Why You Should Script Your Videos

In this video, you’ll discover the single
biggest factor that determines whether the videos you make will result in a handful of
sales, or hundreds. Applied correctly, this factor can change
business overnight, transforming sales pages with single digit conversion rates to double
digits overnight. This factor is used by almost every successful
video you watch online – even if it doesn’t seem like it. It’s not production quality, it’s not special effects, it’s nothing to do with equipment or the camera
you use, it’s not even to do with the length of your
video, what format the video is in or where you host
it. Quite simply, the single most important factor
you should obsess over for your videos is script writing. So why should you write scripts for your videos? The truth is, very, very few people are able
to EFFECTIVELY articulate a sales message or present an idea without preparing a script
for it “Winging it” or trying to ab-lib a narration
along side Powerpoint slides often leads to a number of problems, and you may recognise
some of these in videos you’ve seen in the past – When the presenter of a video has to THINK
about what they’re going to say as they change to a new slide, their brain is trying to play
catch up with what’s on screen. You’ll notice this happening by lengthy delays,
while the presenter tries to remember what to say for each slide, or mumbles and stumbles
over their words as they try and forumulate their thoughts. Often you’ll find a presenter will compensate
for not having prepared by simply talking and talking about points that don’t really
relate to their original intent for the video, and stray off topic. Worse than that, presenters will inevitably
start making mistakes, talking gibberish and having to apologise while they try and keep
things going. These mistakes mean presenters often end up
back tracking on points to explain them twice, or worse still, actually repeat points they’ve
already covered. It’s hard to bring energy, excitement or enthusiasm
to a vocal delivery when there’s so much to concentrate on, and the result is a recording
that won’t make viewers take action on your message All of this together has the effect of slowing
down what could be delivered in a much shorter space of time, and that’s a big problem. To put this in context, YouTube have measured
“viewer drop off” across thousands of videos, and they found most online viewers have stopped
watching after the 3 minute mark. They’ve proven the videos that get the most
views and engagement are between 2 -3 minutes long And the only way you can deliver a concise,
effective message in 2-3 minutes is to write a script, edit and polish it and make your
message more consumable – exactly as you would do for a Blog Post or article. Script Writing fixes all those problems with
“ad libbed” videos, and provides a whole lot more benefits – With a written script, you have time to correct
mistakes in advance, and it’s far easier to narrate a pre-written script than make it
up on the fly, meaning you’ll make less mistakes after recording so have less clean up to do
on your final audio recording. Because your script is pre-written, mistake
free, well thought out and concise, the end result is you will actually sound smarter
in your video, and this has the effect of increasing your authority and trustworthyness. Put simply, viewers are going to be more likely
to act on your offers if they are delivered clearly and professionally. So many online videos contain waste – pointless
conversation or meandering topics that wastes the viewers time, and squanders the precious
seconds of attention that could be used to deliver useful, relevant and valuable content
to viewers – and no one really wants their time wasted. Script writing helps you keep your message
to the absolute essentials, and the less waste in your script, the more relevant if becomes
for your viewer. Script writing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice
personality, humour or spontineity from your videos, you’ll actually find as you develop
your skills in script writing, you’re able to create more entertaining work by factoring
it into your writing. Scripts don’t need to be stuck to religously,
if you decide to go off script and add something new during recording, you can always edit
it out post recording. Equally, the most common concern I hear from
folks about script writing is they feel like their vocals sound flat during recording,
or that it’s obvious that they’re reading from a script when they listen to the recording. You can deal with both of these by simply
recording a dry run through of your whole script, which does a few things for you. * Firstly, it warms your vocal chords up and
gets you ready and comfortable with the recording process * Secondly, it gives you a chance to make
last minute changes to the script, where you may feel it sounds wrong narrated or if you’ve
simply found mistakes during the test recording * Most importantly, a dry run familiarises
you with the material, even though you wrote the script, you’ll find simply reading it
out loud uses a different part of your brain, so by reading through it once you’re effectively
programming your brain with the material for the real recording. Do a dry run through, then record again and
you’ll find your vocal delivery will be much stronger, and less prone to mistakes during
recording. With One Hour Video Studio, we designed the
product exclusively to cater for scripted videos. Script Markers help you develop the visual
ideas for your video as you write without being “overwhelmed” by the video production
process Script Markers help you pace visual changes
for your viewer, creating a predictable rhythm; while not boring your viewer with “stale”
slides that don’t change for minutes, or “overwhelm” with too much text on screen One Hour Video Studio takes your script and
uploads it to YouTube as a transcript, providing extra metadata for YouTube’s search engine
to index and potentially improve your rankings. You can also leverage your final video and
script into a ready-to-post article or Blog post you can publish to your website, creating
more content from your original script.==PAUSE===Hopefully by now you’re convinced on the benefits
of a scripted approach to video production. If you’re still on the fence, why not just
try producing your next couple of videos with a script and see for yourself what difference
it makes to the finished video. If you’d like to know more about One Hour
Video Studio and how it can you with the script writing and production process, head to http://www.onehourvideostudio.com


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