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hey guys guys sick lows what’s up I’m Matt and I’m Paula and welcome to bed edge fitness I guess yeah this is judge Fitness Journal yeah this has been a long time in the making we finally decided to get a YouTube channel going a little bit behind the curve but uh better late than never yeah so we wanted to make this channel to talk to you guys about veganism [Music] showing you guys some meal preps easy vegan meals to show the people out there that say too hard so let’s show you guys it’s not hard and I can be just as delicious as any meal that you’re used to eating will also take you on some trouble yeah videos I mean a little bit yeah a little bit of vlogging yeah here and there and we’ll probably cover some other more person it is yeah uh we just I’m sure that you guys would be interested we are both vegan straightedge so we don’t drink or smoke or of course don’t do any drugs we don’t any products yes or wear any underwear or buy things that use animal testing yeah and it sounds it seems like that’s a lot to be conscious of but really I think that’s one of the things we really want to bring to light to show that it’s not that difficult yeah once you become adjust with that mindset then it just becomes a normal thing you you know what to look for and yeah it’s just routines yeah you guys will meet our third member which is Debbie she’s our rescue dog from Spain she’s busy right now doing some activism Maxon they’re relaxing but we’re gonna try to bring you videos once a week no given day of the week but we’ll probably try to make a routine by on the weekends and if you ever have any ideas or things so that you’d like to hear us cover just request it in the comments or send us a message and we can do our best to cover that yeah you can always find us on Instagram that ditch Fitness is our Instagram name and our email is veg it’s fitness at outlook.com yeah so just messages if you have any concerns questions suggestions whatever it is we’re here to hear you yep and we do have shirts which we’re working on being able to sell and we’re gonna have more in the future too so stay tuned this is video one of many to come so we hope you guys will subscribe like us follow us on Instagram and we’ll be uploading some more content soon yeah see you happy world vegan there go vegan be awesome


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