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– Hey everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and today we have
an awesome practice for you. We’re tackling
yoga for cyclists today and of course this
practice is for anyone. Super great for
the calves, the glutes, the lower back, the mid-back,
the upper back, the chest. You name it, we have it today. So hop on the mat
and let’s get started. (upbeat music) All right my friends,
let’s begin on all fours. Come on down. If you have a yoga mat to
kind of pad your body here, great, if not, you can
just use a little towel underneath the knees
here and just place your hands right on the earth. We’re gonna jump right
in with a little Cat-Cow. So drop the belly
as you breathe in, open the chest, and if you’re a cyclist or if
you’re just giving this a go to check in with the body today really start by
really paying attention to the sensations
here in the neck, in the muscles of
your abdominal wall. Take one more breath
here and then exhale. Same thing as you
round for Cat Pose. Careful not to go into
little robot stretching mode. Just really pay attention.
Ooh what’s tight today? What needs some love? This is a way of continuing
to learn about the body and it’s really
gonna up your game in other areas
of sport and in life if we approach the
practice in that way. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Keep learning,
what’s going on today. If you know about the
muscles like the anatomy of the body, you
can even close your eyes and try to see those muscles. I do that a lot. Then exhale, rounding
through, chin to chest. See if you can really
listen and feel the skin of the back body stretch. Inhale, drop the belly,
heart comes forward, one last time. Careful not to collapse on the
shoulders here or the wrists, so claw into your fingertips
and open through the chest. Try to get a nice opening
through the collar bones here and then exhale,
rounding as you’re ready. Last time, press on
the tops of the feet and see if you can
really press up from the ground so much so that your
heart space is really lifting up towards the sky. Upper back body. Cool, then inhale,
come to neutral. We’re gonna curl the
toes under and lift the knees and hover just for five, four, checking in with the belly, three, lighting a little fire, two, and one, beautiful. Bring the big toes together. Knees are gonna go
as wide as your mat or a little bit
wider than the hips. You’ll walk the
fingertips forward and as you’re ready,
send the hips back to Extended Child’s Pose. You can keep active
arms here or soft arms here whatever feels good. But definitely, energetically,
reach your sits bones towards your heels and
you can find a soft sway here. If the forehead does not
come to the mat, it’s okay. You can use that sway
to get a nice stretch. In time maybe the
forehead will come to the mat. We’re starting to work
into the shoulders here. We’re also
feeling a little massage. A gentle compression
through the hip flexors which we’re gonna
stretch out today. Then just press on
the tops of the feet and start to feel it out
and deepen your breath. We’re stretching the body but
we can also take this time for a little mental check in. A little energetic hygiene. Take one more deep
breath in and then exhale, claw the fingertips
into the ground. Lift your heart and your
center all the way back up. Walk the knees back
in line with the hips, toes fall into
line with the knees. Then we’re gonna
drop the elbows, keep them right
underneath the shoulders. This is really important. Palms are gonna glue
to the ground or the mat. You’re gonna keep these two
parallel lines of the forearms, in the wrists and
the knees and the ankles as you walk back, Puppy Posture. So we have our first
big shoulder opener here. You can be gentle, in fact,
you should be gentle at first here, just feeling
the stretch in the shoulder and you might come up
and out of it nice and slow. If you’re super flexible,
you might be able to just go right into it,
but I recommend nice mindful movement in and
out of the shape. Then eventually
you can pause maybe the forehead comes to the earth. You’re gonna really
lift up from your hip creases so that your pelvis
rocks up towards the sky. This should feel really great,
long in the side body. Put on weight
into the fingertips, a little weight into the toes. You’re here for one
more breath, you got this. Then exhale, draw the naval in,
connect to that little energy, that fire in the belly
and come all the way back up to all fours. Woo, should feel awesome. Cool, walk the knees
to the center of your mat or on your towel or
blanket and curl the toes under and nice and slow
walk the hands back. As you walk the hands back,
you’re gonna really use what you got here to
press the base of the palm into the meaty part of your quad and enjoy this little massage. This little calming of
