important. So here we go,
yes, no, maybe so, for three, two, and
then release on the one, ahh. Alright, feet are still
parallel, planted to the ground. This is what we’re
gonna use to kind of ground in the moment. So sometimes
when we’re distracted or we’re not having a
good day, all we really need is to take a
moment to ground and be. Draw your hands
together at your heart, Anjali Mudra,
you’re gonna press the elbows left to right here, and really
press as hard as you can. Press, press,
press, press, press, press, and then on three we’re gonna
relax our hands at our side. Here we go, one,
press harder, harder, two, press harder, and then relax on the three, and guess what, you’re
in a yoga pose right now. We call this
Mountain Pose or Tadasana. Imagine the tip of your head,
the crown of your head is the top of the
mountain, and your fingertips reach down towards the
earth and you lift your chest strong and then the
feet are grounded at the bottom of the mountain. So we’re gonna take the biggest
breath we’ve taken all day, in through the nose, here we go. And then really calm
and smooth as you exhale out through the mouth. Let’s do it two more times,
inhale in, tall and strong. And then really cool
and soft as you exhale out through the mouth. And this one, see if you
can be really still, inhale. Exhale, fingertips are spread. Awesome, then shake
it off, shake it off, keep your feet parallel though,
keep your feet parallel, shake it off, keep your
feet parallel, shake it off, shake it off,
shake it off, awesome. You’re gonna draw
the hands together, and this time inhale,
reach up towards the sky, palms are together. Then interlace the fingertips
and just your index fingers are gonna point forward,
we call this steeple grip. You’re gonna inhale in, smile,
stretch, stretch, stretch, and then exhale,
just tilt to the right, press into your feet and tilt
to the right, big stretch, inhale, really
high like a rocket ship, like you’re gonna,
pshoo, blast off into space, and then over to the
other side, big stretch, over to the left,
press into both of your feet, so keep your feet on
the ground, inhale in, and then exhale,
come back, here we go, three, two, one, blast off,
you’re gonna jump up towards the sky, and
then release your hands all the way down. Amazing, here we go,
bend one knee, excuse me, lift one leg,
just bend one knee, doesn’t matter which one,
you’re just gonna try to balance here on one leg. Palms are open,
your body is essentially still in Tadasana, Mountain Pose. Just see if you can balance,
and sometimes a cool little tip is to find something you
can put your eyeballs on, not literally your
eyeballs on, but focus your concentration on
one spot, maybe it’s a spot on the chalkboard or
it’s a spot on the ground, or it’s a piece of
lint on somebody’s sweater, of course don’t stare
at someone, be respectful, but you can find
something to focus on. And then if you want
from here, maybe you’ve fallen a couple of times, if you’re
getting frustrated don’t worry, I’ve been doing yoga a long
time so I have this balance down but it takes lots of practice. You can take this pose,
and you get to choose, you can either
choose a flamingo pose, grabbing your ankle and bringing one
hand to your heart, or you can go for a Tree Pose. So you get to decide,
you’re in the driver’s seat, lengthen tailbone
down, lift your heart, so you’re gonna choose a
Tree Pose or flamingo pose. Yogi’s choice. And we’re practicing
our balance, but also just our concentration
and our self respect. If we can’t make it
or if we’re not doing as well as we should,
then we’re just gonna practice self respect by going,
you know what, I’m trying my best
and to be nice to myself I’m not gonna get
too frustrated or angry. And then a really good side note is a really good tool for
that is just breathing deep when you get frustrated
or when you get angry. Alright, release
that side, shake it off, keep your feet on
the ground, though. And then try the other side, again, you get to choose
what your balancing pose is. So you could just
lift one leg, bend one knee and hold it there,
cool and calm, depending on the kind of
mood you’re in today, and then once you
feel like you got it there and you’re lifting
your chest, and your body is essentially in
Mountain Pose, just on one leg. Once you feel like you’re ready you can use
your creative mind, your artistic side, to choose either
a flamingo variation or maybe you’re a tree fan. And maybe you’re like
me and you wanna do both. So whatever pose you picked,
again, remember self respect, be kind to yourself,
remember the powerful tool of your breath,
it’ll help you focus, it’ll help you
keep a good attitude, it’ll also leave
you nice and refreshed for whatever is
next in your day. This is a great
way to kill the time, great way to
find what feels good so that you can be awesome and lovable, and more awesome. Wherever you are,
slowly release, and then shake it off,
both feet on the ground. Awesome, now we’re
gonna bring the feet together so it becomes
one solid strong leg. And if you’re doing this
in a chair, you just sit up nice and tall, we don’t
really need the bottom half, it’s just about finding
length up through the spine. Alright, and then
we’re gonna take our hearts and we’re gonna lift
them up towards the sky and we’re gonna draw
the hands to the waistline. This is it, this
is our ending here, so really give it your all. And stand like a
superhero would, like a hero, like someone who is
awesome, because guess what, you’re awesome, and I love
yoga because yoga is actually not about transforming
into something awesome, it’s about recognizing
that you’re already amazing and awesome, and unique, and beautiful. And if that makes
you eagle that’s fine, that’s okay with
me, but just know deep down in your
heart that it’s true. Alright, take a deep breath
in, one more big, big breath in this strong yoga pose,
yes this is a yoga pose, draw your elbows back, lift your chest,
lift your heart, nice confident pose here, and then release. Alright, we bring
the palms together and at the end of our
yoga sessions we often take a moment to acknowledge
how awesome we are, and it’s not stuck up, it’s a way
of going, I’m awesome, you’re awesome,
and we’re all awesome. So here we go, we inhale, we say, I’m awesome, and look around the
room and say, you’re awesome, and then all
together now, we’re awesome. And then we say namaste. Have an awesome day. (upbeat music)


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