Why the time to be a Beachbody Coach is NOW

>What’s up guys? It’s Dave Ward it is November 7th today, day five of the Reset. Feeling fantastic, today is that day where you just need a cup of water, and a little cup of hot tea and boom I’m off and running. It’s like 7:30, I’ve been up for about an hour and a half, and I feel fantastic today. So today is the day, which is great, usually it’s day six. So I thought I’d take the camera, flip it around here, get you a little bit different, ah view of my office. Ah I’m a man of many hats. And I’m also a skier. Ah and today I just want to tell you a little story, and the story revolves around this old saying. And that saying is that when opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare. So, the story that I wanna tell you is about a phone call that my wife, Monica got, and if you don’t know Monica, you can follow her on Facebook, at “I like Monica Ward.” Um, that’s her Facebook, ah, like page. Anyway, Monica got this call in the Fall of 2006. I dunno, it was October, November, somewhere around there. Ah, from a guy name Carl Daikeler. And if you know who Carl Daikeler, if you don’t know who Carl Daikeler is, he is the CEO of Beachbody. And one of the co-founders, co-owners, and he is the face of our company, if you will. And he was calling to let Monica know, that he appreciated all of the hard work, she had done over the previous several years, in helping people get healthy and fit on the message boards. All of which she did for free. And he wanted, he was calling to let her know that he had a new business opportunity, that he wanted her to take a look at. And basically what he told her was, I think I found a way to compensate you and the, the other group of people who have been preparing (to go back to our saying), for the last several years to be coaches. And I’d like to share it with you at a meeting we’re gonna have in Los Angeles, would you come? Monica immediately said yes. Book the ticket for two. Me being the other one. She told me about it and I said, “ah…no.” We’re not gonna go to that. Now, since for, three years, over three years, at that point, Beachbody had been my fitness solution. It had been what lead me to make a lot of changes in my life. Unfortunately, um I was having a really bad year that year. I had gotten a new job, I worked, I was getting worked to death, I gained a bunch of weight back. And frankly, I was kind of embarrassed to show up at a fitness company meeting, thirty pounds, looking like my “before” picture. Basically, after I had had great “after” pictures. Because I just slipped back into doing what I was doing. And I missed this amazing opportunity. If I had gone to that founders meeting, ah, things would have been dramatically different. It would have altered the course of our career as Beachbody coaches. Now, it’s been pretty good. It’s been pretty good, we’ve done really well in this business. You know, we’ve made over three million dollars in this business. Ah, we’ve been top ten, you know, we’ve been to France, cycling around France with Carl. We’ve been on, I think almost every, we missed one of the incentive trips, that they’ve had. Um, and we’ve built a huge team of great, great people. And I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. But I really missed that opportunity, and I missed it because I wasn’t thinking, that when opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare. What I should have been thinking, at that time, was wow, I really need to go to that meeting, because I need to figure out what this is about. And I need to figure out whether this is something I really want to do or not. Because if it is, I’d better, I’d better get a jump on it. I better get a jump on it because sooner or later things are gonna blow up. So here we are on November 7th, and I’m guessing that some of you out there, are thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach. You’ve probably had some experience with our products, Um you’ve probably enjoyed those, your experience with them. You have a strong belief system, maybe you’ve recommended the products, to your friends or family or whoever it may be. Or people may have been watching your transformation, or have asked you what are you doing? And you’re been thinking, “Wow, maybe I ought to give this, Beachbody coach thing a shot.” But, you’re thinking now is not the time to do that. What you’re thinking is, no, no, I’m gonna wait til New Years, because I know that in January, the collective consciousness, of certainly the United States, shifts from consuming, food and alcohol and everything else, and gifts and all that stuff, to health and fitness. That’s the time to become a Beachbody coach. Well, here’s what I’m here to tell you. That’s a mistake. That’s a real mistake because you will not be prepared, when opportunity knocks if you wait until