the muscles of the quad. All the way up to the hip
creases and then when you get to the hip creases, you
can use your thumb to really knead in there as
much as it feels good. Yeah, and of course,
while we’re at it, we’re stretching through
the feet and if you can, try to get a little lift
up through the center line, we call this the plumb line,
the spine, the Sushumna. So you’re not just mindlessly
crashing into your feet so you’re still
getting a nice stretch but there’s a little bit
of awareness lifting you up through the spine. Which of course
will help us on the bike or anywhere in life. Driving, everything. Cool, then flip the palms
up and we’ll walk the knees together, if you can,
if not, no worries. We’ll just sit up nice and tall
for one conscious breath in. And a nice
conscious breath out. Wonderful, walk the
hands back out to all fours. Press into the tops of the feet, knees underneath
the hip creases. Once again,
hip points, once again. It should feel good in
the feet to really press down. Wrap the shoulders
around here, so lots of space. And the neck is nice and long. So we did this with
the toes curled under, now we’re gonna do it
with the feet pressing down. Toes uncurled, inhale in,
exhale, lift the knees and let them hover. Tug the hands
back towards the knees. Tug the toes towards
the front of your mat. We create a little resistance,
a little fire in the belly for five, four, three, press away
from your yoga mat, two and one, gorgeous work. Big toes to touch,
knees as wide as your mat. Once again Extended
Child’s Pose, send it back. Deep breath in, melt your heart down as you breathe out. Keep the feet where they
are, legs where they are. Inhale, come up to all fours. Again lower body
stays where it’s at. Left hand’s gonna
come to the center. Inhale, open through the
chest, so open, open, open, through your heart
space and then exhale, thread the needle,
come on to the outer edge of your right shoulder,
your right ear here. We’re starting to
really create space through the upper back body. Down through the
thoracic and then breathe into your belly here. So you can create
more stretch for yourself with this top arm. You can even take a
little bind here or a twist and please add
the layer, return, keep reconnecting
with your breath. Then from the middle,
navel draws in and up, tucked to a
little core strengthener, even in the
smallest of transition. Then we’ll take
it to the other side. Open through the left,
stretch, stretch, stretch. And thread the
needle as you’re ready. Come on to the outer
edge of your left shoulder. Rest on the left ear,
and we keep this lifting up through the hip
creases that we had before. You can use your top arm to help you find
more spaciousness. Breathe into
your lower belly here. The trees are really
dancing outside my room today. And then as you’re ready,
connect to your center. Come all the way back up and in. Walk the hands back
underneath the shoulders. Knees back
underneath the hip points. Wonderful. Now we’re gonna
curl the toes under. Send the right toes out
here and you’re just gonna work the calf here by
sawing front to back. Now, see if you can
maintain the length in the neck so we’re not collapsed here,
but we’re actually lifting the front body up to
meet the back body here, so it’s nice and strong
and stretching the calf. Breathing, not
collapsing into the wrists. When you’re ready,
bring that right knee all the way up and in. We’re gonna step it
to a nice low lunge. Walk the left knee back. Front knee over front ankle
and we just start to slowly but surely get a little
bit light on the fingertips and find length
through the crown. If you don’t get down this
low on the ground too often, you can keep it nice and low
and just slowly work it out. But in time, we’re
gonna want that information, that awareness to
travel up through the spine. It’s also gonna
help you on a bike. Take one more
deep breath in here. Front yoga, front ankle. Again, if you want to intensify
this hip flexor stretch, you just walk that
left knee back even more. Make sure you’re
not on a tight rope but nice and wide. Like on two skis with
your legs and then take a deep breath in and open your chest. Open through the pecs, stretch, and then on your breath out, relax the head down,
send the right hip crease back and flex your right
toes towards your face. We’re not coming
all the way back here but keeping this hip
stacked over the knee, and it’s really yogi’s
choice whether you wanna press on the top of that back
foot or curl the toes under. Find what feels good
there and keep breathing here. It might be that you
have a really generous bend in your right knee so
take a couple of moments to explore your body,
every body is different. Nice and active
in the right toes. To intensify this stretch,
