Xiaomi Mi band 3 Review – Best Budget Fitness Band??

After having a great success in making
budget fitness tracking band, Xiaomi has came up with their new Mi band 3. The successor to the original Mi Band and the Mi band 2. In this video we will take a
look at the Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 and see if this health tracking band is bang for your buck. ♪Music ♪ Xioami’s original Mi Band was a
blast on the chart and the Mi Band 2 was no exception. But there were still tweaks left to be made, so Xioami decided to launch the Mi Band 3. And in this review of the Mi Band 3, we will take some certain aspects into consideration. Ergonomics, usability, features, build
quality, battery, customization and price. There’s so much things to be covered in
this video so let’s get into it. Before we begin I want to challenge you
something. How many times I say the Mi Band 3 in this video. The person who get it right get a shout out in the next video done yeah
let’s go. let’s start from the ergonomics of the me band 3 Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is a very lightweight device. It weighs about 8 grams and with the strap it weighs about 20 grams. You can easily put this all day
long not even noticing any significant weight hanging on your hands.
The device is 46.9 mm long, 17.9 millimeter wide and 12 millimeter thick
which might makes it look bulky but if you’re not skinny like me then this will look just fine on you. Like the Mi Band 2 this also have all at display but the Mi Band 3 comes with a 0.7 inch OLED touchscreen display, underneath the curved glass, along with the feather touch button below that. Now the OLED displays there which is clearly visible in indoor environment but it will go blind if you try to use in the bright sunny day. The Mi Band 3 setup
process is very easy. Mi Band 3 connects via bluetooth 4.2 and once you have paired it to the Mi fit app, you can leave your phone and the Mi Band stays connected until you get out of the Bluetooth range or turn your phone’s
Bluetooth off. You can also leave your phone at home and go running with this
alone as the bandwidth stored it and sync it when the device is connected again. For unboxing and setup process you can check out our full video of this Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3. Unboxing and setup process video. On the top right corner in the
info card. Here like here or there? what which way? whatever way! The Mi Band 3 is packed with tons of features and this video is not enough to cover all of these features they are putting in this device. You can track your steps count
along with the distance travel and calories burned which are far more
accurate than the previous generation but the band also sometime picks up the
steps if you’re riding your bike or traveling. Other than counting steps the
Mi Band 3 also have a heart rate sensor built into it which can track your heart
rate on demand or you can set it up to check it automatically after a certain period of time but do keep in mind that this will drain your battery a lot faster than it normally would. This band is also capable of
tracking sleep which can give you details on sleeping schedule. Aside from that you can not only track of steps but it can also track a lot of different
activities as well. When you open up the Mi Fit app you can see the holy grail here. You can track a lot of activity like jumping rope, sit-up, badminton,
basketball, drive, ping-pong, eat, sleep, bathe. bathing? All these tracking activities can give you motion tracking and heart rate details and give you a
number of times you have done that in a day Mi Band 3 is not only a fitness
tracking band but it is also a tool which can track more than your bathing. You can set the device to notify you for incoming calls and app notifications and you can simply decline the calls or mute them straight from the band. You can also set the device to be automatically unlocked when you are in the Bluetooth
range of the phone. And as our phone is a delicious food of the couch and we don’t know where it is. Mi Band can help us in finding that. Mi band 3 also have a
stop by straight from the band that means you don’t have to pull out your
smart phone every time you need to use the stopwatch. Other than that the me
band 3 have some handy features that is weather, alarms and lift to view and
much more. Now when it comes to build quality and durability. The me band 3 is a solid fitness tracker band and it’s made to last for age. The band is made
with a solid glass in the front which might feel a little bit delicate but it’s tough enough and won’t break easily. The Mi Band 3 is also water resistant
for 50 meters in water or about 5 ATM. This means you can take swimming with
you without any worry. Previous Mi Band 2 had a problem of popping out accidentally and most of the people lost their me band trackers but thanks to
Xiaomi to fix this issue. The Mi band 3 is now more secure and it’s hard to pop out. The tracker can be only removed from the back of the strap. Now talking of traps it’s silicone strap which we are getting from original Mi band and it’s quite strong and flexible. The strap is also very modern-looking
and can fit easily into attire. Now Xiaomi’s Mi Bands are known for
excellent battery life and Mi band 3 is no exception here Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is packed be the 110 mAh battery. As compared to the me band 2
which had a 70 mAh. This band was charged 14 days ago and is still standing on a 41 percent battery. Keep in mind we have turn off automatic
heart rate detection and we do it manually if you want to but
if you do wish to turn it on you might get a better life over around 20 days. Everyone have a unique taste and we like to make things are on. Mi band 3 comes
with the standard black strap which you always get into me bands but this time you can also get the blue or the red one or you can customize it by getting a
third party strap like I have this gray one right here. The band face is also
customizable this time and you can choose from these three band faces. Mi band 3 is also customizable so you can keep the most required info at the top. So you might have the Mi band 2 or you’re looking to buy a new fitness
tracking band then I would really suggest to you upgrade or wait for the India’s launch because this Mi band is worth it. It have a more water resistance,
it has OLED touch screen, bigger battery, and many more bells and whistles. But if
you can’t fit for the India’s launch you can check out the links in the
description so you can order it right now and you will get your Mi band in
10 days like we have got our Mi Band. Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is expected to be
launched in India in September and it will cost you around 2000 Indian rupees and there might be a release of the NFC version but that’s not confirmed right now. What you guys think about the Mi Band 3 is it worth the upgrade? Let us know in the comments down below. Oh by the way, if you’ve want this T-shirt
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