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beach by champs page with what it takes this is so exciting so as you all should
know by now welcome to what it takes my name is Brittany Adamson I’m a senior
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talk about what it takes to become an elite coach so today we are talking with
9 star diamond coach 3-time elite 2016 number one Latino team and founder of
team living fit Leticia Dominguez yeah so let’s get this
party started before we do guess our though will you tell us a little bit
about yourself of course so welcome everyone thanks for
watching and thanks Brittany for inviting me such an honor so a little
bit about myself my name is Leticia Dominguez like
Brittney said I am from Dallas Texas I am married to my best friend we’ve been
married for 12 years together 16 years we have a little fur baby her name is
Phoebe and prior to Beachbody or I am a former elementary school teacher and now
I’ve been a coach for a little bit over five years and I now do this full-time awesome so how were you introduced to Beachbody so I was first introduced to Beachbody
back I think around 2009 2010 when I saw an infomercial for p90x and at the time
I was a full time college student my husband was the only one working so but
I had to have that program put it on a payment plan put it on a credit card and
loved it after that came insanity and so that’s how I got introduced to Beachbody
and the way I got introduced to the coaching side of things was a few years
later probably around 2012 I would say
my upline popped into my newsfeed you guys might know her Danielle Natoni
Fit and Funky and I thought she was a cool chick me and at that time I was
already a teacher and so me and my teacher colleagues would share her
workout video the day we would be like did you see what Fit and Funky did today
so I watched her from the sidelines for about a year year and a half and I
thought she was cool I didn’t even know she lived here local in the Dallas area
but I would hear her talk about the coaching side of it and I actually that
was the year that I think she did top-10 she hit top ten and went to that
trip and so I was intrigued and I loved watching her but for a year and a
half and a lot of you might relate I would say should I do this coaching
thing should not do it that seed was planted and like many of us I was
hesitant I would go back and forth I was a brand new teacher so those first two
years as a teacher as you guys might know of your teacher are chaotic but
anyways I finally got tired of playing the what-ifs and going back and forth
and I remember coming at home on April 21st 2013 and saying I’m just
gonna try this and see what happens and that’s whenever I signed on to be a
coach ooh I love that okay so describe for me what those early
days once you actually decide to commit to become a coach what are those early
days look like for you so honestly like the first even a few months it was just
this fun hobby like it was fun for me I enjoyed doing it but I didn’t take it
serious I didn’t think anything serious about it really honestly and it wasn’t
so I signed up in April right and so a little bit after that was summer and
as a teacher I have summers off so I was just having fun with it I was
learning but to me it was just like a fun little hobby that brought me joy
because I did love to help others and I did love fitness and it wasn’t until I
attended that first Super Saturday so that July attended the first Super
Saturday I met my upline in person for the first time I met
other people from our team and it became real because once you get to a first
live event it’s like you’re no longer behind the screens you are actually
surrounded by other coaches i sat there and i heard success stories I heard
success stories of people having really a lot of success in this
business not only financially but also physically and
that’s whenever the light bulb went off and I said wait a minute like this could
be more than a hobby and a little bit after that I started my school year
and so it I would work this in pockets it looked very different of
course back then to the way I worked my business now because as a full-time
teacher I had to work this business in pockets and I remember I would get to
work 45 minutes to an hour earlier then when my little ones arrived so that I
could use that time to just hustle in my class work get any school you know in
teacher work done that I needed to get done because my objective was at the end
of the school year at the end of this school day when the little ones left I
wanted to get home as quickly as possible and also that was my first
morning post when they would go to lunch that was another little pocket I had to
again teacher hustle or check in my groups make a social media post when
they would go to specials PE music art that was another little window after
school I would hustle really hard so I just learned to work in pockets and when
I would get home I would maybe spend 30 minutes to an hour and in that 30
minutes to an hour when I was home I would set a timer on my phone and I
would have a list in front of me of all those non-negotiable daily activities
that I needed to get done and I would just boom boom boom and get through them
so I learned to work smart I learned to make time squeeze time from anywhere
that I could and just work this in pockets and it just kind of became
routine like I knew exactly what I was gonna do min each little pocket of time
so you brought three key points there the power of live events especially
Dallas Super Saturday I mean that is huge
working in power pockets and then knowing exactly what you have to do to
move your business forward I love all of that
so thank you so much for touching every single one of those so what do you feel
are some of the attributes or habits that have contributed to your success so
far I get asked this a lot and I would say I bring it down to three so the
first one which I would say that I am very consistent I am a consistency Queen
and that’s because early on as a coach I’ve learned and I heard from national
wake-up calls from YouTube videos from just other successful coaches that the
only way to have success in this business and also in my fitness journey
because I was also on my own fitness journey was that I had to show up every
