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Internet Search What’s good for me on our YouTube Channel But systems with AMD and Intel move on to the fitness tracker Today we will talk about Ciao Mimi Band 4 and Huawei Honor Band 4 Okay, he’s called Honor Band 4 But we all know Knowing one is a Huawei sub-brand There are two tractors Very What a ball More precisely It is around 250 RON and it is around 170 180 RON They have quite interesting functions And of course They are very different in several respects But on the other side they do All the same Praktiker you can That they are all water and earth Let’s undo them for the first time we’ll talk about Lebanon four to know I did not unfold before because I had to test them to share Experience of use Cloth There are two very interesting devices and I can not wait to come see it But first of all Do not forget to subscribe and get I activate the notifications and then enter the cel.ro Slash giveaway To join the competition How do I leave it aside and start with Omi mi Band 4 Very cute packaging From my point of view a very beautiful very minimalist presentation At the top We have a suggestive picture of the product At the bottom we have this 4 that indicates the version Mi Band And I really like how light reflects When he knocks straight into the box A little detail I appreciate Now let’s look at the right side of the box we have a color screen Which means it’s a Grid vs. thousands of Band 3 The option to see notifications on the phone monitor sleep And on the right we have an icon What does that indicate? That we have a water resistance For up to 5 years, it spells me Different ways of exercising Which This Band can record them Distra and heartbeat monitoring device is compatible with Android operating systems And go out of version 4 4 respectively 9.0 up I honestly do not think it would be a problem because we have not seen the market anymore Many Android-powered phones In the box we can not find anything but air in the box From China we Bonduelle Which is dressed wrapping In this little one Pouch inside this card we find the charger Or better Loading chargers for Because it has no Voltage Practically You absolutely pack any USB plug So 5 volts and charging I should go back Let the charger go from your mobile phone Exchange is very small, very simplistic support It’s very easy here The two pogo pins for loading and two clamps that secure Device in place I would like to mention the fact that this cable is quite under So you should be very careful when you get it Scotland Do not shoot like that Directly coming USB connectors Because it’s possible to break it And as you can see the cable is not detached from this Support this way but you will have to buy another one if you care for your dog eat We have a user manual that Probably will not Tuscan no one That’s what the device looks like It’s very small, very minimalist I really like How it looks And how is the product presented We have a silicone strap And the device in Hold It Which is made of plastic With protection Glass on Girl So it should be How long he resists Scratches Now Let’s see how to get me out From that Bracelet That’s what I have to keep away And pull it off From the right Or left of Or right-handed Push out That’s how it is Remove the device This is pure Drawings with a rubber Flexible plank The advantage is if you break it Or if something happens to him you can find it Change Everywhere I like this one thousand at this He thinks I’m thinking And to this working Let’s see how How it fits into this Load support you need to align reviews device With pins support You put it here Click on him to make a Click And with that Basta It is as good as possible Simple to use If you want to get it out And you just pull it out of here From the bottom Very easy to use We do not have a guy that we have Simple One year Which one Mega For knot between holes and It’s okay Sure So I like it And this design Where they complained that he was crushing my hand But here I do not find it an impediment So Great I am very pleased with the designer for this Let’s say Band It’s very minimalist Nice to change This belt with different models Beyond the personality Match it up Your style Now let’s talk about k The Harbor Cliffs But this Device For starters Make the device weigh somewhere at about 22 g And as mentioned earlier, it resists a pressure of up to 5 atmospheres On the face we have a screen with With touchscreen It is a color screen with a resolution of 120 by 240 pixels A diagonal of 0.95 inch And it is protected with a secure glass 2.5 Also on the bottom of the screen we have a little one Button Which I can press and Turns on display Or It also has BAC function If I am in an apple menu March weather Hit him And I get a more screen in Back to the technical side we have a 16 megabytes RAM and amazing RAM 512 Kilobyte The lithium polymer battery has a capacity of 135 milliamperes and provides a car Anomie up to 20 days Depending on usage Sowing connectivity is bluetooth 5.0 She has the bleak mode That is bluetooth low Energy So it will not You have to make trouble Because of energy consumption Now Let’s talk about Operating system He owns the A1000 What is it Very interesting From my point of view it has a great deal of attention Granted Asu On the elements And the icon This is the main menu that