“What to NEVER say first on Social Media…if you want to recruit and get customers…”.

– Alright, so we have a
lot of people who have said I don’t know what to say,
I don’t know what to do. I wanna start all over. Can I please start over? And then the first question is, so what am I gonna do? If you are gonna start all over, and you think, okay, what do I wanna do? Now let me make sure that we
have everybody’s mission right. I’m assuming that everybody
here wants to make some money, and so is that a fact? Oh, good. Yeah, you wanna be able
to make some money, but you’re not one of
these people that says, oh, I wanna make $100,000 next year, or $200,000 next year, and I have $39, and I have no time to work at all on any of the work this week. I can’t learn anything, I
don’t have time to learn, and I don’t wanna do anything
that I don’t like doing. I don’t wanna do this. But I want $200 grand. Do we have anybody
that’s kinda that person? ‘Cause you’ll be entertained, but the chances of you making a couple hundred grand next year are zero. Something very interesting I learned, I really never thought about, but somebody said, “You know, Kim, “if you wanna make a million a month,” which is my current goal, “You have to be somebody different “than who you are right now.” And I thought, okay, I’m ready. What do I have to do, right? And the guy says, “Well,
why don’t you make a list of “who you think you’d have to be? “What are the characteristics of somebody “that could make a million
dollars every month?” Doing basically training,
which is what I’m doing. Not doing something different. Not going back into real
estate, or do something else, but doing training of people
who wanna learn how to market. That’s what I know how to do. I know how to sell and market really well, and so I teach people how to do that. And so I thought, okay, well, what are all the characteristics? What would I have to be? Who would I have to be? What would I have to know? How would I have to be
different than who I am now? Because, after all, if I
were that person right now, I’d be earning a million a month, right? And somebody might go to me and say, well, God, you know, if you’re making $100 grand
a month, how do you do that? Well, you have to be somebody different than who you are right now if
you’re not making that number. So whatever you’re not earning right now, say you wanna make $5,000 a month, $3,000 a month, it’s all relative. There are people who make $10 million, $15, $20, $30 million a month, and you go, oh, how could that be? What would they do with all that money? Trust me, when you start
earning a little more, you spend a little more. Pretty soon you start hiring people. Pretty soon you have what
they call an organization, and you’re paying people. You’re helping. You have secretaries. You have people who do
this, people who do cooking, people who do cleaning,
because you’re gonna focus on helping your world of
people with certain skills. And you vacuuming the floor is not gonna help anyone learn how to sell, see? So you don’t do that. So you will change as you grow. But you still have to
be somebody different than you are now to make
the money that you want. Because otherwise you’d
be making it already. Have I sold you on this? Let me make sure that
I get some yeses here to be sure that you get this. That if you want more
than you’ve got right now, more income, you’re gonna
have to be a little bit different person than you are right now. You’re gonna have to do different things. You’re gonna have to
believe different things. You’re gonna have to just
be a different entity. It’s called growth. Do we have everybody saying
yes, we got this part? Hey, yup. It’s the gap. Really, that’s very well put, and that is the gap. The gap between where we are now and where we wanna be. There’s stuff in between
that we have to do. It’s called growth, you know? And some of it’s not very pleasant, so you gotta get over this
idea that network marketing. I know they like to sell you
that any dimwit can do it. Any nitwit can do it, which
is one reason, you know, I often, why do you even stay in it and wanna be with people who identify themselves as anyone can do it? I mean, who wants to be part of a group where they say anyone can do it? What a bore. You know, you wanna be with stuff where there’s a challenge so
that when you’ve done it you can go, ah, yes. How can you feel that
if everybody around you says, well, that was easy;
anyone could do that. You’d never do anything, right? So I’m just saying, you want to achieve a
certain amount of income, most of you think about
income, or influence, or being on the stage, right? Or better yet, sitting
in the back of the room and have your people all be on stage. That’s the ideal thing. The best thing about
being a company owner, if you’re a good one, is to see all the people that are not you, but are in the company
down line be on stage. Nothing beats that. That’s really extra good. Alright, so, knowing
that you’re gonna have to make some changes if you
want different income. And talk is cheap. Motivational talk is cheap. Motivational quotes are cheap. Personal developments. You know, whatever you
wanna, it’s all that stuff. I’ve known Tony Robbins for many years and I’m here to tell you
that personal development will not earn you one nickel. Nothing. You can go and hang out
there for three years. If you don’t come back and do something that’s different than you did before, if you can’t make yourself do anything, no personal development
activities in the whole world; no reading, no training,
no listening to me, this is not making you one nickel. I’m just telling you. If you wanna make money,
hang up and go call somebody or go present something and
get people in your business. I’m gonna teach you how to do a couple things to make
that happen, right? But at this moment, you’re making nothing. ‘Cause you’re watching
somebody else do something, teach you something that
you hopefully will go do, and then you’ll make some money. But training, personal
development, none of that stuff. Watching videos; it
doesn’t make you money. It’s you bringing in
customers and recruits. That’s what makes money. Alright. So let’s do this. I have the thing for you here. I have actually wrote some notes. Okay, so let’s say you
wanna think to yourself and maybe to somebody
new that you signed up, you know, what are we gonna do? So we wanna post on Facebook, or we wanna talk to people
about what we’ve got, right? This is kinda the traditional approach. We have this stuff. We got our product, we got a company, we got a service, we got a business, and we wanna sell it. This is where most of the people
in the industry come from. However, this is your goal, right? You wanna get customers. No question about that. But starting with you and your product and your company, and all of that is not how you ever wanna begin any conversation, okay? So number one, I promised
you in three steps, I’m gonna tell you how
to get cooking here. So you wanna post on
your Facebook profile, or Instagram, whatever you’ve got, okay? Number one is this. You tell me if you can
see that board, okay? And this is the most important
thing in the world, I think. It’s not, not, about you. Okay? Let’s see if we have this right here. I’ll make it nice and big. You wanna take notes, and put this on your pillow. It’s not about you. Can you see this? Do I have it right here? You can see that, right? It’s not about you. Say yes, you can see it, ’cause then I’ll go stand in front. You got it? Okay. Now what does that mean? If it’s not, remember, you’re
going to other people, right? You want them to come to you and hand over money and hand over credit cards and get in your down line and make you rich. That’s what you want. But, you see, when
you’re going out to them, and they could give a
crap about what you want. It doesn’t help them. You having income helps no one else. Do you see that? The fact that you want a down line helps exactly nobody else in the world. So nobody cares about what you want. Or about your product,
or about your company, or about your up line, or your CEO. None of that. Do you all get this in your head? Nobody gives a crap about you and your company and your product and what you’ve got. Your income, the money you want, what you’re gonna do with it,
your extra room, your issues. Nobody. They’re not waiting on Facebook, oh, is she gonna come to me now? Is Amanda gonna come,
or is Regina gonna come? You know, Laurie’s gonna come and tell me all about her product and her company and all the new things
that happened to her. Is she gonna do that? I mean, unless you’re some old lady and you haven’t got a clue what to do and you watch TV all
day, yeah, maybe then. But how likely is that person
to be to give you some money, and say I wanna learn
how to do this, right? So you’re exactly at zero
when you start there. When you start about you,
you’re already cooked. Now let me give you some things about what people do in our industry that you do not want to do. You’ll start a message like, oh, Lulu. This is somebody you’ve got, right? You’re starting a Facebook
message or a profile post. You might even do that. And say, oh, Lulu. (uplifting instrumental music)

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