What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight || Weight Loss Tips To Stay Motivated

morning guys today on Myka Stauffer I’m gonna share with
you everything that I eat in a day and what I’m doing to lose weight I have
lost a bit of weight I’m not a weight loss expert and one thing I want to say
before I begin is that your body is gorgeous no matter what it looks like
the biggest reason I am trying to lose weight is because during my entire
pregnancy journey I kind of ate like crap just put it point blank ly I ate
like crap and I really want to treat my body more like a temple versus a
trashcan which I kind of did and I want to fit into my jeans again and just feel
good and have more energy so those are my reasons why and I’m excited to show
you all the tips all the little tricks that I’m doing and what I’m eating today
and if you’ve never seen my face before hey I’m Micah nice to meet you I upload
content on motherhood cleaning organization and just a day-to-day stuff
so if you like what you see hit that subscribe button and if you like these
kind of videos give it a thumbs up and let’s do this for breakfast I’m having a novel cutter
toast a whole mango and then my green tea that you guys saw me prepare for the
avocado toast or just have gluten-free bread guacamole and then I also have the
Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning spread this is amazing and
then I’m just gonna do an entire mango this is probably the last couple weeks
I’m gonna have really good mangoes before they’re like no longer existing
but Cheers this is breakfast so I want to show you some tips and tricks that
I’m doing to lose weight this is one tip that I think could really help and just
so you know it is not about the number on the scale whatsoever that doesn’t
define you it doesn’t matter like honestly if I were to say the same way I
am today I would be so comfortable I love how I look but a lot of times when
I do get to this traditional number this is what I feel my best and this is when
I kind of look my best so it is not about the number I do not want to
emphasize that or encourage that for anybody but this could be a little trick
that could help you if you’re a more of a visual person and if you want to try
to get down to maybe your previous weight goal I originally started I was a
hundred and eighty-eight pounds yes I am not even joking and then over here I
have all the sticky notes this is what I weighed before I got pregnant and so on
the sticky notes it’s certain milestones I’ll actually say like go
shopping or like go out and get a nice new sweater for certain ones and that
can kind of be like a little bit of a reward or an incentive because different
people need different things to kind of encourage them and then we were going to
get countertops for the kitchen and I know this is super extreme and excessive
but I told myself because we were talking about getting in a couple months
ago and I told myself you know what if I can either meet my body weight Gomer and
meet my body fat percentage goal and I might make that as like a little reward
for myself like I said this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea
it’s just something that’s working for me another big thing that I’m doing is
I’m drinking an 8 ounce glass of water before every single meal so I just have
three proper meals I have my first one I kind of filmed this one a little bit
late today but I traditionally have my first meal at 7 a.m. my next one is at
1:00 p.m. and then my last meal is at 7 p.m. as well and then I workout at 3:30
and one of the reasons I do that and I actually read this in a book that I’m
reading which is amazing it gives me several hours in between meals so that I
can burn in between meals as well I want to give you just a couple more tips or
things that are really working for me the number one thing I’m doing is I am
avoiding processed foods as much as I can I’m still having some that are
healthy processed foods or what I feel is healthy I am avoiding gluten and I’m
also avoiding table salt if I’m gonna have some salt I’m gonna use the pink
Himalayan salt and if I want to splurge or have a splurge item I’m gonna use a
small ramekin and if I want to have like a splurge I don’t let’s say I want to
have chocolate-covered popcorn or something little I still want that I’ll
go ahead and put it in the ramekin so that I don’t overdo it I’m just having a
small amount I’m still getting my fix without going over the top some people
are really going to struggle with that because you have to be able to tell
yourself what kind of person am i if I have a little do I go nuts and I need
the whole tub of ice cream or can I have a few chips and it say see satiates me
and i’m good to go so that’s one thing you have
to know and in addition to that that’s a big thing that I have been working on is
self-discipline having more self-control and self-discipline not just in food but
in all walks of life and getting more of my work done in following through with
whatever commitment I told my children all walks of life because I feel like
when I reach for instant gratification it challenges me and make us dieting or
makes goal so much harder because I’m like well I had an instant gratification
for breakfast so I want instant gratification all day long it just like
it hardwires especially myself to gravitate to that more easily whereas if
I eliminate things that cause instant gratification and everything that I do
is something that I have to work towards or something that’s more of a discipline
Act I noticed that I follow it more throughout the day and more with all
things that I’m focusing on and since for me I tend to be an emotional eater
and I tend to like eat when I’m with friends that I tend to eat when it sees
it all like I just I love to eat I love all foods so I always find an excuse to
eat and a lot of times I found myself eating because I was bored so I need to
be conscious of all those things but I’m definitely practicing more
self-discipline when we went to London on a trip maybe like six months ago they
would send out a portion size and I would be like oh my god I could eat
three of those bowls and the portions weren’t bad they were super appropriate
they were I like the small salad and a little fish on the side it was it was
very much appropriate but I started to realize that I definitely overeat quite
a bit like I can go back for four servings it’s like big bowl of pasta and
my portion sizes were really inappropriate but for my body I wasn’t
hungry I was just eating it because I was bored and so for me that was a good
like self recognition and realizing hey that’s probably not what I need to do so
I was able to realize like and stop and really hone in am i hungry am I bored
around my thirsty because those things can get so convoluted where you think
you’re hungry because I always grab torches I’m so hungry
