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Welcome to, aguas calientes the town of machu picchu We are here today near a beautiful, waterfall with a Yoga, practice for all levels that will focus on releasing tension, while allowing you to become more present with each breath We hope that with, each inhale you can, allow Yourself to breathe in the magic of this beautiful world, we hope that with each exhale you, allow Yourself to let go, go within, be present and enjoy All right friends we’re. Gonna begin today seated at the back of your mat let’s go ahead and reach both arms up to the sky Just breathing in all the air and then exhale bring the hands to your heart and again big breath in reach up to the sky and Then exhale taking a gentle seated spinal twist One arm behind you looking over one shoulder here Inhale arms up and then exhale switch over to the other side just breathing deeply here Inhale arms up and then exhale go ahead reach forward into your. Child’s pose With, each inhale coming into the present moment Slowly, from here round through Arching the spine look, up to the sky and then exhale come down into your. Child’s pose Good, and again coming up arch the back inhale and then exhale Rounding the spine this time staying on your knees cat cow. Inhale and then exhale let, go Inhale drop the belly look up Exhale rounding the spine Inhale arch and look Tuck your toes and then slowly, from here pushing back, and releasing into your downward facing dog Now if your hamstrings feel a little bit tight feel free to keep your knees slightly bent and then from here adding Some little warm-up to the neck Looking side to side and then walking out those feet bending, one knee at a time extend in the opposite leg feel that stretch, through the calf muscles through the hamstrings Awesome now once you’re done walking it out just come, back into that downward facing dog, and then from here you’re Gonna take Your opposite hand and reach for the outside of your knee or if you can reach and go a little lower towards your ankle if that’s more comfortable and Just hold it here think about looking up towards that armpit Just letting go here Beautiful i switch to the other side so same thing Opposite hand reaches for the outside of your knee or your, ankle if you can reach all the way there with each exhalation think, about that chest coming closer towards the mouth wasting the body here Beautiful coming back to center downward facing dog inhale exhale Round through into plank position inhale exhale Chaturanga, dandasana Inhale let’s open, and release into your upward, facing dog Lift the thighs off the mat drop those shoulders, away From the ears and then pushing, back into your downward facing dog Looking up towards the top of the mat and then taking a hop or a couple steps come Forward into your standing forward fold on your mat from here Slowly, roll yourself up to standing inhale reaching those arms up to the sky and Then exhale start to release into your standing cobra Feel free to bend the elbows here if that’s more comfortable pushing the hips forward take a deep breath ii Exhale start to bend the knees releasing down into your standing forward fold inhale halfway Exhale let’s go ahead and take one foot step all the way, back reaching both arms up to the sky into your, high lunge folding here deep breath ii exhale opposite arm forward other arm back and Then go, ahead release the back arm towards the back thigh as you reach the other arm up to the sky just feeling a nice stretch here through the psoas through the hip flexor and Then slowly, from here releasing all the way down into your tourists at. High lunge drop, the back knee and Then release, back up into your low. Lunge now breathing deeply here Allowing your hips to fall forward so you’re really getting that stretch, through the hip flexor awesome take another deep breath in Beautiful now release the hands to the mat Pushing the way back towards that knee flexing the front foot Aligning the hips and then slowly start to release the chest towards your front thigh this is a wonderful stretch for the hamstring but really think about pulling that front hip, back and Slightly, pushing the other hip forward so keeping the hips square With each exhalation, allow. Yourself to let, go Beautiful now slowly come forward with the hips reaching, both arms up to the sky Tucking your toes underneath and then lifting the back knee off the mat inhale Exhale bring the hands down, step back into your plank chaturanga, dandasana inhale upward-facing dog Open up through the chest through the heart center and exhale downward facing dog Beautiful let’s look up to the top of the mat bend your knees go ahead hop forward or take a couple steps inhale halfway Exhale release and then slowly rolling yourself up to standing Inhale again reaching both arms up to the sky Exhale standing cobra bend those elbows open up the chest open, through the spine Beautiful inhale hold it there Push, the hips