What is my Smartphone Side Hustle? – Untitled Ep. 7

– What’s up, coach Jimmy here, another episode of Untitled. Today we’re talking Beachbody. You know them. You know P90X, Insanity,
21 Day Fix, Body Beast, Pio so maybe you’ve seen the workouts, maybe you don’t know
exactly what Beachbody is. Well, we’re here at a
Beachbody Super Saturday. What’s that? Stay tuned, I’ll let you know. (upbeat music) – Hi! – Okay, so I’m interviewing people here and finding out. So you can be on YouTube watching videos, you obviously can stream these workouts. Why do people need to get to events? And I found Christine Dwyer. – Hi. – So you and I have been
in this for a long time. There’s more and more trainings online. You can kinda learn
everything, from behind the computer screen. – Yeah. – Why get to an event? – Coming to an event is so much different, because the live experience of interaction of people, and seeing the
reality of the business, but then also, what is possible, it’s just the energy. I’ve heard so many times where people try doing this at home, and when they went to their first event,
it was the game changer that then made them go pushing it forward. – That was exactly, for
me, I went from New York to LA for my very first event. And when I got in a room
and saw other people just like me that had the
same problems and issues doing this, it changed my belief system. – Yes, and that’s my husband too. – Oh, yeah. – So I was a coach for
two and a half years, and my husband just thought it was another fitness job. – Yeah. – And he went to his
very first Super Saturday and that’s where the
light switch went off, when he was like, wait
a minute, what is this? What are you really doing? And that switched him, too. – It’s like a little family reunion. No, and it’s cool because
you do get to see people just like this, that you
don’t get to see all the time and it’s like this family
reunion of a family that got to choose, is
how I like to say it. Let’s check out and see
what else is going on. – Okay, this is the man, CEO. The big dog. – How’s it going? – This is the question
today, you can do so much learning this business through a screen, through a phone. – Sure. – On YouTube. Why is it important to get into a room? – Every once in awhile, you
need to connect with people, you get new ideas, you get many viewpoints to one idea at the same time. And there’s just something
about feeling the energy that’s way different than
just seeing the energy. It’s very easy to be passive
at home in front of a desk or in front of a phone,
but when you’re here, you go, oh, I get it again. I gotta turn up my energy,
I gotta turn up my action and I gotta connect with people. – And I was telling them earlier, that very first summit,
when I went from New York to LA, didn’t know anybody,
my belief system changed. When I got in a room to
see other real people that were having success with this, that they weren’t that different from me. They didn’t have special super powers, or they weren’t necessarily smarter or more fit. But my belief system changed
when I got into this. – Nobody is smarter, or fitter, or more super powers than you, Jimmy. And we all know it. You, the audience and I. He’s the most super
powerest fittest guy around. – This is why I come. Just for the ego boost.
– This is Jimmy. – Thanks, man. – Alright, dude. – We are on a mission
that is so outrageously awesome and positive, that we would want to do it, even if we didn’t get paid. But we do get paid. (laughing) And the better you do it, the more people you help,
the more you get paid. How awesome is that connection? You don’t have to be perfect,
you just have to have a heart. If it comes from the heart, and you really wanna help people, that’s your mission, and you treat them with respect, and you honor that they’re
not gonna be perfect and they honor that you’re
not gonna be perfect and you help people along the way it’s just gonna be a marvelous experience. And that’s why I love doing what I do, that’s why I love working with you. Thanks for having me here, Dallas. (applause) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] You may know him from being the MC at these events, and so fun, I want to introduce Jimmy Nelson four time elite super star diamond coach, cast member at Insanity,
and Pio, so come on! (applause) – When I start talking
to a coach and they’re struggling, right? And they’re thinking about quitting. It’s two things, it’s
part of what Josh said and it’s part of what Christine said, was that the first thing
I would’ve gone back and given myself advice was, and I did this on accident, when people asked, Jimmy why are you so successful at this? It’s because I didn’t try this. I was a lifer from day one,
if I never made a dollar. And the other day on my Facebook page, it popped up when I won the
Million Dollar Body Game for the month, which was
basically the B20 challenge back in the day. And I watched that dude on the video, and I was like, you know what? That guy wasn’t a 15 star diamond coach, that guy, I went back and looked, I made 150 dollars that week, which was a big deal at the time,
living in New York City. And I was just like, that
guy was just on the journey. He was enjoying the ride. He wasn’t thinking about
where he wasn’t yet or feeling bad because
he was comparing himself to other people. And to go back to when people get stuck, or people think about quitting, I always ask them, when
was this fun for you? When were you the most excited about this? And once we isolate that,
I say I want you to do nothing but that for the next two weeks. If that’s like, I just did the workouts. I only like when I’m helping people, it’s like, cool. Forget Success Club
points, don’t ever look at your rank in the back office, do where the joy comes
from, and everything else takes care of itself. (applause) Oh my gosh, what a
crazy, fun, amazing day. This was so much fun, not
only getting to see CEO Carl Dykler, kinda talk about
the vision of the business and how to help more
people, being a part of the Million Club Panel, and
hearing so many amazing nuggets with some friends of mine,
and the last ten years, I’ve made some of the best
friends of my life doing this. Hearing about our new program. And so as you see, the difference between just doing the programs,
and being a Beachbody coach, or getting to a Super
Saturday, is there’s this whole community a part of this. And it really is, if
you’re missing inspiration, or you just need a little spark, or you just wanna know that
you’re not in this thing by yourself, I really
recommend finding out more about this, get to one of these events, or reach out to me. Leave a comment here,
you can always email me. [email protected] Happy to answer any
questions, or just chit-chat. But thanks for watching. I hope you subscribe, like this, and we’ll talk real soon. (upbeat music)


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