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alright welcome to what it takes my name
is Robby Carter and here at Beachbody we have an entire group of people dedicated
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achieve at your goals ok so what it takes what is it ok it is a weekly mini
series here where we asked the same questions to elite coaches and they
talked about what it takes to become an elite coach today we have the pleasure
of hearing from 8 Star Diamond and 2018 elite coach and founder of Team
determination Hayley Christian Hayley welcome to what it takes hello hello are you so pumped to be here I am
so pumped will I be able to see comments or no I don’t think so before we get started here
tell us a little bit about yourself oh my god alright so first of all I
hate doing stuff like this so much and Robby asked me like three weeks ago and
I like didn’t answer him for like two days and he was like Hello alright so
I’m super shy but like just want to live an amazing life so I get uncomfortable
all the time guys no matter what I’m married I’ve been married for five
years I’ve been with Patrick for I think like eight a dog mom I have two dogs who I
love so much they’re literally my children I travel all the time now
before Beachbody I literally never travelled ever I travel like once a
month at least now and two more things I’m from Boston I moved to North
Carolina three years ago and I just retired my husband awesome and you were
just mentioning before we jumped on that Patrick just started his own business
too right yeah like I don’t want him all up in my face you know I all the time I
love him so much but like I want him to have something for himself and actually
on our vision board he always had to build live edge tables I don’t know if
you guys know what those are but so we got a shop and so
inside the shop is gonna be he’s gonna be building live edge tables would also
have like a home away office for us because he’s gonna be helping me as well
so it’s like perfect awesome awesome thank you for the
amazing introduction so let’s jump in are you ready yes so question one okay
how were you introduced to Beachbody all right so let me know if like I’m taking
too long with give me a halfway point all right but so before Beachbody I
worked 19-hour days I worked 9:00 to 5:00 as a hairdresser and 5 to 3 o’clock
in the morning behind the bar I just at that time I was a new hairdresser it
was a huge deal cuz it was my time and my money and I had to like pretend to
the world that I was so happy with like a brand new like real job and stuff like
that but obviously as a new business owner hairdresser I couldn’t
just be a hairdresser and like live my life I had to work both jobs to pay
bills so I worked 19 hours you know as a new job and a new career and just that
overtime was terrible and made me feel so stuck maybe feel like a liar because
I wasn’t actually happy and I had to pretend to be and then my sister
actually really quick so since I like hated my job I hated my life cuz I just
did a literally 19-hour of days over and over and over again that’s no life to
live and I didn’t know about a way out I just like took pills or drank at
night just like make my days go by faster and like whatever it was terrible
but I gained 25 pounds I was super unhealthy and the one thing I knew that
would work was p90x I had it at my house like the DVDs I got it from an
infomercial I always saw like at 3 o’clock in the morning when I came home
and I can’t do the gym I tried it it’s just really awkward I’m an awkward
person like don’t look at me I can’t do that
I don’t like going for runs cuz that’s dangerous and
so I just did p90x and for the first time in my life I was happier and nicer
and I like stop doing the bad things and I ended up helping like five people get
P90x without knowing I could be their coach helped them get paid for it
and so my sister asked me like how how the whole hairdressing thing was going
and I wasn’t gonna lie to her she’s my sister so I was like it’s not great yeah
I wish I could work for Beachbody I didn’t know about Beachbody I hated
social media like I would never go on Facebook if I did it was just to delete
people who took selfies I didn’t understand at the time but she said how
is the whole hair dresser or something going I said not great I wish I could work for
Beachbody and she’s like then why don’t you and I said am I supposed to call up
Beachbody and ask and she said no I met some guy at a yoga studio he seems to be
pretty successful do you want me to get you in touch with him his name is Keith
Callahan he’s my coach he’s super successful I did not know at the time
even though I thought everything was a scam and out to get me at the time the
way he talked to me I just believed hin and signed up that day
awesome awesome so that’s how you were introduced by your sister saying hey
here’s Keith yeah he was really good at like giving his number out to anybody
that he ever got in touch with so she was one of them awesome awesome here’s
question number two once you signed up can you describe what those early days
looked like what did that take us back to early day Haley Christian and the
business so alright so I I spent too much time caring about what other people
