WTF Is A Beach Body?

– Can somebody please tell me what the (bleep) is a beach body? What’s up, y’all? Summer is finally here, and of course, with every approaching
summer, there’s always these horrible, horrendous
magazine headlines that follow women wherever they go, talking about how to achieve
the perfect beach body. Last time I checked, if you had a body and it was at the beach,
preferably under an umbrella and with a margarita, that’s a beach body. But of course, according
to our messed up society, it has to mean something more than that. – Hi, I’m Nyla, and I don’t
think I have a beach body. Even though I was always
taught in my household to love my body, the way media
Photoshops women’s bodies has had an impact on the
way that I look at my body. – I’m Kane, and I don’t
think I have a beach body. Especially in the gay community, like, images of fit men with,
like, abs and torsos and like shoulders and arms,
and you look at yourself and it’s like very average
and it feels very un-sexy. – If I had to write my
view towards my body, it would be a five. When I’m sitting down, I can feel a tummy and I’m like (groans). I have to have a flat stomach, and I’m probably never gonna have that, and I don’t know how to accept that. – When I was in my
teens, I struggled a lot with my weight and self worth. My sources of motivation to lose weight were always in the wrong places, and usually stemmed from a desire to look good for other people instead of looking good for my damn self. I remember having a skinny list, which was basically a list of things I’ve told myself I couldn’t
do unless I lost weight. Looking back on this time in my life, it really makes me sad that
I couldn’t be comfortable with who I was and that I
felt mentally restricted from things due to my size. So I wanted to take a
fellow lady and a fellow man because let’s be real, men
also deal with their fair share of body insecurities too, and
I wanted to challenge them to believe in their beach body. I decided to bring in my lovely, fabulous, fantastic photographer friend, Christophe, who helped me through my
boudoir photography shoot, and I wanted to set up some type of a photo therapy session
for them at the beach. – I finally have a bathing suit. I’m super excited, so nervous. – Our photo shoot is today and
it’s also our boss’s birthday so we went out for
tacos and birthday cake. Oh, no. – I am challenging myself
to wear a two piece that doesn’t have a high-waisted bottom, because I feel like that’s
a part of my comfort zone and I’m really taking this opportunity to not be in my comfort zone. – Last night, I also looked
up guys posing on the beach. – Wait, really? – I did, and that’s a bad idea
because everyone is ripped. I was nervous at first,
because I was shirtless for the first time at
the beach in a long time, and like, the poses were like… Felt weird, at the time. – When Kane was going,
he was just slaying, and that kinda boosted my
confidence a little bit, and then when it was over,
it was like okay, your turn, and that’s when the nerves started to hit. I’m kinda nervous. I’m fine with wearing the bikini. It’s taking the pictures and
looking at them afterwards and getting in my head
and critiquing myself. – Do you like how you’re looking? – Yeah, I just feel like I look mean. Though, like the whole blanket thing, that’s when I started to
get in my head a lot more because there was a prop
and I started to feel like I was covering myself up and
I wasn’t feeling challenged. – And then, eventually, like I got in touch with the element. Like, the waves came and the wind blew and like, I started rolling in the sand. – People were saying like,
“Go, Nyla, you’ve got this. “You’re slaying,” so that
was like really encouraging. – Who came to slay? – I came to slay. I feel like more connected
with my body, I guess, and that’s kind of nice. We did it. – How you feeling? – Good, good, I’m excited and nervous. – Are you ready to see them? – Yeah. (yelps) – You even got the water
dribbling down you, all sexy. – You know it’s real. – [Voiceover] I love the wave action. – The wave is hilarious, but kinda cool. – I, like, exude confidence,
like, the eyes, the body. I’m really insecure about my stomach. I realized how beautiful my tummy is. – [Kane] In this photo,
I’m like confident, and I look like I’m enjoying the beach. – Hell, yeah, you’re
just like, “I don’t care. “I got a beach body, let me
show y’all my beach body.” Do you feel like you
have a beach body now? – According to these
photos, I definitely think I have a beach body. – Yeah, I would second that. – I go to the beach and I am in my body. So yeah, I have a beach body. – So are six pack abs
and really toned legs really awesome to look at at the beach? Of course, I’m not gonna lie about that. But just because someone doesn’t have them doesn’t mean that they
should be restricted from being comfortable in who they are. If you’re feeling yourself,
that should always be enough.


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