Workout Video | Arms and Legs with The Razor Hybrid Fitness | Trainers Ben Booker & Donovan Green

Nice, baby. Nice. Here you go. Before we focus on the rep range is four and seven. You have a range you need to hit, four or seven. You only get three, take off the weight. Good power. Take the weight off. There you go, there you go. There you go, there you go. Nice. Now, Ben, come on. Let’s go, baby, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. There you go, Don. Form, Ben. Use a little legs. Power through the kneel, there you go. Beautiful. Holy crap. That’s awesome, that’s awesome. Let’s go, baby, let’s go. Power through, power through, nice. Come on, Ben. Come on, Ben. Let’s go, baby, let’s go, go, go, go, go. This is on three hours of sleep right now. That’s right. Ah, yeah. High inline. We’ll get three hours sleep. Right now, I feel awake. This is a heavy day. This is one of the heaviest days of my program. So we go four to seven, four to seven on everything. So we’re going to go four to seven and we’ll switch over four to seven. All right? Barbell curls with the entire head and bicep. Power, power. Come on, come on, do it. Come on. Come on. Beautiful. There you go. Awesome. You have road maps on your forehead, baby. Good power. Good power. There you go, baby. Come on, baby, come on, come on. There. Give me an angle. I got you that giant angle. Go, let’s go. Yeah. Come on back. Power. Working angles. Angles and hand grips, baby. So, we get that core engaged all still working with that four, seven rep range. Check this out, watch this magic. What just happened? What just happened? I just got locked in the hammer position. What is that? Hammer curls? Here we come, baby. Your core will give out before your bicep does. Here we go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Come on. Come on. Come on. There you go. There you go. Let’s go, baby. There you go. There you go. Oh my god. There you go, baby. Nice, come down on it. Come down on it. Awesome. There we go. Here we go. Come on. Come on. Power, power, power, power, power, power, power. Look at that leg. Holy cow. Way to keep that spine in line, baby. Beautiful. You can do it. You can do it. There you go, there you go. The Razor, you got to implement this in your workout, man. This is raw dogs training, baby. Look at that. Real training. Ridiculous. Now if you can see his triceps. You can see the tricep is really working right now and the elbows are locked and the stance is wide. So that’s giving him multiple grounds in his hips and his stomach is tight right now. So it’s about that form. #[5:38], you can even see his shoulders working. That’s full tricep movement. Stick that right there. All triceps. There you go, there you go. #[5:56]. Nice. That hurts a lot. A lot. You’re so good. Don’t get fooled by it. A lot. In camera, you’re not feeling it because you’re watching the workout. We gotta get you involved. You gotta get involved with the workout. There you go. Almost there now. #[6:26] I got you a little bit of spot. You only need a little bit. There you go. Good form. Good form. Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Come on. Love it. All you. All you. One more, baby. I’m right here. I’m right here. Gotcha. Come on, come on, come on. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what I’m talking about. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Camera angle, changed up. Beautiful. Beautiful. That’s where it’s at. How did that feel? That felt amazing. Beautiful. I love it. Love it. Pump it out. There you go. That’s what we do. There you go. That’s what we do. That’s what we do. There you go. That’s what we do. You’re true, baby. Nice. That hurts. So one of my favorites on this one is actually level two. This is one of my favorites here. Good form, baby. I’d like you to distribute that weight a little bit better. Focus more on that tricep. Build that core. There you go, baby. All tricep. There you go. Push through the floor, baby. I think I left a dent in the floor. Yeah, you did. Oh, my stomach is on fire right now. All right, push right there. On the top as I’m coming up, I’m really pressing into that floor. Here. I’m pressing in. Oh my god. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Let’s go. Let’s go. Show you #[8:28] for the levels up here. Regression. Here we go, through the floor. Yes. Love it. Love it. Love it. Level three. Love it. Love it. He’s on his knees now, guys. Level two. Level two, let’s go. Now he’s on the elbows in that plank position. Level three position. Let’s go, let’s go. Last one right here. Yeah, he’s back into me. Let’s go, baby. Let’s go. Let’s go. Level one. Yeah. Yes. Hey, back, that look like it hurts a lot. Oh my god, feels so good. I love it. No, no, what is that? What is that? Core, baby. What is that? What is that? Core, baby. What do you smoke? Donovan Green, Ben Booker going at it, baby. And, of course, my man, Caden there, good motivator. He’s a young blood of the old crew. Come on, baby. Last set of the day. Building triceps. Only thinking about triceps. There we go. Get ’em, baby. Get ’em, baby. Ooo, the fun part. Oh, I love the fun part. Here you go, baby, this is for you. Look at this. Look at this guy. Oh, snap. I’m getting double tricep work. Tricep push up, baby. Look at this guy. It’s like going to #[10:12] Look at this guy. Oh my god. Holy cow. Beautiful. Right on the knees, baby. All tricep. All tricep. Holy crap. Yo, when I tell you that feels good, that feels good. But I love it, I do. Here we go. Here we go. Got to finish strong. Got to finish them out, baby. Come on, Donovan. Last set of the day, baby. Last set, best set. All tricep. All tricep. I feel it. I feel it. Okay. So, I don’t even know what to say right now. All I got to say is that workout was crazy. That workout was sick, all right. Go home. Peace. You got it, you got it. Ben Booker and Donovan Green and we are fitness experts showing you some of the basic things that you can do at home plus advanced things. The work that you just saw, you don’t need to be in a gym. All of it modified. All of it modified. You can do this. Anybody can do this. That’s the whole concept of the Razor Hybrid Crossover. Anyone, anyone. This is muscles here. This is my muscle but after he pops his muscles, my muscle look my grandma’s muscle so I need to work out. We all wear it different differently, baby. This guy, this guy, this guy. That’s how we do it. Beautiful job, baby. Great workout. We’ll see you there. Anywhere, anytime, baby. Yeah. Captions by

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