you can walk your hands in line with your right foot. Excuse me, allergies today. Okay, my friends, really
dig into your right heel. Dig, dig, dig and
press away so lift up from your pelvic
floor a little bit and then roll through that
right foot nice and slow. Then we’re gonna inhale,
reach the fingertips forward up and back. Big Crescent Lunge here. Imagine you’re
carrying a big beach ball up and over head so we’re
wanting to create more spaciousness in the shoulders,
in the neck, in the chest,
in the upper back body. Imagine you’re
holding a big beach ball up and over your head. Then breathe
deeps and your heart up, throat back, chin lifts. And then exhale
to rain it all down. Left hand comes to the earth. You’re gonna walk your
right foot out just a bit and then turn your
right toes out just a bit. Right hand, listen
carefully, is gonna come to the top of the right
thigh and we’re not gonna man handle here or woman handle. We’re just gonna be
really nice and gentle as we loop the
right shoulder and open. You might find that you
can come on to the outer edge and use your hand to
push back a little bit but you need to be
really, really mindful. Really, really,
really mindful and loving. Then think Cobra here as
you open through the chest, deep breath in and
then exhale slowly. Hug the inner
thighs back to center. Come back to
your nice low lunge. Inhale to open the chest and
exhale to walk that right foot all the way over for Pigeon. So the right heel might need to come into
the center big time. In time we’re working
to get this shin parallel but you need to
focus on the sensation rather than the shape. So try to bring
everything to the mid-line best you can and then
root down through the top of that back foot. You decide what
feels best today. Every practice
is different, right? Listen to your body’s needs. You might stay up
nice and tall today here. You might even start to
work towards hands together at the heart or you
can take that pigeon to sleep here. One-legged Pigeon to
rest in a little Forward Fold. We’re here for
three to five breaths. Soften through the jaw,
keep the toes active. And then connect to your
center to slowly come up. Nice and slow,
nice and slow, nice and slow. We’re gonna
press into the palms, come back to all fours
and curl both toes under. When you’re ready,
second side, extend the left leg out long, start to
stretch through that calf. Find the sits bone
to heel connection here. Remember this is yoga
practice so the beauty of the yoga practice
is the constant reminder to unite, right, yoga union. Careful not to just
isolate the calf muscle or the achilles. Think of it as a
full body experience, so length through the crown,
not collapsing into the wrists. Really drawing the front body
up to meet the back body. A couple more motions
here, front to back, sawing. Sawing like a saw. In case that was confusing. When you’re ready, bring
the left knee all the way up and in,
step into your nice low lunge. Right away,
front knee over front ankle, you’ll walk the right knee back and then just take it as it
comes, that’s the practice. Feel out your muscles,
feel out the sensations. Might keep it nice and low. You might start to
grow a little bit lighter on the fingertips and in time
everyone start to let the news from down below
travel up through the spine so you can open
the chest forward. Kind of come out
of this rounding shape and open up. Great, take a big breath
in and then exhale softly, rounding chin to chest. Pull the left hip crease back. Flex the left toes
now towards your face. Again you can keep a
generous bend in that left knee. There’s a tendency to come
really far back on that heel which of course you
can, you’re in charge, but see what happens
if you keep that knee right underneath the hip
and focus on strengthening and stretching the
belly of this hamstring with a slight or
generous bend in the left knee. If you’re like, woman, I have
no idea what you just said, just breathe deep,
enjoy this time with your body and your breath. You can walk the hands
in line with the left foot. For more of a stretch. Dig into that left heel
and slowly roll through, roll, roll, roll through. Loop the shoulders and
reach the fingertips forward up and back, big crescent here. Big beach ball up and over head. Squeeze the inner
thighs to the mid line. Keep tugging the top of
that left thigh bone back. Create spaciousness
in the upper body. You might sink a little deeper. Lift your heart,
throat back, maybe opening, lifting the chin up
to the sky just a hair. And then exhale to
rain it all the way down. Walk the left foot this
time towards the left edge. Open the left toes just a bit. Right hand on the
earth for stability. We’ll bring the left hand to
the top of the left thigh. The second side is
gonna be different. You might not do the same
thing you did on the right side with this side,