forward exhale release come all the way down hands to the mat inhale halfway Exhale step the other foot back, now, high lunge reaching, both arms up to the sky hold inhale exhale opposite arm is going to come forward the other arm is going to come back and Then that arm that’s back is going to release down towards the thigh and the other arm reaches up to the sky awesome inhale And exhale release all the way down into your twisted, high lunge with, that hand on the mat Releasing the other hand dropped the back knee and now both arms reaching up to the sky into your low. Lunge Making, sure the front knee stays on top of your, ankle nice and square pushing the hips forward with, each exhalation Just, allow. Yourself to stay in this present moment with your breath here Beautiful let’s release the hands down now. Pushing. Your way to the back knee flex and extend the front knee go ahead now slowly release the chest over top of the thigh relaxing the foot pulling one hip back pushing the opposite hip forward Breathing and letting go here inhale and exhale inhale and exhale Try to keep that foot flexed so you, do feel that extra stretch. Through the calf muscle Beautiful let’s slowly come back to your low, lunge reaching both arms up to the sky Tucking your back toes underneath and then lifting the back knee off the mat high lunge inhale Exhale dive the hands down stepping back into your plank position chaturanga, dandasana inhale opening into your upward facing dog, and Exhale releasing into your downward facing dog beautiful open through that chest And then once you’re ready look to the top of the mat go ahead and hop and see if you can come over with Your feet crossed in front of your mat that’s so difficult just coming over to the mat from here we’re Gonna, bring the soles of our feet together, allow the knees to open? Inhale lengthen the spine and then exhale release the body forward really think about Bring the chest as close to those feet as possible trying your best to keep your back straight Allowing, those knees to follow. Away from your body Beautiful just stay with a breath here always remember to breathe Welcome oxygen into, any tightness in your body Taking one more deep breath in and then Exhale coming up now bring your knees together we’re Going to transition to our log position so one heel is gonna come over to the knee hips are square now You, may just sit here and push the knee down, and that is as far as you go? Otherwise if both knees are grounded reach both arms up and then Exhale bend the elbows and start to fold from the hips as you come down Now releasing the body forward is a little more advanced than seated upwards so just take it to your, own level Some of you might be just working on getting that knee to the ground. And that’s, okay just listen to your body, and Take the version, that is right for you? Now if you’re all the way, down, feel free to bring the arms forward With each exhalation start to feel a nice release through, that hip, through the glute muscle Stay with your breath With every, exhale see if you can, push a little bit more forward Bus, and let’s slowly, come up Bring the arms down we’re just, gonna switch to the other side so the other knee comes onto the floor now the opposite heel comes on top of that knee and again Stay here if you need to or just simply work on getting that knee to the ground if you are down with that top knee Reach, both arms up to the sky and then exhale Start to release and come forward with, your body to the floor Once you’re down you can either keep your elbows bent or reach the arms forward in front of you Again, just take it to your, own level Breathing deeply and with each exhale either adding A little more pressure to the knee with the hand or allowing yourself to come a little closer with the chest to the floor breathing and exhale out Awesome enough you’re down slowly coming up Bring the hands together and release the arms all the way down at this time let’s release out of the log Posture and then just take a gentle wind she’ll wipe with an ease side to side letting go of any tension here any, soreness And then come over to your seated position on your mat with your feet crossed hands rested Start to roll the head in a circular motion letting go of any tension in the neck We tend to store a lot of energy in our shoulders and neck so take this opportunity to release to breathe it out Give it that gentle stretch that it needs Awesome coming up to center now inhale let’s reach both arms up to the sky exhale Bending, both elbows placing your hands at your, third-eye, chakra The middle area between your two eyebrows, and then hands down to your heart Bowing, down to your heart and thanking yourself for your wonderful practice today Thank you so much for joining us in beautiful aguas calientes Ascends you love and light and i look forward to seeing you again namaste Thanks so much for watching, we hope you enjoy? 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