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O’Dell thank you everybody for popping on as you know welcome to what it takes
my name is Brittany Adamson I’m a senior manager of the coach development team
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achieve your goals so let’s jump into our what it takes as you know by now it
is a weekly mini series where we ask the same questions to elite coaches and they
talk about what it takes to become an elite coach today we are talking with
super star diamond coach four-time elite two-time elite top ten and founder of
Team legacy collective miss Raina O’Dell Hi. Hello, so excited to have you here so before we
jump into all of these questions will you please tell us a little bit about
yourself yes I am Raina O’Dell I’ve been a coach for just
over five years I started in April of 2013 I am a mom of two my kids are 10
and 12 now two girls I am divorced I live in Denver Colorado
what else? I was diagnosed with severe ulcer colitis I have a permanent
ileostomy which I have gone through a huge transformation up and down and up
and down and up and down my business that’s been kind of fun to share that
and teach others how to share the good and bad and all that so anything I should add
oh that was awesome no you’re great
let’s jump into Beachbody how were you introduced to Beachbody so I had just
started my health and fitness journey probably six months prior to becoming a
coach I was online and was on the website My Fitness Pal and I was asking
about Shakeology I had seen a lot of people post about this magic shake and I was
like that’s what I need is this like magic shake and so I reached out to
the first person that was referred to me and said hey I want some free Shakeology
samples can I get some samples and she literally just asked me a few questions
about myself and what I was doing and my routine and things like that and then
just mentioned coaching randomly and I said yes that was it I was the easiest prospect in the entire world literally but I love that so once you signed up can you describe what
those early days look like for you yes so when I signed up I was like okay
you know I joined with p90x and I was told that my health and fitness journey
would be the most important aspect of coaching so I dug into my challenge pack
and it’s funny I spent two hundred and five dollars on my charge pack and some
people complain now about like a hundred and forty dollar challenge pack
you can totally sell that so I joined with the p90x challenge pack committed a
hundred and ten percent to that program did every single day no matter what I drank
my Shakeology every single day and in those first few days I just kind of
fell in love with the progress and the the process I was thrown into a
challenge group I was thrown into a 30 day coach training at that point so I
had these two groups and I remember waking up on the first day that the
group started and my assignment was to kind of like make a short video and
introduce yourself and what your goals were and things like that and I remember
like setting my alarm super early to wake up and I was in bed and I like made
this video introducing myself just super excited but I immediately asked
what do I have for you to be successful what do I have to do to make this work
and she said you have to rank advance and you have to hit success club but I
was like okay I’ll do that so I dug in I messaged everyone I knew
in my phone that had anything to do with health and fitness I begged them to sign up but this goes to our next question
perfectly so what do you feel are some key attributes or habits that you have
that have contributed to your success I would this is going to be probably a
super cliche answer that every coach on here doesn’t want to hear but it’s
consistency from day one dug into the business
I one was consistent with my workouts and my Shakeology but two even more so
for the business side of things I mean I invited every single day I
invited new people I followed up with people like clockwork I added new people
to my network I was just always posting I was always on social media and
I remember in the beginning getting a little bit of you know negativity from
spouse and family and like you’re on your phone again but I had to have this
conversation with them saying you know hey I’m gonna do this thing I’m gonna be
successful at it and it’s gonna take a little bit of sacrifice but more than
anything I just think it was me showing up every single day no matter what as
cliche as that is it’s the golden answer it really
truly is I love that you just reiterated that because the last how many weeks
we’ve been doing this that is the number one thing every top coach is saying so
thank you for for saying that what advice would you have for a brand new
coach who doesn’t know where to start what can they start doing today
to achieve long-term success show up be present on social
media I think I preach to my team for the last five years like through the
good the bad the ugly I mean you guys I was married when I first started and got
divorced through this process I was healthy when I started and got diagnosed
with this disease during this process like have hospitalizations through kid
things and divorce like every single day no matter what I showed up and I have
people still reach out to this day saying you know how have you been so you
know positive and so you know still here through all of this and Beachbody was
my outlet like coaching was I escaped from the good and the bad days so just be present and share it all like you a lot of people I think
are hesitant to share the bad parts of their life or the not so happy rainbow
unicorn parts of their life but I feel like it’s gonna allow them to just