you can change And we’ll get to this Work right away But In the top left indicates that it is not currently connected to the phone we have the battery percentage The watch And An indicator for how many steps I did A variety up Take us to the main menu where we have options for Times notifications Those on the phone Heart rate Status Workout And here at workout If we give a guy We ran outside out on the tape Cycling went Exercises in the hall and me understood swimming we have the Mall menu And Here are the settings Dnd mode Not to call you again And do not vibrate The bracelet where you want to pull a nap Very simplistic options for alarm here to music basically does not The functionality of playing music rather has the functionality to change The songs that They are played back on the phone and we have the stopwatch function timer Find device Silent Band display right here on Band display is the About menu Which I was talking to earlier about where you can change the face of the clock predefined There are only three This is the last one It is close to me From the phone And the man Just average how to use it And the app on the phone Personally, I really like that the weather is synchronized for several days He was not connected yesterday on the phone so he did not get to his He updates himself In return, it shows the weather That day and with a swipe up He shows me the weather for several days In notifications we have Several ways to notice notifications Let’s get them back And let’s go in the way Record heart beats To mount it and this moment it reads it just needs to be put At hand We give it to you trypan You do not move Say to stay as good as you can Shuffled like he Can make a record As accurate as possible Of course at this moment, I’m talking And I’m moving And it will not be very valuable Precisely because now he tells me I have 100 beats per minute Let’s look at the phone application and see What functions we have in parallel that we can modify The application we’ll use to control this Band is called misfit And ab bits Se It is also done through this application Looks like right now He wanted to Let’s do it a And I got this too I’m with the room It basically downloads the bit into the phone and then bluetooth He puts them on By This band has finished This is the main menu of the application with various information Information on exercises lethal Drums for Walking Run and Cycling And so on We have the Friends option The moment I have a friend who has One Band can add you A friend and that Moment You can compare me With And he did it to you Here’s my profile Where I can Set the goal How many steps To do or How many How many kilometers To run Friends And what seems very interesting to me It’s called behavior tagging He practically teaches What you do For example rope jump Press on this button You put your bonduelle on your hand and start jumping on the rope until it registers and does it a pattern Based on The actions you have when you jump With the rope For example, you can wash your teeth and you can eat and let’s get out of here From this menu and enter the Band 4 menu where we have Many settings like Bendis playset And here you come to me Different clock faces But it must be Synchronize with the server Right now it seems It’s bad On 4G That’s good There are many models where you can choose Some are uglier Some are They’re prettier You have quite a lot options Let’s go further we have the function to lockscreen With the smart unlock function from Android that let you Unlocking With a wearable We have options for adventure alert notifications Application Alert And Here you can customize the applications that I can give you notifications on Ben And flight appeared here In the note menu Ifi curry Let’s get out of here We still get for idle alert That means I’m dating By you The pendulum will vibrate And she told you you stayed Like a vegetable or a potato on the couch We still have options for heart rate detection Daddy kelce What you do when you hold it on your hand can detect constantly The beatings of the heart and And record constantly The moment you get to sleep But Remember this It uses more battery and you will not have a 20-day autonomy From the home menu We say so, if we go swipe On the left, it says for a second to wait and I can control the music on my phone Practically Dau Play We have to wait with Few I do not understand why It has this waiting time every time you access this menu Or Play I can pause them I can change the song However, we need to keep in mind that it’s via bluetooth It is not a major feature of this band And it works pretty well I could hardly say We’re going further to hunor Band 4 He could say We’re going further to hunor Band Four ammo displays the same settings we have on my Band 4 but below Another form and below Design of course and And the software is Different Let’s look back The major difference between this model And my Band 4 is that maximum autonomy is 14 days depending on Use Otherwise We have multisports Tracking the same thing that There is also my Band In four but under another name It is resistant up to 50 m Depth We have this time Scientifique Stick and Huawei shame For Greater accuracy with regard to Detecting heart beats Here we have Charging and cable support A warranty card and so on Harttop mouth that you will not Read Epson No one