single day no matter what and I took that to heart and in the last five years
there’s not been a day that I have not shown up I have shown up and by that I
mean on my social media in my challenge groups with my team every single day and
in these last five years life has happened deaths has happened tragedies
have happened marriage issues have happened anxiety attacks have happened
but regardless of all of that part of it has has been because it’s my
responsibility and also because I was also told early on that if I treat this
business like a million dollar business and I heard this when I was like a
brand-new it baby Emerald coach if I treated this business like the million
dollar business it one day could be a million dollar business and so for me
showing up every day despite life and life getting rough was my way of
treating this business like a million dollar business but also for me whenever
life is rough I lean more into the coaching I lean more into this business
I lean more into my challenge groups into my team because it’s kind of my way
it’s therapeutic for me but also because when life is tough it’s hard to
show up for yourself I know for me it’s like if I didn’t have
to show up for others on those rough days I wouldn’t show up for myself and
so I think of those people who need me in my challenge groups on my social
media in my team so consistency I think has been the number one second one is
that I am very coachable I also learned early on that it was a
quote probably from the compound effect Darren Hardy I don’t remember exactly
but it was something like the only slight difference between successful
people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do
those small tiny things that unsuccessful people aren’t and I learned
early on that if someone who has success and it’s having success in life or this
business is telling you to do something that’s working for them you need to do
that because right and so I’ve always been very coachable and I’ve always also
have been willing to do things wrong and suck at it as I get better so when I ran
my first challenge group so I joined in April in May so a couple weeks later I
was running my very first challenge group I knew nothing of
challenge group because I had never been in a challenge and to this day I’ve
never been in another challenge group that wasn’t my own but I heard from
national wake up calls YouTube videos that have success you need to run
challenge groups and his success club every month my upline did tell me that
she said Leticia hit success club every month I have no idea what success club
was but I’m like this woman who has success she’s been to Argentina and she
used to be a teacher she read and she’s doing this full-time it’s telling me to
do something I’m gonna do it so I hit success Club that very first month in
May and I’ve never missed it since then and so those things that I
wasn’t ready to do like running success Club sneak peeks doing team calls I’m
huge introvert and so doing things like that like really give me anxiety but I
was willing to do them even though I wasn’t good at it and until it got
better because that’s what successful people were doing and that’s what they
were telling me to do so being coachable has been huge as well and the last thing
I would say is that I’m not afraid of hard work if there’s one thing that my
parents taught me was to work hard and I remember early on I would play the pity
party when I would see coaches who came before me or at the same time as me
having more success than I would and I would start to give myself excuses to
why I wasn’t having success but then by empowering my mindset doing a lot of
personal development I learned that that’s BS and so I started to say you
know I might not be the prettiest in this business I might not be the
smartest the most well-spoken I might not be the fittest I might not be the
whatever but I do have hustle and grind and I will outwork anyone and I
am not afraid to grind and hustle and show others that it does take hard work
so that would say those are like my three attributes that I think have
helped me have success I feel like after that answer we could just drop the call
right there and it would just be I mean that was just incredible and I would
just encourage you know for everybody that’s watching this live once this is
up again go back and re-listen to that answer those three answers amazing and
the fact that you lean in I mean we could just talk about that all
day but if this next question kind of goes hand in hand with it because you
know what about you know what advice would you give a brand new coach who
doesn’t know where to start what could they start doing today to achieve
long-term success well this is what I tell all my new coaches when we have a
new coach kickoff call so I have that getting started right call with my
coaches and I tell them that our number one job their number one job is to focus
100% on themselves on their fitness journey so that’s rocking your fitness
program whatever you choose doing your best with the meal plan drinking your
shake and then even more so important is to start to empower your mindset because
if nothing up here changes if we don’t start to work on those limiting beliefs
that we all have and I know I still have some but of course I’m working through
them and I had way many more in the beginning and we have all these negative
self-talk to ourselves and why we can’t do things or why we think we can’t get
out of our comfort zones if we never work on our empowering our mindset we
will always be what stands in our own way of having success of getting over
that you know doing those things out of our comfort zone and the success is all
on the other side of the comfort zone so I would say and I tell this to my
coaches your only job right now is to work on yourself to start to work on a
journey to be better more fit stronger happier more confident but then also
just mentally stronger because if you can become mentally stronger everything
else and you’re getting great results you’re feeling better you’re feeling
more confident happier everything else will
start to fall into place people will start to notice that and want a piece of
what it is that you have but if you don’t focus on yourself like none of the
other things matter like you can show them to calls you can do trainings you