relate to more people they can ever imagine they’re doing that so for sure
and I feel like this next question goes right inline with that
because you know the next question is is what about the coach who
is struggling or is thinking about giving up what advice do you have for
them I don’t even know that’s a good question. What do you have to lose that’s the biggest question like I tell people
all the time they’re like I don’t know if I could do the business side of
things okay jump in on your health and fitness journey worst case scenario you
get healthy in this process but nine times out of ten you’re gonna be
inspiring people along the way and coaching that’s what coaching is it’s
just showing up every single day and inspiring people to take this job that
you did so can you and you said it so beautifully though you said you share
everything so even if it is really bad I mean you’re gonna obviously relate so
yeah what do you have to lose right okay what is the best advice
someone has given you regarding your business I feel like my answers are
going to be pretty much all the same the best advice is be consistent show up
every single day post on social media I would say follow ups like if I’m giving like detail this is like a detailed question I would say
that’s the part that a lot of coaches are super hesitant to do they’re like I
don’t want to bug this person I’ve already invited them like do I really
have to send them another yes 90% of the people that I sign up come
from my follow ups and I think that’s a big part that a lot of coaches don’t do
so for sure I love that you said that though so follow up on the invite that’s
amazing so we flew through those I and we have a
speed right now so I feel like it’s gonna go a little bit faster but do me a
favor because obviously you’ve been in this business quite a long time you’ve
had so much great success but will you you know when you answer this question
talk about where you’re at now but will you also relate it back to where you
were when you first started yes please
on average how much time do you spend working your business per day when I
started I would say okay so it’s so different
now like when I started my entire life was different so I would wake up I’m
gonna give you a long answer because we have a lot of time I feel like I would
wake up get my kids around from school like check-in to my challenge groups
well they’re like brushing their teeth and stuff like that I kind of just did
pockets of time and as a newer coach so I’d send my kids to school I was at that
time my oldest was in half day my youngest was in half day preschool so I
literally had like three hours before I had to like pick them up so I would do
my workout and like maybe a few invites and things like that but then I would
get my kids and like crap would hit the fan like it was just family time at that
point so at the beginning of my business I did a lot of little pockets but I
really mostly worked at night from like 8 o’clock when I put the kids to bed
until like midnight sometimes later and I would just grab my laptop and sit on
the couch next to my husband and work while he watched TV and that was it and I
have headphones in and I would listen to like all the Scotty Hobbes videos
that I could and Melanie Mitro all night long and just soak in all of it so I
would guess like probably four at least four hours a day awesome good estimate
nowI learn to delegate some things which was a very hard thing for me to do
in the beginning so last year and a half I’ve had an assistant who helps a ton as far
as that you know day to day and things like that but I would say solid probably
three to four hours a day is that I work now also okay so kind of similar across
the board just different like a different layout and I’m doing different
things now like I’m doing more mentoring and things like that where my assistant
now I can handle some of the conversations and things like that so
yeah awesome okay so what is your average SC each month now it is probably
average I would say 60 to 70 okay yeah in the beginning I’m gonna be honest
like my very first month I signed up on April
12th of 2013 my first one they hit SC 12 and then there I don’t think there’s
ever been a month since that I hit less than 20 it’s kind of high for
a newer coach what I was also in that mindset she was like okay what I have to
do to be successful you have to hit success club I’m like oh shit I better hit success
club I didn’t mean to cuss oh poo, I need to hit success club so I made it a goal to hit that minimum every single month let me go one layer deeper on this just because I mean
because normally you don’t see you know coming in off the gate it’s like SC 12
and above that’s incredible so what do you teach your coaches to get that success
right away I mean I feel like it depends on what that coach is motivated by and this is a huge
factor I think like if I find someone who’s like really truly just in it to
help people and they’re not motivated but income or by tank tops or anything
like that then it’s a little bit harder but those people that jump in that see
what we’re posting about and see you know paid for a cart of groceries with my
Beachbody like people that want that I say success club 100% so for me it’s like
okay you have to get your spouse on board you need to go through your phone
I do the little spiel like I did in this call I’m like I went through
everybody on my phone like and you have to message everybody they were in the paleo or running or walked a little bit like
I messaged them like every single person I could and I feel like after that first
month after planning all of those seeds it’s just kind of a snowball effect
where you know people you are consistent like you being consistent in your health
