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Aloha everyone my name is Liz, all the
way from the state of Hawai’i I’m here to share with you guys my weight loss journey with the product that I’m currently taking by Boombod. Now did you guys know that Boombod has amazing blog posts? It shares and features people’s transformation with their weight loss journey using the same product by Boombod themselves. The cool thing about it is my weight
loss journey is actually featured in the blog post also. To all the mothers out there that have been struggling with losing the after pregnancy weight go and read my weight loss journey that’s actually featured in Boombod’s blog. The good thing about the Boombod Blog is it explains to you what’s
in each sachet so you know what’s in it. I think it’s great just all of the
elements that you need. You also get tips on fitness, so if you struggle like what should I do? I have a shoulder injury so I took the bits that I could do and started doing it! You have meal ideas. You can do that, follow fellow
Boombod users, they’ll give you some tips on meals. Obviously no one’s saying you can eat a MacDonald’s everyday and do Boombod and it’ll work. I find with the right amount of Glucomannan that’s in it, it does help keep you fuller. But it is amazing stuff. I really encourage you,
highly encourage you guys to go visit Boombod’s website and their blog post and just read about: everyone’s transformation and all their weight loss journey with the products by Boombod including mine! So I hope that our stories do
motivate you guys to give Boombod a try and if you guys do, and I know you
guys will, good luck! So go check out the blogs and I can’t wait to see all your results soon!

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