thought of me so I just stayed comfortable and like stayed working
those 19 hours and stayed being unhappy because I was scared or sad if somebody
deleted me said something bad about me wrote something bad was just mean to me
so all I did was post but I never missed a day posting since the day I started
and never ever ever I acted like I don’t want to say this out loud and don’t hate
me for saying this I acted kind of like a Beachbody Coach just like not
knowing who I was yet sharing a lot of products and not knowing like
not talking about how the products actually changed me and changed my life
but at that time I’m not even mad at myself for that like I think it’s kind
of annoying and I just teach my team now how to actually share with like your
story but I didn’t know who I was at that time and I think that that’s what’s
so cool about this business is you learn who you are you find yourself and hold
on yeah and you just find yourself and like you just be happy with every step
of the way but that’s who I was before I cared too
much and then I was just really learning how to find myself and share my story
with the products all right so let’s dive into question three I love
that answer thank you so much for sharing us a little bit more about you
know what it looked like when you very first started so what do you feel are
some attributes or habits you have that have contributed to your success so I
was talking to you right before this and I was like I don’t know this is
an attribute but I’m pretty sure it is I think that I always had faith in
this company and I just I always knew that no matter what if I just kept going
I would be successful I always just said like if my coach did
it well why not me yeah maybe it might take me a little bit longer cuz I don’t
know about business stuff I hate computers I don’t really like selfies
and stuff like that but I never ever thought about quitting I always knew
this would work if I just kept going as far as like habits like I said I never
missed a day once and like when I schedule calls of my team and literally
says am I like a scheduler if you don’t see yourself working this business
within the next like if you don’t see yourself in one year don’t schedule with
this call with me and if you haven’t posted in the last
seven days in a row please don’t schedule this call with me like I think
that consistency is the number one thing so I think that’s like my habit and also
once I did find myself I owned it and that’s like everything to me
awesome so faith consistency and I’ll also add persistence you know stick with it
awesome okay so question four what advice do you have for a brand new coach who
doesn’t know where to start or you know what what can they start doing today to
achieve long-term success okay and so before I started literally the day
before I started I got home from bartending oh it’s three o’clock in the
morning I lived with all three of my sisters I can’t believe we ever did that
but I remember I went into my older sisters room and I’m about to like sign
up to be a coach just as a whole like this is such a big deal and she was
sleeping but for some reason she hopped up like a mummy and she was like really
turn your fear into excitement it’s the same feeling you just need to learn how
to flip it and then went back to sleep I was like so from now on
whenever I’m scared like this I was like and I switched it like oh my god I’m
actually really excited to talk to everybody on the Beachbody Champions page I
can’t wait to talk to Robby I’m excited so even though like my heart was
pounding so fast and sweating but like switch it into excitement it is the same
feeling just you learn how to flip it and also don’t over
complicate things and make this like stressful because I don’t know I’m
pretty much guessing maybe not but you don’t like your job or your job stresses
you out now why would you want to make this
that type of job don’t overcomplicate and stretch
yourself out to not like this this job is everything it’s like can make all
your dreams come true have fun and don’t ever lose that fun and couple more
things like so simple this is like all I want my new coach training to be is get
into a challenge group treat it like a job because it is guys transformations
even if it is 21 days those sell faster than three year transformations I just
did a 21 day transformation and I’m blowing up because of it but I gave it
my all I treated it like my job because it is
get results and I think that was it for that oh and then of course share it
daily on social media cuz you are working out right you are drinking your
shake you did walks outside of your house you did eat food you know you like
you got up in the morning you have something to share daily it’s just a
good daily scrapbook on social media and scrapbooks are like messy and so is your
life be okay with that and then just ask people like if they want to join you and
stay accountable with you for the next month or two or three whatever you
want to say cuz this isn’t easy but it’s easier with friends and if they don’t
like they get their money back especially make sure to invite every
single person that ever liked or commented or looked at one of your
stories because if they did that if you have a business page or a facebook like
