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we must fight yes we must I am the drunken master I am the super I am Jackie Chan let me bro come on to me bro Oh Jackie Chan right gosh Jackie Chan’s the best I love you I love you Jackie how can you not love Jackie Chan he’s a martial arts action superstar superstar now watch out I’m about to get the internet taken down for this right for this Jackie Chan beats Chuck Norris Oh Oh easy easy keep it to a low roar it’s true Jackie Chan’s awesome sure Chuck Norris has his cowboy swag and he gets you fit with the total gym but you may not realize that Jackie Chan actually released his own fitness program kind of thing and it was on the zabbix ports the zavok sport rain we all know this so wait you don’t know what the zavok sport is I mean clearly it’s the most successful motion controlled video game console of all time let me just look at this thing welcome to 2004 ladies and gentlemen the zavok sport was advertised as an interactive video game system with we like motion controls and it came out before the we even hit the market and of course most of the video games were sports like titles with baseball bowling tennis bass fishing all the essentials so basically a Wii Sports package for this console but there weren’t many different games released for this thing but zabbix thought it was going to be around forever because even on the back of the box it says watch for new titles in these categories education entertainment finance fitness health home and sports mostly just Fitness in sports and that’s where Jackie Chan comes in because this was the platform that Jackie Chan used to promote Jackie Chan Fitness if there was a Jackie Chan fitness program I would be all over that mess there were two games released under the Jackie Chan Fitness umbrella and the first one was the Jackie Chan J mat oh I still love you Jackie Chan the J mat system comes with a Wii Fit like mat the J mat for Jackie get Jackie J mat Jackie mat and it comes with two one pound hand weights so you get all ripped and swole yeah probably not but at least this is my chance to finally have Jackie Chan as my very own personal trainer let’s get this going let’s do it step on enter whoa okay I gotta set the I gotta set the time here all right the year no one would expect to be playing this in this year the year is 2015 ten years after this came out you can’t really stand just on it the whole time it will go crazy oh all right time to make a new user name all’s gonna take forever I’m already tired from putting in my name wait I know by buck-50 better book fitty huh okay stop staring at me Jackie stop staring at me Jackie Jackie okay we have cardio exercise zone where you can step lively or vigorous step step I hope Jackie didn’t translate that himself step lively of you go to skip pool room running zone Jackie’s action run and the agility zone has dash and reflex let’s just start with some basic cardio surely these will increase my workout are you ready I’m ready I’m ready check oh I’m not ready amazing it’s like Jackie’s right there and it’s like he’s in a mortal kombat video game for Super Nintendo oh how many times we’re gonna do this Jackie this is not exciting we did it easy does it next meeting oh man everything creepy did you say will you marry me I’m not doing it like Jackie area get your hand movements Jackie it’s too difficult follow the move I will say this the math works it’s not very exciting I’m just kicking these weird Oh Jackie what are you doing ah-ha ooh ooh I can’t hit anything when you do that Jackie opening your hearts in each episode you doing all right you know I can’t folks in your hand moving right now I gotta hit these these nuggets these atomic nuclei that are falling from space Oh get it out spread it out spread it out projects print it out don’t print it out don’t look around hello hello no the fritter girl red nail I’m gonna prevail not really working up much of a sweat man if I keep this up Oh to be as fit as the gaming historian you know what I’m talking about a dude’s fit oh yeah Wow done whoo we’re done Oh Jackie so much like we fit after it it gives you a nice graph of your data and it follows every day in the calendar shows what activity you did how many steps you did and how many calories you burned how long you worked how many steps you missed it’s actually pretty neat now this is definitely a standard definition console so you can tell it’s pretty ugly to look at what could you do what could you do back then it wasn’t like the standard to have the HD yet we’re just getting an HD so I guess it’s passable but it is oh it’s blurry oh it’s blurry so logically let’s move on to the vigorous step oh man I feel like I need to get in the zone so let’s get in the zone are you ready I’m ready whoa what Oh I’m standing in what goal Oh where’s Jackie honey Jackie this is just it’s just DDR there were a santol DDR we’re playing horizontal you know my buddy Ryan of Ryan’s video game core he likes the EDR clearly you would love this game this feels easier than the beginner mode on the previous cardio game I can see how in 2005 this might be a workout for you Oh run got some run Globes these globes of delicious little water where am i my New York right now what zone am I getting too bad I lost to bed he said I lost so from what I’ve read on the Internet in my research the actual main processor I guess one of the processors for the zabbix port is built into each individual game cartridge what these game cartridges are actually pretty pretty filled up I think it’s time to go to the running zone with Jackie Chan’s action run this better be full of action full Jackie and full of run you better give me the runs this is what I’m saying should probably learn the ins and outs of this before I just run right into it follow figure below I assume that’s Jackie Chan okay so that’s the walk that’s how I walk whoa run Jackie Chan’s impressed sidestep jump oh you’re not allowed to jump on the Wii Fit board advanced technology right here squats you gotta do squats squat what oh right in the forehead oh not enough pressure straight again oh let’s just go all out with advanced mode let’s get crazy start out with a nice jog oh we’re going anticipatory oh-oh-oh miss those oh oh he’s a tough Oh getting all jumpy skippity dude die I’ll wait for it I’m not I’m not above waiting for it Oh thought I was getting so Jackie Chan gives up that jaechun don’t care just strolling down Hong Kong not a care in the world much easier when you