Why Fitness is Important – Secret to Success – Richard Branson

Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here, your Jumpstarter
for life. You’re probably wondering why I’ve got a helmet and sunglasses on here.
Well, I’m super pumped to be doing these videos more on the go, wherever I’m at,
what I’m doing behind the scenes. I’ve got a really short story for you from
my man, Richard Branson that I learned. It was a very very valuable lesson. He was telling
this story about how he’s gonna give the secret to success. He’s building up, building
up and he’s building up. I won’t do all the build up besides the build up and saying
it. Basically, he got down to a very very simple thing. He said, “I work out.” That’s
what gives him the energy to perform at a peak level. I’m out here on a beautiful beautiful bik
ride. There’s this amazing path and I go my bike down there. Earlier today, I went
on a walk with my girlfriend and my little dog Bauer. It’s just gorgeous outside. When
it’s not nice outside, no matter what it’s like outside, I go for a walk with my grandpa
every morning at the mall. I just find that so many people make excuses
that they don’t have time or it’s gonna wear them out. I can tell you right now that
working out and taking care of yourself give you the energy that you need. It provides
the energy you need to do amazing, amazing things. That walk every morning at the mall
with my grandpa is the best way to start the day. Then, I’m able to go 100% most of the
day. You know, we all wear out. But the reality is, I can go so much more
than if I get up and start working and don’t have that routine in the morning. Then on
the weekends, I still go on little bike rides. It doesn’t have to be much. What I find
is fitness is so important but we complicate it far too much. Just find what works for
you. ‘Coz a 10-minute walk every single day is better than a 2-hour walk once a month. Another big thing for me is just water all
the time. I drink lots of water to hydrate myself. What do you do to take care of yourself?
Do you ever find the time, the 10 minutes to just get out and go for a walk? I’ll
tell you, that’s also when I have the best ideas. Just get outside instead of just sitting
behind a computer all day every day. That will drain you more than anything. I’m not one who wants to bust my butt and
sweat like crazy. I just wanna keep it simple. Just get outside, go for a walk, go for a
simple bike ride or go to the mall when I notice it’s not nice outside. It’s just
great and it really boosts my mood, my energy and it makes me feel good. When I feel good,
I could do great things. That’s what I want for each and every single one of you. Just find time this week to get outside, go
for a walk, go for a bike ride. Why I say keep it simple? Find that one thing that you
can sustain ‘coz it’s better to keep it simple and do the 10 minutes every day than
it is to freaking walk once a month or once a year. Do things in life with fitness and
health that are sustainable. Rock and roll my friends. Have an outstanding
week. I will talk to you again tomorrow. See yah!


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