Yo Yo dieting

Hi guys. Welcome to our channel Health-Hatch. So today I am gonna talk about Yo-Yo dieting
or Crash diet. Generally whenever we have to attend parties
or family function or wedding ceremonies. Looking slim, pretty is like must for us. So you know we go in for a 10-day or a 15-day
weight loss program wherein we go for a salad diet or fruit or a fruit juice diet or skipping
one of the major meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now such kind of crash diets does lead to
weight loss, So it is basically the muscle loss & not fat loss right. And the other thing is once you return to
your routine program, your routine schedule you tend to gain double the weight that you
have lost right . The other thing is such kind of diet reduces your body’s immunity
making you prone to infections like cold,cough,fever etc. It also reduces your body’s haemoglobin levels
making you know feel tired very soon. Also it leads to hair loss. So please stop following such kind of crash
diets and go for a healthy harmless weight loss rather inch loss or a fat loss diet program. Right? Which reduces your chances of getting diabetes
or PCOD or heart disease in future. If you find this video useful Like, Share
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