Why jump rope double unders and singles should look the same

Hi this is Tim and Shana from Punk Rope
and we’re at Otto’s Shrunken Head in the back room of one of New York City’s
legendary music rooms. It’s a tiki bar but we’re going to jump
rope and our topic today is that singles and doubles should look essentially
identical. So Shana is going to hit a few singles at her
normal pace. Now bear in mind she’s on a stage on a mat and you’ll
notice that she’s got a very light bounce going and the wrist is doing
almost all the work. Then when we transition to a double very commonly we put in too much effort, jump too high, use too
much elbow and shoulder, kick back etc. But you look at her double and her single and
there’s virtually no difference whatsoever. So if you’re in the early
phases of learning your double unders one suggestion that we have is try to
put in as little effort as you can. Try to mimic your singles. If you miss you
miss. It’s no big deal. But don’t think that putting in more
power and more speed is going to make the difference. The key is going to be your
timing and flicking that wrist twice. Remember the turn is first and the jump
second. Elbows are in tight and everything else that you see in your
singles it’s going to be what you shoot for in your doubles. So transitioning
from singles to doubles—not necessarily going all out—but doing one or two and
finding the tempo that works for you. Maybe it’s a couple of singles.
Yeah Shauna’s got it going there. Anyway thanks for joining us we’ll see you again soon.


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