What Does it Cost to be a Beachbody Coach?

>>DAVE: Hey guys, Dave Ward here answering your questions about being a Team Beachbody Coach. Alright, so I’ve been answering a lot of these
questions and I’ve been prefacing all these videos with the same thing… which is: I need to know what your questions are, so that I can answer them for you. You can do that by sending me an email. Or, you can leave a comment wherever you’re watching. But, if I’m not answering your question yet, please ask that question. Because if you have that question, other people have the question, too. And, then you can help them get their question answered. And, that’s what we’re all about here at Beachbody. Okay, the next question I’m answering is
something that is expanding on a question that I answered in the very first video that
sort of kicked this whole thing off. And, that question was: “What does it cost to
be a Beachbody Coach?” Okay? So I want… I got some sort of people asking me could
you go a little bit more on specifics about the cost. In particular, why do we have to pay a business service fee? And, what is the club membership all about? Okay…why is it important that we’re a club membership? First of all, I need to backup and cover a
little bit of ground from the last video. So, if you saw that video, I’m apologizing,
but I’m going to cover a little bit of ground again. First of all, when you sign up to be a coach, you pay a one-time fee of $40. Okay, it’s a little bit less than $40. It’s like $38.98. I’m just going to round everything up so I don’t have to give you the $14.96, or whatever it is, right? You pay about 40 bucks. $25 of that is one-time sign-up initiation fee. You pay that once. $15 is your ongoing business service fee. Now, as I mentioned in the other video, if you are a…if you buy a Challenge Pack, you sign up to be a coach with a Challenge Pack. Or, if you already bought a Challenge Pack
and you want to upgrade to being a coach, Beachbody will waive that one-time $40 fee. Okay? So, basically, you don’t have to pay
the $25 and you don’t have to pay your first month of business service fees. You will need to pay your business service fees moving forward. They are required of everybody, except
military coaches and their spouse. You can have one person on a military account. Why? Okay, let’s talk about the business service fee. What is this all about? Okay…couple different things are going on with business service fees. Business service fees are important to
make sure people engage in their business, okay? It’s not good if you have a lot of people who
are in the business and they don’t do anything. Okay, they’re just sort of reps. And, that’s just a bunch of numbers without
people who are earning any money. So, what I would tell anybody… First of all, what I always tell people when
they’re worried about a business service fee… I go, “Look, you know, if you’re going to work this business, you’re going to weigh more than $15.” I mean, to complain about a business service fee that’s $15 a month, when you’re looking at a business that my
wife and I’ve made over a $1,000,000, it’s kind of crazy to me. That’s the value of this business. So a $15 business service fee is not
something you should be hung up on. That’s what I would tell people, okay. It’s what I do tell people. Okay? What you want to be focused on is what’s
income potential in this business. Alright? Why do we have the business service fee? It’s the big question. Business service fee goes to cover cost. There are a lot of costs associated with running this business. Not on my end of things, but on Beachbody’s end of things. The corporate end of things that are totally outside of my control. And, frankly, I don’t have to deal with. Okay? That’s what business service fees goes to cover. What sort of things am I talking about? Alright, every coach has five different websites that Beachbody just gives them. Okay? Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Yeah,
this doesn’t cost you 15 bucks a month to maintain my website.” No, but it does cost a lot more money than
that to develop these websites. And, to develop new websites. Because, guess what? When I started there was ONE website. And, then there were two websites and then
there were three websites and now there’s five. Okay? We never would be able to cover those
sorts of costs and that’s part of what business service fees go for. The other thing business service fees go for
is things like shipping and handling. I don’t touch, physically touch, the product that you get. Okay, if you’re one of my customers and
you’re watching this and you’re thinking about becoming a coach, there are…I mean, the odds are
astronomically low, that I actually handed you a box. There are some people…maybe you’re in
Coronado, California, and you’re my neighbor. Maybe I did it that way. But, even now, the guy who was helping… we just moved into this new house. The
contractor was interested in getting a hold of a Challenge Pack. I didn’t hand him the Challenge Pack. I said, “Hey, cool.” He lives a block and a half away. Not even a block and a half away. Less than a block away. And I said, I didn’t hand him a Challenge Pack. I said, “Hey dude, here’s the link. Here’s how you order. I’ll be happy to walk you through it. When
you get your product, let’s get going and let’s get jamming and I’ll get you
going with the fitness results that you’re really looking for. I can do that because I pay $15 a month as a business service fee. I don’t have to worry about that nonsense. I don’t have to have a garage. My garage is
right on the other side of this wall. That’s why I’m pointing that way. I don’t have to have a garage full of nonsense. Well, not nonsense. But, a garage full of products in my garage that I then have to get rid of. Why? Because Beachbody does all that stuff for me. That’s the way our business works. I am so