January to become a Beachbody coach. You just won’t. You cannot possibly expect yourself to learn that much information, and it’s not a ton of information, but, when it’s crazy, and there’s people coming from everywhere, Do you wanna be ready to receive that? And get in the way of all that, that whole collective consciousness shift. Do you want to be ready when that happens? Or do you wanna be getting ready when that happens? Well I would assert to you, you wanna be ready when that happens. Here are the other things that happen if you wait until, there’s a couple things that happen, if you wait until January to become a Team Beachbody coach. The first one is that you’ll miss out on Christmas. And people actually do give Beachbody products for Christmas, we have gift certificates which are probably the biggest, single gift, but people give Shakeology, they give the fitness programs. You know, we have, we have people who are in our little gift giving circle, who actually ask us, hey um for Christmas could you just hook me up, with like a Max30 or Insanity Max30? Which is the other thing you’ll miss out on if you wait, until January to become a Team Beachbody coach. The release of Insanity Max30. That’s coming out early December, I don’t know an exact date, but the first week of December is my understanding. Insanity Max30 is Shaun T’s new program. It’s a rebranded Insanity package, it’s not a T25, program that is, you know, I wouldn’t say easy but, much easier than Insanity, it has a modifier, really anybody can get into T25 which is why it’s great. This is insanity good old fashioned, ass whoopin’ Insanity, okay? That’s gonna be huge for us. You’re gonna miss it if you wait. You’re just gonna miss it. The train is leaving the station, and this is the opportunity to get on it. Here’s the other thing that happens if you wait until January to become a Team Beachbody coach. Let’s say you really like us, maybe you’re following me, maybe you’re
already one of our customers. Or maybe you’re following Monica. And you like what Monica has to say, and you like her daily videos, and you like, you’d like the opportunity to work one on one with us. As I’ve said, we’ve done pretty well in this business. And we’ve taught a lot of people how to do really well in this business. We just had a diamond retreat here in in Coronado for our leaders, and we had sixty people here. That’s a big team of leaders. What do you think happens if you wait until January? What does January look like for us? As far as being able to devote time, and effort to you and your training, and making you better? Guess what we’re doing in January? You’re wrong. We’re not working out tails off, Monica is working her tail off, I am on those. In early January, I take a heli-skiing trip, for ten days, I’m gone. I am not available. Not available during that time period. In late January, I go to Breckenridge for another seven day trip. During which time, I will not be available. If you wanna become a Team Beachbody
coach and you wanna be successful, I can train you right now. Right now, I got time. I’m doing the Ultimate Reset right now. I’m not out with my friends. I’m not doing anything other than taking care of my health and fitness right now. And helping people build their business. Because I’ve done this the last several years, going on these trips during the busiest time of year. And guess what it means? It means right now, November and December? It’s when I gotta work. I gotta make sure, that everything’s ready so that when I go, I can really be unavailable. And I’ve learned how to pull that off. Maybe you wanna know how to pull that off? Maybe you’d like to know how to take a ten day vacation, and completely unplug, and have have your business run seamlessly, and grow like a weed while you’re out of town? I can teach you. Now. Now is the time that I can really teach
you how to be very successful in what we do. So if you’re sitting there and you’re thinking, “I wanna be a Beachbody coach, but…” “I’m gonna wait for the busy time.” You’re making a mistake. When opportunity knocks, it’s way too late to prepare. I want you to really think about that. And think about whether you wanna be a Team Beachbody coach. And think about whether you wanna work with us. Because you just be, you may have just happened across this video, and you’ve already got a fantastic coach, somebody that you’ve got a great relationship with. I can tell you right now, they’re probably in the same situation I am. This time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is our slow season. People are focused on aaagh eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink. Hardly anybody is doing the Reset right now, okay? It’s just not where people are at. So this is the time we have to train our people. This is the time we have to put structures in place, to allow our people to be successful. Now if you sign up in January, I’ve got a great training system. I’ve got a great training system it’s all automated, Um you know, you can go through it all, and you can teach yourself what to do. But if you want to work one on one with me, you need to sign up now. So. That’s my message. December, er November 7, day five of the reset. Feeling fantastic. Looking forward to talking to you. And seeing how I can help you, achieve your health and fitness, and financial goals. Hit me up.


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