could live events but if you’re not focusing on yourself first and filling
your cup with personal development nothing else will happen my number one
tip for new coaches where to start and then the second thing would be to plug
in plug in to calls with your upline if you have an upline who offers a new
coach basic or a new coach Academy whatever it is that you call them show
up to that take notes but then take massive action and be willing to do
those things that are you’re told to do be willing to be coachable even if it
seems scary and you will probably not be the best at those things at first but
you will get better with time and if you do not have an upline who
maybe is very active or maybe your upline when m.i.a or whatever the case
we have so many resources national wake-up call
tons of endless YouTube videos I was I even tell my coaches even though we do
have I do guide my coaches I help my coaches I always tell them go to youtube
type in Team Beachbody what to do as a new coach Team Beachbody how to run
challenge group and you will find countless videos and I say that because
that’s what helped me in the beginning as well like I told you guys I was never
in a challenge group I went to YouTube and found videos from Anita Miron and
Scottie Hobbs Barbie Kalev just all these coaches and I was inspired and I
learned from them so you don’t have to have a direct upline to help you I
learned so many things from the national wake-up call us well podcast personal
development so just be willing to be coachable just really quick a really
side note a really quick side note I have a coach who and I share her story
all the time just because it was like oh she joined me and she started to have
success not right away probably a good three or four months she’s super
consistentone day I asked her I’m like what are you doing like how are you
hitting success club now all the sudden and you weren’t before she said I’m just
doing what you’re telling me to do and I’m like oh you’re being coachable like
sometimes it’s and I know it sounds easier said than done but really if people are telling
you to do things and that’s exactly what we need to do so be coachable and that’s
it okay so that is beautiful for a brand new coach what about the coach that is
struggling that is wanting to give up what advice would you give them first I
will say we’ve all been there and if you haven’t felt like giving up in this
business then you’re not doing something right something is not right I
would say like for the first especially the first two years for me when I was
juggling being both a teacher and a coach and wife there was many times
where I wanted to quit and in those times I would always pinpoint it to
where I wasn’t working hard harder on myself than anything no so that means I
probably wasn’t taking my own fitness journey as serious as I should have
choosing a program from start to finish give it in my all do my best with my meal
plan because when you feel good but you’re working out you’re feeling better
feeling stronger more confident like that shines through and then also a lot
of times I wasn’t doing a lot of person development because sometimes we say oh
sure I listened to five minutes here in five minutes there but if you don’t have
some concrete book or podcast that you’re really learning from and it’s
really filling up your soul and your heart then it’s not working for you and
so that was always my go-to when I would feel like quitting I would honestly shut
everything down and I would focus back on me and then also I would focus on the
joy because many times we get so caught up on on I’m not doing this well enough
of having hit that I haven’t achieved this and so that steals the joy and many
times I would say stop like why did you join this business I joined one because
I wanted to make a difference in other people’s life two I wanted to work on
myself and I would ask myself because I also heard this early on someone once
said maybe on a national wake-up call something like if the coaching side were
to disappear and we no longer got paid and success club was gone to do
what we do would you still use these products would
you still run groups my answer was always yes because even though it’s to
say you know Beachbody works the whole business side of it were to go away
these products have forever changed my life helping others regardless of the
outcome is what fills my heart and so if your answer is yes if you are being if
this being a coach is helping you be stronger healthier happier a
better wife a better mom a better employee just a better you then you are
winning and you are having success it’s just not it’s not measured with success
Club points maybe now or income now but why would you want to quit something
that’s enriching your life like it doesn’t make any sense to me
but I get it because I was there too so in those moments that’s what I would
focus on just back on me back into what gives me joy and then I would do more of
what brings me joy which is which was to help women in my groups or to help
myself and to surround myself by motivating empowering women and then a
lot of personal development love it okay last but not least what is the best
advice someone has given you regarding this business so two things that I can
think of one is and these were from personal development I just listen
to so many books podcast that I had they’re all jumbled up there but the
first thing that I heard early on as a coach that really helped me especially
in those moments where I felt like quitting was I think it was from
GoPro by Eric Wore it’s something is it was something along the lines of it is
no one else’s responsibility for your success not your uplines not the
government not your parents not your spouse’s like it is no one’s
responsibility to help you or make you successful when I read that
in GoPro I’m pretty sure it was in GoPro it was like you know drop mic like
lightbulbs and you know going off because I’m like it’s so true it’s no
one’s here to hold my hand like when I signed on to be a Beachbody
Coach my upline didn’t say hey I’m going to hold your hand and make you
successful no she gave me her job my mentor my upline’s job was to present
this opportunity to me that’s it that was her only job it was up to me to
be coachable to tune in to what she offered and then go above and beyond