you might just stay here. You might come up
onto the right fingertips or you might find a
little bit of a opening. Just gently using your left
hand to guide that hip open. Wrapping the shoulder
blades and then think about the psoas here
nice and long so think Upward Facing Dog or Cobra. As you breathe in and
then exhale, bring everything into center by hugging the
inner thighs to the mid-line. Stay active in the
toes to protect the knee and we come back to
our nice, low lunge. Beautiful, inhale, look forward. Exhale, walking it over
towards the right side, it, I mean your left
foot for you Pigeon. One-legged Pigeon
on the other side again it’s gonna be different. So just check it out. Use your breath. Start to really
listen to your breath here. Again notice what it
is on this side today. Each practice is an
opportunity to check in with something new. Right, just like every
time you get on the bike or any time you do a
run or anything like that. It’s always very new
if you’re really present, so just stay present here. You might keep it lifted
today or you might take it into a nice Forward Fold. We’re here for
three to five breaths. Really listen to the
sound of your breath, in and out, in and out. Soften through the jaw, soften through the brow and keep the back toes and the
front toes nice and engaged. Then connect to your center. Slowly come up and this
time we’re going to come onto the outer edge of that
left hip and we’re gonna swing the right leg all the way around so you’re coming to a seat. Yahoo and then bring the feet
as wide as your yoga mat. Hands come behind you and you
lift up through the chest here and then just exhale,
take a deep breath in and exhale, send the
knees towards the left, find that inner
rotational right hip and try to keep
your heart lifted here. And then through center,
a little booty massage. We’re gonna get another booty
massage too before we end and over to the right. And inhale, come to center,
keep lifting through your heart, exhale to the left. So good, inhale, lift up
and exhale to the right. Wonderful, come
back up to upright. We’re gonna both legs out long. You’re gonna bring your
right knee in, check it out. I’m gonna come to the leg baby, the infamous leg baby here
on Yoga with Adriene channel. But today I’m actually
going to take my right foot into my left hand
and do a little variation for the glute, for the
outer hip, for the piriformis. I’m going to take my right foot. I’m gonna take my right hand
to the ground for stability and then I’m gonna lean
back, bring my left foot to the ground and
I’m gonna slowly come on either to my right forearm,
so actually, try that first and I’ll try to
rock side to side here. I’m gonna use my left hand to
just kind of really massage that right glute here. I’ll turn this
way so you can see. Just go on a little exploration. This is what
we’re ending with today. Find what feels good, whoa. It should feel awesome. If coming onto the forearm
is not in your practice, you can just keep the
hand lifted and work here. That should feel really good. After you’ve done
it on the right side, connect to your center,
your core to come back up through center,
back up to seated. We’ll do the same
thing on the other side. You’ll hug the
left knee up and in. Catch the left foot
with the right hand. Left hand comes back. Then when you’re
ready, right foot comes to the earth for stability. Maybe we lean
back on that left forearm and we start to
explore the left side, so good, seriously so great, so
wonderful for the lower back. Look, we don’t
need any fancy machine or anything for this. An expensive massage, we’re
just taking care of ourselves left and right literally. I probably look
like a fool doing this but it feels amazing. If you’re doing it with me,
you know, you know. All right, and
when you feel satisfied, go ahead and come
back up to center. We’ll bring the
soles of the feet together. Grab the ankles, and inhale,
lift up through the spine. Exhale, relax the
shoulders down and draw the tops of the
thighs down, down, down. Inhale, just a lot of
gratitude and appreciation for your body and then
exhale, just slowly nose towards the toes. I don’t care how far you get,
it doesn’t even matter. Just a little
stretch in the back body. You can use your elbows, maybe
press the inner thighs down. Maybe grab the toes. Nice and loose in the neck. Fabulous, then
press into your foundation and slowly roll up
and I’ll cross the ankles. Bring the hands to the heart. Booyah, amazing
practice, my friends. Thank you so much for sharing
your time and your energy. This is one to
definitely be repeated. Leave questions,
comments down below. Like the video, bookmark it
so you can find it super easy and I’ll see you
next time, take good care. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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