Here We have in Himself Bonduelle What is it? That’s on Because I tested it before Let’s get out of here This nick Charger and charger And when I mean little It really is So little And I’ll tell you that I personally prefer this Load solution because I can take it Bonduelle And Directly with bracelet I can get him Here Until you click And date I do not have to Nothing at all We have a removable cable So if you break the cable I can exchange with another micro cable USB No, no count Long cable Or smaller Here we have this little one Support He has two clamps on the two Pini pogo And that’s it Very small Very easy to lose Also The bracelet is Made again from Silicon It has a more classical approach Regarding Securing looks like an ordinary bracelet Watch the breech as well Take a little different He’s here A small one Little boy Betta Where you have to put one Train to you And parts belt Put It counts Very easy to do But You have to be careful not to lose that On component minuscule And it secures the bracelet in Place If you’ve lost yourself well You have to go to Hold another bracelet It seems to me as easy to ski Changed and equally easy to handle But it’s a pretty interesting design we have here A texture Belt dimensions are similar to weight That’s it The screen is just as protective As The building material is made of plastic Instead, as mentioned earlier, the strap gripping method differs Let’s look at it The operating system or its software We have a Watch doing As simplistic as possible Time clock The exchange day understood the number of steps In the upper left corner we A weather icon for the battery indicator swipe up And we can scroll through menu Band Honestly to be It’s a bit more fluid than How much or 1000 Instead, the icons are not so beautiful The trekking fitness capabilities between the two gangs are very much alike Both have the ability to monitor the heartbeat And calorie consumption in different exercises The big difference is the way sleep is recorded What from hunor they developed together with a team at the Harvard School of Medicine A proprietary proprietary technology Huawei trusleep 2.0 So they had time to develop to make the first version and get to version two This technology allows more detailed monitoring of sleep and the suggestion of over 200 Tips for improving your rest The recording of heartbeats also has a technology behind them and that we mentioned earlier and is called Peter Which according to Huawei default hunor Promotes real-time monitoring More accurate than what’s on the market right now On the hardware side, the manufacturer chose very specific details in the Exchange I found the name of the chip and this is called Apollo Three connectivity is done this time via bluetooth 4.2 But it has exactly the same capability as the other Band Namely bluetooth low Energy So very efficient on the energy side I have resigned one thing as to what Operating system In the Band menu we find the variant For the slip or better said Why the option for me Slip it shows me how many hours and And how many minutes I have Sleep or I’m looking for different activities Just like my Band 4 But put in another form and of course with other icons A small difference would be in managing the notifications here, all my notifications are aligned From all applications And I have the option At a Very low Let’s give Clear All software It’s so complex This is a mini Band 4 We also do not have one Who Adi Change the song through bluetooth The job I love most Multistage Today’s screen lights up Food Return to Wrist that works a little faster than at Xiaomi And it has those fine effects Plus I can scroll Through these menus With a tour Blanket We’re getting closer to the end of this video and now Let’s talk a little about these two devices Positive to say so For starters Let’s go We’re taking Honor Band 4 It’s a fitness tracker at a great price Ccbill somewhere at 170 180 RON at the time of his review Further Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is somewhere between 242 Hundreds of 50 RON at the time of his review Good prices are quite acceptable for some Go to fitness again What I have been unusual so far is a huge upgrade Regarding The functionality screen and of course What gives you such a device Both are capable of recording heart beats Sleep what I find a Plus But the advantage of my Band 4 is that they are in the market A ton of horror a lot of bender bracelets colored Unpainted transparent and so on If you like to personalize your divais It’s okay You could go with or get me Band 4 Also the application at 4:00 is slightly higher Fluffy than the Huawei app If you have Huawei’s phone you saw that the Header app It’s as simplistic as I can The last addition I prefer more charging method or the solution that Huawei or hunor They found one about loading the device I do not have to pull out of my support, I do not have to put her bracelet down and you do not have to have it Absolutely nothing done That being said to take I was Dragos these were two bracelets as accessible as possible for Those who want to follow Fitness until next time do not forget to check the description for useful links and updated prices and all Also, do not forget to comment in the comments section below About these Two devices And if you like it


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