Why Hyunhee wants to start eating healthy food [Happy Together/2020.02.27]

There’s this though. Not even you would know about this. It never bothered me before marriage, but I got scared at the hint of some pain. I just got married, so it truly scared me. I had my blood tested, remember? Yes. You had a lot of blood drawn. (I…) Are you crying? Darn, the smoke. Kudos to the smoke for its impeccable timing. I said that I’m not just living for myself now and that’s when people told me I sounded like a married woman. – That’s touching. / – That popped into my mind. Well, anyway, my mom constantly worries about me because I’m a lot like my father in terms of my looks – and my physique. / – Right. She said she was worried that I’d end up just like my dad. She’s the person who gave birth to me, so I’m doing this for her as well. Yes, it’s a good opportunity for you. – We’ll soon try to have a baby. / – Right. I’d like to have a child of our own, but I’m also worried about the side effects… I know. It’s scary. You can suffer from complications – including pre-eclampsia. / – It’s scary. It truly scares me – if I’m being honest. / – It’s common too. It’s not just about me, but my future child, my mom, and you. So it’s for all of you. This isn’t just to look pretty. – I… / – It’s to be healthy. As you know, I’m not healthy right now. Right. When she first said she was going to lose weight, I didn’t believe her. We never once discussed a detailed plan for having a baby in the near future. However, she’s well aware that she’s not quite healthy at the moment. Hearing her say that she wants to have a child after she gains her health back made me think about the deep thoughts she’s been having. Do you know what hurts? There was a time when I was skinny, but I didn’t have any gigs. I wasn’t able to show the viewers that side of me yet. They’ve never seen the true me. But then the viewers began to love me for being a foodie and a big eater. So I ate because that made me feel the love. I have my own personality, – but people adored me / – Right. – for my eating. / – They found it adorable. It led to me eating even more. After eating so much, my stomach would hurt. We went on a show when we were still newlyweds, and you kept eating at the weirdest moments. That’s right! You kept eating the bread in front of you. – And the trotter slices. / – I nudged you and asked why you were eating so much bread. That’s when I learned that you were asked to. – Right. / – You were asked to eat it. You have no idea how much that hurt. That wasn’t the only reason. It had been a while since I was on TV… I’m getting teary. I got a chance to be on a TV show, and I thought that I should maintain that image to get more work. You know what I mean, right? Of course. It’s nothing to cry about. I wasn’t always adored by people. – I got attention after marriage, / – Yes, you did. and people talked about how cute I am when eating. That made me think that I would be loved only when I showed that particular side of me. But I got the wrong idea. You know how it is. One day becomes another, and several days lead to a full week. In that sense, after a month, two months would seem easy. I have high hopes this time because I think she’ll stick to it. Go, Hyunhee. You can lose weight! Good luck. (Go, Hyunhee. You can lose weight!) – Goodness. / – We gave you an organized story, right? Even I’m in tears from watching us. – That’s cool. / – It’s not just Hyunhee. As you know, it’s our job to entertain people, so we keep doing what people like from us. Right. That was the case for me. “You make the food seem so delicious.” “My appetite came back thanks to you.” I received a lot of messages just like that, so eating became almost like a mission to me. So when I’m asked to eat food on shows… That’s understandable. I thought of ways to make the food seem tastier. You have no idea how stressful it was, not just mentally, but physically. This is something I’d like to ask you all. As entertainers on TV, we tend to do more of what people like. That’s right. I don’t usually eat a bowl of jjajangmyeon in five seconds. – But you like jjajangmyeon. / – For real. I don’t usually eat a single portion in five seconds and a double portion in eight seconds. – That’s right. / – I don’t always eat noodles like that. It became a habit because people liked it. Because they found it entertaining. On TV shows, people would only see me when I clear the food in seconds. That’s why I began to eat even faster. You have no idea how often I’d cry inside on my way home. That’s not who I am. I should apologize then. I’m one of the people who’d egg you on. Once again, – I apologize. / – It’s all right. We do it because we can though. – Of course. / – We do it because we can. – Right. / – But that’s now how you – always eat. / – No. (Subject 1, Hong Hyunhee, Results for Week 1 and 2) (Brushing teeth before and after meals) (Eating child-sized portions)

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