page business page and Instagram they are inside of your business for a reason
you have to make sure to help them they’re not liking it for nothing they
like asked them are you just you know showing me some love thanks so much oh
my god appreciate it but I just wasn’t sure if you really wanted to join my
group because this is what I’m here for it’s why I post this is why I show up
every single day are you interested so they’re in your business make sure to
invite them awesome love that love that that advice so what about the coach
who’s struggling or who is thinking about giving up what advice would you
give to them I always just I kind of saw this I saw this question by the way
guys I saw these questions like Robby sent them to me like three weeks ago and
I just looked last night cuz I get so scared and I was like I did not want to
stress out for three weeks straight so I saw this question last night and I was
like are you serious why is everyone racing you know like why
can’t they just enjoy the process of becoming a better person and helping
other people become better while building a business like why do you have
to race to the top and like compare just just be happy with where you are and
build the business however long it takes you but if you don’t give up you will be
successful I promise you that and then you’ll continue to find yourself and the
better you on the better you attract but stop even
thinking about quitting that was never once ever crossed my mind because this
is a million dollar like business for coaches like you could make so much money
if you actually put the work in why are you like trying to race with
this my coach always says it’s a marathon you know it’s a marathon so if
I get mad or sad about like something one week I like he says this marathon
but like seriously and this is like totally random but like and maybe people
might not like this but be happy I wrote this down that we never have to scroll
for free selfie for free weight for free we are making we are making people
better and happier with the time that we use for our work like we’re only
trying to be better help people and encourage people and just spread
positivity like be happy about that and I’m guessing guys everybody in the
world needs to be better like work out eat healthier and they want to live a
long life so I’m guessing no matter what you’re gonna be doing that eventually
like why not make money do it and build a really strong business over time even
if it does take ten years like where’s the fire you know I love that that is great advice Hayley so what is the best advice someone has given you in
regarding your business two things so my coach Keith is just so awesome I love
him so much but he just said like he always told me over and over and over
again I just started to like really get it but be a leader don’t be like a
leader of followers be a leader of leaders because leaders are what change
your business like I don’t think you can understand one or two or three
leaders on your team can create your whole entire business a bunch of
followers won’t so take time on creating those leaders monthly instead of trying
to hit all these high numbers like really help these people become leaders
and when they do give them all of your attention
what else did he say he said this is like kind of
totally like on the side but when you’re working work when you’re not
working don’t work so that’s just like for busy people people that are like
attached to their phone and all of a sudden getting in fights with their
husband or wife or something like that you just said Hayley like when you’re
working work like don’t scroll like don’t mess around like just find stupid
notifications to mess around with when you’re working work when you’re not shut
your phone off so like that’s like my favorite thing to do is because if I
didn’t do that I don’t even know if I’d be married you know like why so when I’m
working I work hard but when I’m not I shut my phone off and I’m 100% present
with who I’m with so you’re saying I shouldn’t be on the phone like at the
dinner table no ok so here’s the speed round
ding-ding-ding ready for the speed round yep yeah on average how much time do you
spend working the business per day all right well obviously it’s different so I
started like four years ago and four years ago I didn’t like do much all I
did was post but I did like make my picture prettier and come up with
different stuff on my like off time say if somebody had color on their head I
was a hairdresser if the bar was busy I would work on all of my down times you
know so I probably put like 1 to 2 hours in a day when I was working those 19
hours but like 15 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes you know what I mean all spread
out yeah and then I started making enough money to quit hairdressing and
then just keep this as my job – I can’t think of the word but just to use this
instead and then I made enough money finally to quit the bar and then move
and then actually I’d like really really work like make all my dreams come true
but now my my time is totally different four years later I every day Monday
through Friday I have like a team power hour from 9:00 to 12:00 and so it’s not
like Power Hour it’s like power couple hours so if you have like any time
