What’s The Best Rep Range For Muscle Growth (New Research)

hey guys so let’s talk about the best
rep ranges for building muscle so the classic thing that you learn it’s what I
learned when I was getting certified to be a trainer they tell you that low low
reps you know one to five reps is best for strength medium amount of reps six
to twelve is best for hypertrophy which means muscle growth and anything over
1215 tends to be more ideal for muscle endurance and there are some truth to
this but there are also some myths about this so in this video I just want to go
over the research briefly and clarify what how many reps exactly are optimal
for muscle growth so there really is some truth to the numbers which I just
mentioned before if your goal is power and explosiveness and getting strong as
possible training between the 1 to 5 rep range is going to be ideal for power and
explosiveness 1-2 reps as heavy as you can is gonna be best because you’re
lifting heavier weight and simply makes sense you’re not really gonna get
stronger doing 20 reps of a deadlift versus one or two reps of a deadlift at
90 percent of your one rep max again when it comes to endurance endurance is
basically your ability to endure through a long period of exercise right and if
you want to get better and insurance and make sense to do higher repetitions you
know 2025 rep squats that makes sense you know you train for longer your
training your ability to train for longer however if the goal is to build
the most amount of muscle and increase muscle growth it’s a bit more complex in
there isn’t a specific number that you should be training for the goal is
different it’s not training as much as possible lifting as much weight as
possible the goal is the outcome of your muscle lifting for strength lifting for
endurance isn’t really seeking after a specific goal in terms of your physique
however the 6 to 12 rep range which I mentioned before and you hear over and
over again does tend to be the best rep range for building muscle it doesn’t
mean you can’t build muscle doing more than 15 reps or less than 5 reps I mean
there are plenty of Olympic lifters that consistently train less than 5 reps very
very frequently and don’t really do higher reps and the
a lot of muscle but that doesn’t mean it’s ideal hence why you have guys in
the 56 kg weight class lifting 150 kilograms over the head but they just
look like average Joes who have been to the gym for a few months in terms of
muscle development in order to build muscle mass you want to be accumulating
a lot of quality reps and volume right the total amount of exercise with good
form and six to 12 reps is really gonna give you the opportunity to train with
good form get in a lot of quality reps because if you’re only doing one two or
three reps at 90 percent of your one rep max it’s gonna be very difficult to
achieve really really good form and focus on the contraction of the muscles
right because that’s not your primary goal when you’re doing that exercise
you’re just trying to get that away up but with slightly higher reps but still
heavy weight you can focus on getting good contractions and muscle damage but
at the same time you’re using good form something else to consider is how to
hide you’re going to be so honestly I’ve deadlift it’s so heavy sometimes where
the next day I feel sick because my body is so worn out I just feel fried and
I’ve only done one or two three sets of 1 or 2 or 3 reps you know and that’s not
that much volume that really isn’t gonna cause that much muscle growth compared
to doing a lighter weight and more repetitions but the next day after doing
those really really heavy deadlifts my central nervous system is burnt out
right so you can’t consistently keep that up day to day to day today and it’s
gonna be much easier to be sustainable with less weight high reps in better
form whilst accumulating more volume thus accumulating more muscle growth
over time now there are lots of different opinions on this and there are
different studies coming out some contradict each other but the truth is
is that we kind of know what works what works is progressive overload getting
stronger right Plus getting enough volume so if you’re able to increase the
weight consistently over time whilst at the same time getting an adequate amount
of volume in then you’re going to build muscle research has shown that you can
even do the lighter weight in higher reps plus you know more than 15 reps 20
reps on an exercise per to to achieve the same sort of effect you need to take
that muscle failure which can be very
exhausting and take a long time my recommendation is to do a mixture of
both the 6 to 12 rep range right and the 1 to 5 rep range so by doing the 1 to 5
rep range you’re gonna train your body to be able to handle bigger and bigger
loads whilst at the same time you’re going to be able to accumulate that
volume at the heavier loads so you’re gonna get stronger and you’re gonna
accumulate more volume and get stronger continuously over and over and over
again and this is gonna give you the best of both worlds this is why a
workout like this works so well an upper and lower body day where you’re focusing
on strength right under 5 6 reps and then upper and lower body day in the
same week where you’re focusing on slightly higher reps this way you’re
training your muscles twice per week which has been shown to be optimal for
trained individuals and at the same time you’re going to be increasing a strength
as much as possible while also also accumulating a lot of volume so that’s
it for the video I hope you enjoyed it I hope you got some value out of this
leave your questions down below in the comment section and I will get to them
as soon as possible or I guys catch you next time


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