What is your story? – Ambassador Andrew Warnell

When I found out
I was being posted here, in Borden, it was a stressful time for me. And I had to move up here
on IR by myself So it took a mental toll on my life. This job that I’m at right now, we don’t really have much time for PT, so I had to make that time for myself. I found out that I had a
bowel disease called colitis. And it started to take over my life. Physically I didn’t want to do anything. Finally, I got to the point
where I started to gain weight. And I said, it’s time
to take back my life. My father died at 49 of a heart attack. So I didn’t want my kids to grow up
without their father too. So, that’s one of the main reasons why I try and keep my healthy,
active lifestyle. And that’s why I am here today
trying to stay fit. And I progressively
see myself getting better. My disease is symptom-free right now. I see a lot of students comes through, hundreds and hundreds of students in here. The thing I always talk
about physical fitness with them and I tell them, “Hey I work out
at the gym in the morning, why don’t you come out. It’s very quiet there.
You can come out.” And try and start living
that physically active lifestyle. And I try and promote that
as much as I can. Because on some of the courses here, they don’t really get the PT aspect. The training schedule
is too tight to get it. So, myself and my company sergeant major, we started up a program
where it’s for everybody that just wants to hit their own goal. The REME Corps we’ll wear
our red T-shirts, so we’re known as the red shirt guys. Whenever they see us around the gym,
they know that… Mostly some of us
are trying to hit that goal and trying to be the example
that stay in shape. So whether you want to hit bronze, silver, gold, platinum, you come out to the practices and we go through the tricks and tips that we already learned
from the [PSP] staff. And what we do is we just help
everybody promote their goals. And it’s nice because everybody is sitting there trying to compete
with themselves, trying to compete with their own times and trying to get that personal best goal. It’s a really good atmosphere.

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