Welcome to Tykato Fitness, Enjoy Your Stay! (Channel Trailer)

Welcome to Tykato Fitness! My name is Manuel, and the reason you are
seeing this video, is because you are not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel. By subscribing, you will always see the latest
videos on calisthenics and advanced bodyweight skills. You will see yoga videos, where i will show
yoga sequences, stretching and flexibility. I also feature videos about grip sports, climbing,
how to get better at forearm- and hand strength, and some tricks and tips! And i do videos on anatomy, where i will show
you the human body and biomechanics; or for example muscles, that you didn’t know about
yet. Occasionally, i also upload videos where i
show my own progress and my feats of strength. The last videos that i do, are videos about
mobility, going outside and enjoying the world. Like parkour, or doing mud running, tough
mudder, these sort of things. So i invite you to become a part of the Tykato
Fitness family, or Tykato Fitness club. So, subscribe, become a part and we’ll see
each other next time. Goodbye!


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