and fitness journey is it won’t work if you’re not you know anyway yeah so but
it’s overcoming that fear of just talking to your contacts your warm
contacts putting those blinders on and just like going like just copy paste
just and invite them like what’s the worst that’s gonna happen they’re gonna
say no when you’re like alright see you next month when I follow up with you you
know thank you for let me go deeper on that I just love love that okay so what
percentage of time do you focus on your own business versus your team I it’s okay it’s hard because of my
assistant like if I were doing all of the work I would still be probably 75%
on my own business so my focus every single month like June first comes
around I’m like all right I’m gonna success not like it’s not it’s still
mentoring but I have to walk the walk I have to show up every single day if I’m
not hitting high success club numbers how am I supposed to teach my team to do
that how am I supposed to mentor them to do the exact same thing because this
business is about duplication so for me I’m still like 75 80 percent focused on
my business and then what is that 15 20 30 40 percent on my team and mentoring
them okay you just heard that from one of the top coaches so keep going I love
this in the beginning it was everything was pretty like 90% of my
business just cause I had to get up and going I remember when I hit emerald rank and when my Coach Leslie is like okay now you need to hit diamond I’m like oh shit what do I
need for diamond and you know I need to find the working coaches now and start
to build up those people and so I’d dig into challenge groups and do
a little bit deeper mentoring as far as that goes but it’s always been 75 80 %
my business for sure love that thank you last hard question okay this isn’t even
hard this is your business okay coaches do you enroll each month so I do bring
on working coaches and I do bring on people for the discount as well so if
I’m just classifying it all just to coaches who coach I would say
if I got 70 success club points I would say 60 of those points would be from
coaches so I don’t know I would say 20 to 30 a month that’s what I usually do
and out of those 20 to 30 how many are actively working out of the 20 to 30 I
would say at least half are actively working okay awesome so what did it look
like at the very beginning in the beginning I
not that much I remember I remember doing a call with one of the people with
corporate and it was the year that I wanted to push for top 10 but I just
been a coach for like a year like I hadn’t been a coach for super long and I was
like okay I’m gonna go for top ten like I’m gonna do this so we sat down
and went through my numbers and I was recruiting I don’t know I would guess like five
coaches a month ish like three to five at that point majority of my success club
points came from customers at that point and I remember him saying to me okay
you’re gonna have to like like 15 coaches a month and I’m like oh my gosh how am I going to do 15 coaches a month
I just sat down and I was like okay what’s missing like what do I have to do to get
there and it was talking to more people is all it was and I shifted that and Here I
am so you’re amazing I love it Raina
well you look through all of those questions now we have a random question
from the hat I feel like we need a drum roll I know right that one’s kind of
weird okay we’re doing this one what is the strangest family tradition in your
family I don’t have like the typical like oh
shit I don’t even know your good number two nope that’s not a good one where were you when you had your first
kiss that’s a good one oh my first kiss is it bad that I don’t even
remember I would say I graduated with like 16 people so I’m pretty sure like
the five guys in my class I kissed all of them so I would say probably I grew
up in a really small town of you went like back roading a lot and drank a lot of beer
so it was probably back in the woods somewhere with the beer man hand like a
Coors light or a I am guessing but it’s probably pretty
accurate okay I have to ask because we still have a little bit of time where
did you grow up where you only have 16 people here class I am from a super
small town in Missouri okay it’s like 3 hours south of KC I just had to ask that question so to kind of
wrap this what it takes up thanks for the fun that was great is really I
mean as you’re starting to see you know especially with RainaI mean the
consistency the showing of every single day that when it gets hard leaning in
and making it happen and and getting over your fear of inviting especially
your warm market but is there anything else Raina that you would just like to
reiterate to these 90,000 plus coaches who are at the beginning stages of
their business that are really trying to grasp what to do from here like what
would you say to them I would say make a post introduce yourself if you haven’t
done that yet share what you’re doing post every single day I hear a lot of
people say oh my life isn’t as exciting is yours and I’m like my friends like
most of the coaches that know me that are listening to this will say that I
have one of the most boring lives in the entire I’m like super boring person I
just what I do I make it look exciting I work out every single day I drink my
Shakeology every single day I talk about my dog I talk about my kids I talk about
just my life and I feel like that is what allows me to relate to so many
people and has helped me build the success that I have so share what you’re
doing and don’t hold back from it beautifully said we end there thank you
so much miss Raina gorgeous O’dell Thank You Beachbody coaches

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