don’t run ages all the ninjas take out all the ninjas alright let’s finish this whole thing off in the agility zone with – mode challenge yourself see how many steps you can take in ten seconds okay well ready new record because previous record with zero and lastly the Refresh refracts zero reflex mode sorry Jackie that was unintentional stop looking at me like that reflex mode measure the average response time of three jumps step on the mat squares indicated in blue when you see the word jump jump up with both feet what I’m waiting until jump appears on the screen boom it’s actually kind of fun it’s stupid but it’s fun ooh I whoa I was stuck to the mat there that looks like a new record to me so that is the Jackie Chan fitness Jay mat fitness program but we’re not done yet we have one more amazing fitness program brought to us by the man himself Jackie Chan Jackie Chan fitness power boxing the controls our boxing gloves see you see we sports boxing this is what this is what supposed to you is what you need I hope these work let’s this jacket let’s do it let’s do it Jackie let’s do it oh boy so hopefully this little infrared sensor here that I’m assuming reads my movements will be able to read my movements here we go I think it saw my hands trial mode versus Ivan I’m not even ready oh I’m not ready they’re gonna get my mic controllers on alright Ivan I’m trying Ivan Drago it’s Ivan Drago destroying me while I put my gloves on here oh this is so really stink they kind of stink these were Brandt I bought a new let me do steak all right you might not have any control right now the safe oh my look at that that’s crazy it actually controls Oh Jackie says punch parallel with the floor it’s not happening I got block blocking works amazingly well Oh Mike let’s just work better than we sports you’re kidding me it puts enforceable oh my god expect to just throw me in make things happen Oh okay it’s not better than we Sports boxing but this feels more fun cuz I’m like close up in the action POV buoy Oh like these guys actually try to push me to faces ah come on for how old this is it’s pretty good take that little mac NASA was done you won the trial no Jackie was super happy about that he is sweaty control the cursor by moving the gloves together so the gloves are your mouse take that Xbox just come down here take that connect and then now way bill has been used before this was supposed to be brand new they lied to me let’s just save bill I did not expect that all right new oh there we go that looks correct save that data let’s do exercise first then we’ll take on the championship to finish it off that’s a good technique there punch fast let’s do the punch fast training 20 hits in 10 seconds all right let’s start with that Oh ready Oh yelling me Jackie cool go ahead and make your opponents feel your power thanks Jackie let’s go all the way to Chan let’s crank it up oh I don’t know if I can do this X is probably go Oh y’all’s it with time to spare oh I’m supposed to get 200 I thought it was 100 I geez Jackie her he’s very angry about that I’m sorry I didn’t try my best Jackie panel touch her quickly move your gloves together over the panel’s yes I’m ready I feel like I can just do this and probably still make it oh maybe not not the best control here the punching works the movement is a little bit trickier I just don’t want to disappoint Jackie Chan I came so far for this opportunity Jackie ah just such a weird name for a game panel touch her next up we’ve got punch the red balls punched only the red ball mm-hmm ready 70% success rate ready movement okay that time kiss got one oh it’s all about aim this is like serious aim oh my gosh shining got one got one whoo that was that was a little tricky last exercise before the championship combination training punches indicated on the screen yes sir 70% Oh wrong it there we go good follow strength oh oh out of order it’s where works where wants to +2 I what I’m jabbing doing a cross should be crossing Society % 58.3% sorry Jackie if the controls were a little tighter in the combination training maybe let them better feel like I have to squat down just to get it over the infrared control panel thingy on the cartridge aim to be the best oh I’ll be the best Phoenix hey Phoenix so alright I guess this is inter-gender sports you’re about to go Phoenix down final fantasy I’m ready Phoenix are you ready Phoenix oh she’s just too – punch combinations listen Zoey good work in Wii Sports she’s getting checked in with me to punch her let’s recover whoo whoo let’s bury look out I don’t yeah down sales right come back give me baby come back whoa Oh Jackie you’d better work on your technique first Oh Thank You Jackie Chan fitness yeah they’re the same so it’s been two days since I completed the workout I actually play the Jackie Chan Fitness game for maybe two hours or so two days ago and I’m already feeling the do AMS feeling the Dom’s the delayed onset muscle soreness I’m feeling it my triceps are sore my forearms are a little bit sore and my legs most of my calves are sore from all that running running in place a hardcore workout my neck my back that’s about it that’s about it and I think you could probably get a little bit of a cardio workout definitely more so than if you’re just sitting on the couch you can draw a lot of comparisons to other active video games out there like Dance Dance Revolution which usually comes with foam mats and the J mat feels very much like that material though it’s set up more like Wii Fit board if the Wii Fit board was twice as long length matters and the Jackie Chan power boxing actually feels more like a boxing simulation to me than we sports boxing because it’s a POV you see your gloves and you’re in that match close up so it felt more intense to me so what else is there to be said about the zavok sport they obviously made a lot of mistakes along the way poor marketing and the thing looks like a budget DVD player from 2004 it probably wasn’t marketed well because none of my friends have even heard of this thing before which makes it an odd platform for Jackie Chan to choose he must’ve got paid some money but I’m just guessing there are several other generic sports titles for the zavok sport but you know what maybe we’ll save those for the future if we want to look at those things I think we’re good with the zabbix for now just a shame that Jackie Chan’s fitness video games are lost to time in the black hole that is the zabbix port


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