thrilled to pay $15 a month for that service. If you just think about it… if you were going to run any other sort of business, okay, let’s just say that you wanted to start an Amazon store. You’re going to have all kinds of over heavy costs, right? I mean, I used to sell a lot of stuff on eBay. I used to sell like golf clubs and stuff. I was really into golf. Man. Shipping, handling. All that nonsense. Wrapping stuff up. Golf clubs got to find a funky box for. You know? Then, you got to list it. I don’t do any of that stuff. None of that stuff. Beachbody handles all
that and they do it for $15 a month. And, that’s the deal that we have with them. And, again, it’s not something you should
complain about if you are really looking at this a major income opportunity. If you’re looking at it to get a discount… let’s say you’re a Shakeology customer. If you’re looking at it to get a discount,here’s the thing. It’s not going to be a 25% discount for you
because you’re going to pay the business service fee. So, if you’re saving about $30 on your Shakeology. You’re paying $15 for that ability. So, you’re saving, you know, the difference
there…about 15 bucks a month on your Shakeology. If you’re on Home Direct, you can get
reduced shipping and handling for two bucks, which is a deal. Okay? So you just have to
understand why those business service fees are in place. Again, people get hung up on that or kind of focused on the wrong thing. Shouldn’t be focused on the “I’m incredible
immense overhead” of running a business like this, because there really is not incredible immense overhead. It’s 15 bucks a month. That’s the lowest
overhead I could possibly think about paying for a business that’s made me over
$1,000,000. Think about it. Okay? Put it in terms of that. Let’s talk about Club membership real quick. Why do you have to be a Club member? A
lot of people are asking, “Hey, why do we need to be a Club member? Club membership. Let’s talk about it. The Club membership costs about $40, again. It’s like $38.87, or something like that. And, you get billed on a quarterly basis. So, that breaks down to like three bucks a week. Why do you need to be a Club member? Well, first thing is…you’re not just paying an extra fee. I mean, if you go in there and look at the Club membership, there is ton of value added as a result of being a Club member. You get access to more stuff. The Club membership is going to continue to expand as it has expanded every year I’ve been
around this business. Okay? So, that’s the first thing…you’re not just paying some extra fee. There’s value there. You’re paying for something. You’re also paying like three bucks a
week.So, it’s not like, you know, paying a crazy fee. The second thing is…and, is the real
reason why you need to be a Club member, is to get customer leads from Beachbody. Okay? The way our company works. Again, everybody’s heard of P90X. Everybody’s heard of Insanity. You’ve may have heard of Shakeology. Maybe not. But, you’ve heard of these two. Why? Because Beachbody spends about
$120,000,000 a year putting it in front of you. Everywhere you look. It’s on the internet. It’s on TV. They market these products and they sell these products. But, what happens when they sell these products, is their customers… they don’t keep their customers. They give their customers to people like me. They give their customers to people who have qualified for the Customer Leads program. The way they do that for the basic level of
customer leads is to become an Emerald Coach, which means there’re you and two other
people you have personally sponsored in this business and to be a Club member. And, there are a couple other requirements. None of them require any costs. You need to set up your websites and kind
of, you know, be a functional business basically. Okay? Then, you get customer leads from Beachbody. There are people who have bought P90X,
Insanity, or one of our other programs… T25. This thing doesn’t even have them all because this was in 2010. The surfboard. Otherwise, it would have X3, T25, Asylum all over it, right? All of those programs get sold to people
every single day and those customers end up coming to me. The deal with Beachbody is…if I want those customer leads, I need to be a Club member. And, I think it’s a really fair deal. Why? Because they’re saying, “Hey, listen… my expectation of you…”…Beachbody’s
expectation of me is to coach people through these programs. There are incredible resources to help
coach people through these programs in the Club membership area. So, if I don’t know how to do that, I’m really not being an effective coach. And, if I’m not being an effective coach, why in the world should they give
me their customers? I mean just think about it. Again, it’s one of those costs that you’re focused on overhead for a business who has
incredibly low overhead. Okay? Go out and try and buy a, you know… a McDonald’s franchise or something. See what the overhead involved with that is. I practiced law for 10 years. That’s overhead. Okay? Paying 15 bucks a month for service fee and the $3 a week for a club membership, which is optional if you don’t want to get customer leads, it’s really, really low overhead for a
business that has incredible revenue opportunity. Alright, so that has answered your question
about more specifically about what the costs are involved with being a Beachbody Coach. You know, whether that was your question. Or, you have another question. I do hope you will either send me an email at [email protected] or post a comment wherever you’re watching this video. I will make sure and answer your question
and, then, I hope to talk to you after that. If you’re looking for a coach, if you’re looking to join this business, if the words coming out my mouth is appealing to you, I would love to talk to you about that as well. Right now, I just want to get the information to people. What I know is that Team Beachbody and
being a Beachbody Coach is not for everybody. And, people have to figure out, you know,
whether it’s going to work for them or not and I think the best way to do that
is to get people information. So, if you have questions, let me know. Because I got answers. Alright guys, I’ll talk to you later.


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