Who Will Tell Your Story? Buckingham Palace Legacy

– Coach Jimmy here, at Buckingham Palace. The flag is up, the Queen is here. Subscribe to this video, I’m gonna tell you how
you have an opportunity to have just the same impact as she does. (upbeat music) (static) Nelson, James Nelson. No seriously, livin my
James Bond dream right now, sitting outside of Buckingham Palace. The gates are closed. We are told that because
the flag’s up top, that the Queen B herself,
that means she’s in. I don’t know if we’ll
get any closer than this, but this is epic. And every time I get to travel the world, I’m reminded of the difference between being rich and
generational wealth. I had the privilege of
going on a tour of France, about eight years ago, and the same thing, we’d bike through the countryside and it’s just amazing to
think of the family lineage and about what that means. And how does that apply
to me as an American? We don’t have the same type of monarchy. We’re inside the Royal Mews. We gotta keep it down. And the art work on these
stagecoaches are amazing. But it does make me think about what kind of legacy do we leave? Whose gonna tell your story? What are you gonna do in your life that’s gonna live beyond you? And so when I think about
anything here in London, whether it’s Buckingham Palace
or any of the history here, people that have statues up, it’s because they had a legit story. It’s because they stepped
out of their comfort zone. It’s because they dared to be great. It’s because they were willing to fail miserably in the public eye. And many times that these
people that we put on pedestals, literally on pedestals, make
statues of, put in big palaces, these aren’t flawless people. They’re just people that cared
more about their purpose. They cared more about a cause. They cared more about leading
others and impacting others, and not everybody, you
can say they just happened to be born to the right family. But there’s a lot of responsibly
that comes with that. And we have to think about this, that those that came before us, did things to give us opportunities, whether that’s your family, whether that’s just where
technology is today, that other people made sacrifices, that other people were willing to step out of their comfort
zone to create things to where you now have an opportunity, you have platforms that you can touch more peoples lives than ever before. Your grandparents didn’t
have this opportunity to create a life of their own. They usually were stuck in whatever job that they got into and it is amazing that we think of monarchies
like this, that families, like this but really
you have an opportunity to have as big or bigger an impact than all these generations
that came before. There’s more information being created now in one day than used to be recorded in the history of time in years. And so we look at this and think, oh, I may never live in a palace but you can have the same impact that somebody like the Queen or anybody that’s been recorded in history has had cause you have the
ability to tell a story, because we have access like this, that I can connect with you right now. Now I know I am probably the only person sitting in front of
Buckingham palace right now thinking how does this have
to do with telling a story, what does this building have to do with impacting lives and impacting people? But that’s where my brain goes. It’s easier for us now, than the people that built this city, that built this country or any country or dynasty or movement. But you have a opportunity, to tell a story and to change the world. So tell a story, change the world and find an excuse to put a good suit on
every once in a while. This is coach Jimmy and
I’ll talk to ya real soon. (upbeat music)


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