during the day pop on it’s just really fun it’s just like a good time for
especially for new coaches to hop on and ask questions and just to be part of the
family you know so I do that so it’s always three hours 9:00 to 12:00 and
then I have fun and go outside I walk my dogs they go to the beach I go out to
lunch I go to a pool I started this job to like have a life not to like have
this consume me my coach is all about money and like helping people and
creating leaders not about you know a bunch of like recognition and putting a
bunch of time in so that’s what I’m about and then I get back from whatever
I’m doing walk my dogs whatever I need to do and then I work usually from like
three to six and then so it’s like three more hours and then I work out with my
husband whatever and then right before bed I check in with my challengers from
like I don’t know another half hour so that’s like seven hours ish
but like somehow some days are different because I don’t like having a schedule
it’s a reason why I started this being on stuff like this knowing how to be are
a certain time kind of freaks me out a little bit I don’t like being on a
schedule so I like to just make sure I love this job and also love my life at
the same time so I don’t know right around 7 hours yeah perfect okay
so what is your average success Club each month 50 so I let me real this back
so when you very first got started what was your average success look like four
okay I was one of those people that let it be okay to like slip by and blame it
on like on the weather are you serious people are so lazy when
it’s like raining and then snow and now this is why I get my I get it so
people allow it I’m like okay I get it I’m not sure if you’re waiting for
something to be dramatic for you to really need this because my coach always
said to be successful you need a bunch of inspiration or desperation and the
reason why I went you know from one from Diamond to eight start and last year
a month was because I was desperate and I needed it to happen you know so I
don’t know I’m not telling you quick that extra job or anything but I
needed that to happen to actually recognize and realize that success Club
is a non-negotiable and I need to hit it every single month or like what I don’t
have a business you know I’m not helping people not making money so yeah now it’s
like 50 and honestly that is a little bit high for like I know I’m gonna try
to sound conceited I can go higher than that but I’d rather not I actually want
to go lower than that to be a really good coach and a really good friend and
create leaders because that’s most important to me love it awesome thank
you and what percentage of time do you focus
on your business versus your team when I’m on my a-game
I do like 80% team team 20% business and that makes the biggest difference in all
the world I know last year for the first time in my life I had like money you
know I was like oh my god I get to like travel and do everything I want so
laughter I’m not gonna lie I had a lot of fun I travelled every single month
sometimes twice a month and I really just focused on staying just
maintaining and still growing but since the beginning of this year
I started to 100% back focus on my team and it’s like that’s just like do
what’s working it’s a hundred percent what works is 80 percent of my team or
even more and then 20 percent my business awesome okay so how many
coaches do you enroll each month then you said 50 so out of the 50 if success
Club points how many of those are like working coaches or coaches that are
interested in working the business so I like didn’t I don’t like keep track on
like a sheet of paper or anything like that I know I should but I know that
like last month I enrolled like 20 plus coaches I did an awesome sneak peak that
was just I need to do more of I need to do that monthly but again I want to be a
good coach in to my business worker like my business coaches and I want to be
coach to my challengers so I I just need to make sure I’m doing everything right
but last year I mean last month was like 20 and that’s like a lot for me to
get them all started right and make sure you know they’re doing exactly what I
want them to do and but usually I would say no matter what at least 10 okay
awesome and here is your random question from a hat you ready no alright Hayley if you had your own talk show who
would be first three guests are you serious alright I would say Keith
Callahan obviously oh my god what is this question are you serious
Keith Amy Silverman I want to be successful like her that’s
why I follow her wait it could be anyone yeah anyone
the guy from six months to six figures alright alright his name right now or something that he’s awesome that book changed my life what’s
the name of the book again six months six months to six figures I like love
that book so much ah I also love the 10x rule Grant Cardon so I
don’t know I’m sorry awesome you got your three people seriously Hayley thank you so much for
being on what it takes there are a lot of knowledge a lot of
things that we can take and really utilize in our businesses guys again
remember we do what it takes every week so be here next week same time Tuesday
alright guys thanks for having me

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