Women Try Dance Fitness For A Week

– Oh Sorry – Oh its fine go ahead. (tempo music) – So apparently were doing dance fitness and I think that’s great
cause it’s like two skills in one. You get better at working out and you also get better at dancing. We also look cool. – I was in a dance group
in like the sixth grade that got canceled because
we just sucked really bad. – Probably the most embarrassing moment of my life was going into
a hip hop dance class for the first time. Being the only black person and being the worst dancer
in the entire class. So we’re performing this
in front of our co-workers? Everyone’s gonna know that I can’t dance and I’ve kept it secret by only dancing in dark places. – Today’s the day where we can’t fake it. – Will peddle light judge you? – They laughed in my face. – Ohhh – They were like I’m
so excited to se that, that’s gonna be funny. I am less intimidated though because we are learning this
dance routine from a video – Yep. – And not a dance instructor. – Today were gonna start learning it and then were gonna
practice it for a week. – And then for the grand finale, we have to teach our
co-workers the dance routine. – Were gonna do a dance workout. It’s gonna be really cool. Maya and me, are gonna shake our booties and were gonna teach it
to the rest of the office. What? – Dance. So were learning from Caleb Marshall which is the Fitness Marshall, as he goes by on YouTube. – He makes a lot of dance fitness videos. Really excited to see what he’s got. – This, this. – Oh shoot. – Okay there’s some repetition, I like that, – Ohhhh okay. – Oh ah, he’s.. – Whoa. – It got hella fast. – As a Latina, were
supposed to have rhythm were supposed to have
sazon, which is spice and I have all that spice but in terms of dancing, I don’t. – So with the dance, me and
Maya felt kind of the same. We were both trying to be sexy and trying to feel comfortable. Don’t know if that was really translating well with the dance that we were doing. I wasn’t really getting it. I was trying really hard to do exactly what Caleb was doing. Like when he turned
around, he was twerking. – I know. – You know, I was tryna turn around, twerk but as you can see, it doesn’t really look
like I’m doing anything. – Every time you back it up girl.. – Were supposed to move this way, you have to go this way too. I just have this weird
fear with looking dumb being embarrassed and failing in front of people. This is really making me
push through that fear. So he’s doing a running, and
then he fasters the running. And it gets down, and then
he just like does his legs. Yeah. – That’s like the washing machine. – There you go, exactly he’s just doing that but quicker. The water training. I’m just gonna do really dramatic stuff. Then ill look like I’m dancing. Huh, its actually a work out. We’re sweating a lot. That means well work our co-workers out so they won’t have time
to laugh at us, hopefully. – Yeah right, lets go practice it. Over and over again. – Woke up a little early so
I could practice this dance. I don’t know how to do certain things that he does in the video like dusting. I’m a little worried that
were gonna look stupid, I’m not gonna lie. So I asked curly to help me dance and he just started doing this. That’s not helping me. – So I’m going to attempt
to practice this dance. Hopefully I get this right. I feel like when he does it, it looks really cool, but every single move that I do just looks very stiff. One, two, I can’t remember. What the hell I do next. I feel like if I can remember the steps, I ll get to a place where I can perform it without having to think so much and then hopefully get to
the point where I look cool. That’s really the goal at this point. (funky music) So I’m on a hunt to look for someone who can teach me this dance. Coop can you dance? – [Coop] I got two left feet. Dammit Coop. I’m just looking for anyone
with rhythm in the butt area. That can help me figure it out. – Ohh that’s not me. – This is where I go over friggin bonkers. – Its like shimmy your shoulders. – I’m trying to just do it cool. That’s literally all I can do. – You an I are in the same club honey. – Thanks for your help anyways. – I did my best. – Can you dance? – I can dance. My friend Destiny who is a
way better dancer than me. Helped me workout my whole issue with the legs portion of the dance. – Keep doing this, in everything you do. – Still doing it, and when
your here you still doing it. – See yeah, your doing it. Wooo!! – Maybe I can do this, well see. So were about to talk
to the Fitness Marshall. Well see if he has any
tips or advice for us. – I know, I am not in
a good space right now, so I definitely need some encouragement. – When we finally talked to Caleb, he was like you know what, you don’t really have
to do the dance like me. What’s your advice for
kind of nailing those moves if you don’t have a lot of experience. – When I watch someone else dance I like, cannot copy it. What works with me is ill
like see a general idea of how there moving to the music and ill just do what ever my body does. – You can do it whatever
way you feel comfortable and channel whoever makes
you feel confident and sexy. I though about Rihanna – And I’m like Selena Quintanilla. – When your doing the dance, all you have to do is imagine that you are Selena and you just slay. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to exude that confidence and have fun and be silly,
cause silly is sexy. – As soon as he said that I’m like you know what, I’m just gonna have fun. Who cares if I look dumb. After I clicked into that, I felt like I moved better. We practiced in the bathroom. People were pooping and peeing and walking by.. – And they were like
what are you guys doing. I realized that my lack of confidence was really blocking myself from trying the dance to my fullest potential. When we finally did i was like what am I freaking out about. This isn’t that hard. – Now we’ve just gotta figure
out how to teach this class. – Somehow, I don’t know how, but were gonna do it. – I’m so late right now. I’m literally running. Were gonna dance here,
lets do it lets do it. – I hope were ready. Selena Quintanilla, be with me, cause I really need your help. – It’s show time! – I woke up this morning, I was like I don’t know what the
hell is gonna happen. – I feel like during the dance
when people were watching us I felt a little like
they were judging hard. – Yeah. – Or like they were
just like oh that’s it. – Come on, you can do it now. Yeah. – I thought that looked really easy. And I was like this is what were doing. But when I had to do this myself, it was hard and I couldn’t get it right. – Now lets try that a little bit faster. Boom boom, take it
back, boom take it back. – So that the first half, and then it cuts into like.. – This made me hungry. – At one point I looked at their faces and they just looked so happy and like they were having fun – I don’t usually get to
bust out my dance moves at 10:30 a.m. Those endorphins are
really coming on strong. – That was super fun,
I forgot how empowering dance classes can be and what fun it is to like
pick up the vibe of the group. – I got sweat in my pits. I was a real legit work out. So thank you Maya and Selorm. I feel like I have a
good start to my day now. (r&b music) – We did it! – Thank you guys so much for
coming to our fitness class. – Thank you for making me
ugly for the rest of the day. – Yayyy, that was the point though. The way that we felt
about this dance at the beginning of thus
challenge verses like now. Is so completely different. – It’s total opposite. – Yeah. – I think its a lesson
to other people who are put in a situation that makes
them a little uncomfortable. Who cares. You have to overcome that
voice inside of you head that says your gonna look dumb, why are you doing this and just be like shut up – Yeah. – I wanna learn something
from this experience. – It’s awesome that Caleb has done so many videos on dance fitness and he’s inspired so many people to get
fit on their own terms. That’s amazing and props to him. – If we can do it. – [Both] You can do it. – Did a little dance,
for our little friends. – And we taught them how to do it. Even though we felt like
we were gonna look dumb. It’s okay ‘cuz we still had fun. Whoa. – Did one rhyme and her mind is blown. – Dance fitness. – Rad or fad. – [Both] Rad. (upbeat music)


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