and I’m really not another big thing that I have been doing is rephrasing my
thinking instead of saying oh I’m so overweight or I’m still overweight or
I’m still don’t fit into my jeans say I’m going to get fit I’m getting a bit
encourage yourself to be positive and to be motivating so that your body that
your mind doesn’t start to believe yeah you’re right I am overweight or yeah
you’re right X Y & Z whatever negative headspace is going on tell yourself I’m
getting fit I’m getting stronger I’m getting healthier whatever your goals
are and I think those things have been really helpful for at least myself and
this is what I’m having for lunch I have sautéed veggies this is probably about
three to four cups worth of veggies and then I just used avocado oil a little
bit of avocado oil to like sautee it in a skillet and then I have about three
tablespoons hummus for my fat and then some gluten-free crackers I have a good
bit of that a huge ice water and these are the crackers that I am using and
like I said if I choose to do process items I just want them to be gluten free
or have as many healthy options in them as I can so here is lunch my biggest
rule of thumb for trying to lose weight is put fiber first make sure you’re
getting enough fiber and to really help your digestive tract and so before I
dive into lunch I wanted to let you know this looks really simple you may be
looking at me like oh vegetables and crackers cool but for me when I’m trying
to lose weight I do not complicate things like we’re
now gonna have a fancy spring roll situation it’s most of the times I keep
them really simple so I can recreate it for the next
day and the simple or the food is the easier it is on your digestive tract as
well or at least it is for me so simple is always best when you’re trying to
lose weight all right so I’ve changed my clothes let me show you what I am
wearing I’ve got mine let me see if this focuses my fabletics workout top which
is so incredibly cozy I love this and then I also have like my soft joggers we
can put your phone in here goes up a little bit higher
I love these workout pants so incredibly comfortable and then I just have some
Nike teddies so we love this brand it’s called metabolic nutrition Jimmy
uses his creatine there and then there’s some other BCA’s but I love their
blueberry BCA’s so I have this before and after every workout it is so amazing
it is so good it literally tastes like blue kool-aid you know the blue kind
that was the best as a child that’s what it is like it is so good I look forward
today every single day I have it be full and after workouts it does have a little
bit of sugar in it but I don’t care I love it so cheers to the best VCS ever good and
it’s so good every single time also before I begin my workout look how
pretty the trees are they’re all turning colors right now and it looks so amazing
ah come it happen the very first thing that I do when I work out is I use my
rebounder and I will rebound for honestly just like five minutes super
good for your circulatory system and your digestive char all right so we’re
gonna jump on the treadmill I like to do it for about 10 minutes I like my
incline and a seven and then I like my speed at like a three or four and this
really helps me get sweating and kind of get my body moving and really helps me
burn some calories I got my workout in I did pretty good
I did seven incline almost the entire way and then the last minute I did a one
it was so good to get my heart pumping to get my body move and that feels good
then I’m just gonna pop on my bike and bike for about five minutes once I’m finally done working out I will
do one more round of BCAAs all right guys and for dinner I’m gonna have
cauliflower rice cauliflower no Chi from Trader Joe’s and then Argentina shrimp
with a little bit of seasoning so the system there are lots of cauliflower
lots of edge and just a little bit of protein for a dessert I am having some
popcorn from this a nice boom chicka pop sea
salt popcorn and one cookie it fits nicely in a little ramekin and it’s a
nice little treat so I don’t feel like I’m like restricting myself at all and
still get all of the treats all right guys I’m just kind of getting ready to
pop in the bath and maybe do like a tea or something but I wanted to say some
words of encouragement to let you know that if you are on a journey to try to
get a little bit more fit or lose some weight to not beat yourself up to be
kind to be really gentle with yourself and be patient because if you want a
good body it’s not gonna be a quick fast diet it’s not gonna be a quick fix it’s
gonna be one of those things where it takes time takes patience and it takes
consistency and also remember that to lose weight in your stomach is the last
place that your body loses weight always so if you’re like if you look in the
mere and you’re like I don’t see any results maybe because you’re looking in
your stomach maybe you have lots of results in your arms and in your legs
and you’re losing like half an inch here maybe maybe you’re gaining muscle and it
just looks so different but the last place for you to see improvements it’s
gonna be your stomach so don’t get discouraged because you’re getting there
and I still have tons of work that I would like to do to be my best version
of me or to be a better version of myself and be more fit even more healthy
and if you have any tips or tricks that work for you let me know in the comments
below but one of the big things that I have to say is just allow yourself to
have a lot of grace during this process and tell yourself that I’m not gonna be
miserable I would always be so miserable depending upon what this gals
remember numbers are not going to make or break you maybe you have a goal where
you want to reach X amount of body fat or you want to get down to a certain
number but at the end of the day don’t let numbers rule your life you are
beautiful no matter what your body looks like you are amazing and this doesn’t
matter but these are some of the things that I did to encourage me and kind of
help me get through this journey and things that I’m still doing and doing on
a daily basis to kind of help myself work through this my next what I eat in
a day is actually gonna be on IG TV on my Instagram I’ll leave my Instagram
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one hop on over there let me know if you’re going on a weight or like a
healthy fit journey right now in the comments below I would love to hear what
everyone else is kind of like working on thank you so much for watching I hope
you’re having a beautiful day and I cannot wait to see you in my next video
and if you have not seen my latest video it’ll pop up right here so be sure to
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next one bye guys


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