that and go do my own research get lost in YouTube videos show for national
wake up calls get my butt to Summit and my butt to like events take action do
those scary things be willing to fail forward over and over again that’s was
all on me and I think that was the biggest aha moment that I had early on
because after that every time I had a moment of I need to quit or
you know I’m not getting enough help I’m not getting enough support I’m like no Leticia it’s all up to you and the same thing with everything else like
it’s not it’s no one else’s responsibility also for my happiness
it’s no one’s responsibility for my success in my own fitness and health
journey it is my own responsibility that was the biggest one
right in initially the second one was I also heard this somewhere I don’t know
but it was something along the lines of most people are willing to show up to a
job for twenty to thirty years that they hate that makes them miserable
they’re willing to do that for 20 to 30 years to then retire and have a few good
years but most people are not willing to give an
opportunity like this five to ten years that can give you a life you’d never
dreamed of and when I heard I remember when I heard that or read that I
remember telling my husband you know I’m going to do this I was still a teacher at
the time and I remember telling him I’m going to come home and one day I’m going
to do this full-time and I remember I said I don’t care how long it takes me I
don’t care if it takes me five years ten years but I’m willing to right now live
a life that most aren’t so that one day I can live a life that most people can’t
and I was willing to put in the hustle and the grind and the sacrifice and sit
through those rough moments but I understood from a lot of personal development
that this was not going to be a sprint that this is going to be a lifelong
marathon and I remember telling myself if this is enriching my life even if I’m
not at diamond yet or two star diamond or I’m not home yet because this was that
when I was a teacher this is still enriching my life this is still making
me better and happier and I know one day if I keep moving forward everyday one
step at a time one action at a time one scary action at a time I know that one
day this will happen for me too because I was not willing to be one of those
people who showed up at a job that made me miserable that I hated that made me
have anxiety on Sunday nights it made me hate Monday I was not willing to be that
person for twenty to thirty years or longer but I was willing to be that
person who gave something like this opportunity five to ten years or however
long it took because in the journey of still making me better and happier
anyway so if the days are gonna pass in the years are gonna pass I’d rather
be a coach even though if I’m moving at a turtle pace and one day and now it we
are living a life that we never dreamed possible for us those those have been
that has been the two biggest advice I guess that I’ve got from personal
development they really struck a chord and helped me in this business so
powerful oh my gosh okay let’s go to the speed round on average how much time
you spend working your business per day now that I do this full-time it just
varies we’re shooting for huge goals like Elite or something but on average
I would say six to eight hours sometimes 12 it just depends on my goals and what
we have going on in our team so back take me back when you were a teacher how
many hours you said working within the pockets right how many hours per day did
you work it while being a teacher probably one or two sometimes on a good
day where I’d either have teacher night PTA night museum now maybe three a day
but I’m average one or two when I was a teacher true proof that you can be
successful in this business working very minimal hours if you commit to the right
activities right okay what’s your average SC each month
about seventy what was it when you first started and you were working in those
power pockets three to ten six to ten
in the first few years it was my average success club points so you were helping
three to five people is what you were doing okay what percentage of time do
you focus on your business versus your team I would say about 70 percent
seventy seventy-five percent on my own business thirty to thirty five on my
team okay what was it at the very beginning I assume it was like
ninety percent ten percent or 100 percent zero I mean kind of you know
what was it back then if it’s such a high percentage that you’re still
focusing on you in the beginning was 100 percent on my business and once I did
start to grow that team it was still like 95 98 to always focus on my
business because you have to lead by example well that’s one thing my upline did very well she’s always set the pace and led by example ooh so good how
many coaches do you enroll each month twenty to twenty-five okay so what was
it in the very beginning one to three awesome okay well moving over to the
random question from a hat before I do though is there anything else that you
would like to say before we move on to a fun little question no I don’t think so I think I covered everything I wanted to touch on
you did a great job painting the picture when you first started this business and how you have
grown and progressed and that should be very relatable to every single person
that’s in the in the beachbody champs page like anybody can do this if they
dedicate the right amount of time to do so so oh you’re amazing okay I hope it’s
a good one oh what can always be found with you my
phone right okay one more what
favorite Disney movie Little Mermaid oh that’s a great one right that shows
our age right there oh my gosh Leticia thank you so much for popping on and
really spending this time letting us know what it has taken for you to become
a very successful coach there were so many other things that I wrote down you
have you’re amazing at one-liners like I love like mentally strong be coachable
finding joy within the business again but I would just really reiterate
coaches go back and re-watch this recording share this with your coaches
this was so powerful and I just truly appreciate you taking the time with us
today to share all your little nuggets so Thank You Leticia

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