WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (For Fat Loss & Building Muscle!!)

Today I’m going to show you a full day of
healthy eating. So today I want to go through a full day of
eating. From breakfast, all the way to dinner. Just to give you a snapshot of what I eat
during the week. I don’t really count calories, I don’t
weigh my food, I just try to think of foods that are best to fuel my body after my workouts. I try to get in a lot of protein, good carbs,
fiber, fats, fruits, and veggies. I also use the 90-10 rule. So, 90% of the time I try to eat as healthy
as I possibly can. The other 10%, that’s where you can go out
and enjoy yourself. Maybe get that burger you want, maybe have
some baked goods you’re craving, just eat out. If you really think about eating healthy consistent
food through the week, kind of treat yourself. These meals that we’re going to start with,
this is my usual breakfast meal. I usually make an omelet. There are about four eggs here. I use two whole eggs. I put in some spinach, there’s a little
bit of cheese – which is optional for most people if you’re not a big cheese eater. I actually like it because of the fats. I usually put half an avocado, and then I’ll
usually cut up some kind of fruit. Whatever is in season. Strawberries right now. Sometimes it’s blueberries, bananas; anything
I like. Getting some fruit in the morning. If I’m super starving I’ll throw a piece
of toast with that, and there’s my breakfast for the morning. It gets all my protein in. I usually focus on about 30+ grams of protein. So that should start your day off nice, and
good. Next, for lunch. This is usually what I have for lunch. I’ll have some asparagus or broccoli. Turkey chili because it’s so easy to make. Oh my gosh. It literally takes me, not even a half hour
to put this together. For me, it’s all about what’s easy, what’s
convenient, what’s healthy. I usually have a big glass of milk. I used to not be a big milk person, but it
has really become a big part of my diet. Not only for the protein, but some of the
good fats. I drink anywhere from a low-fat, to a nonfat. So usually after lunch, that’s about the
time I work out. So, after I work out I’ll have my shake,
just to get a little protein in. ATHLEAN-Rx for Women has some great shakes. This is a chocolate. I usually blend this with either water or
milk and that helps me tie over while I’m cooking my dinner. That’s my little snack time. Dinner. So, dinner is usually consistent of something,
once again, super easy. I usually do a microwavable brown rice. I get a package of frozen chicken breasts. I throw them in a pan. They take 10 minutes to cook, if that. I’ll buy a huge thing of lettuce and some
other stuff. Whatever is in the refrigerator. If I have apples I cut them up just to get
a huge salad, or something. I used to not be a salad eater. Not a big salad person. I was the ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of
girl. I’ve grown to love it. If you give it some substance, and texture
it makes it a little more interesting, and not so bland. After eating dinner – sometimes I’ll get
hungry if I’m eating dinner a little earlier. So maybe I’ll have some turkey jerky because
it’s super high in protein, it takes a while to digest. I may have some Greek yogurt, I might throw
in some nuts just to add a little more fat, make it take a little longer to digest, or
some fruit. That’s a snapshot of my day. This is what I try to eat Monday through Saturday,
or if cheat day comes before – it might come a little before that. I just try to think “What should I be eating
after the workout to make me feel good, help me recover?” Don’t be afraid of carbs. Your body needs those to survive. Your muscles need those to grow and survive. So, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for joining me today. Check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com. Leave a message, hit the like button, subscribe
if you haven’t, and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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