Welcome to the Beachbody health bet coaches!

What’s going on coaches! I’m super
excited that you guys are going to be a part of the Beachbody health bet with
us, i’m calling this group The Lead From
The Front because you guys are coaches, this is a vital behavior that we become
proof that these products work, so as you guys know you guys commented below in the
team page that you are committed to being a part of this challenge group, so I
want to make sure that you guys are in this group and you know how to use the
Challenger app, I know that many of you guys have not used this before so before
this group starts on September 5th which is Monday Labor Day I want to make
sure that you understand how to access the app, how to access the group and see
the post and also how to post your own post so that you can be eligible to
split the cash pot the beach body is offering with the beachbody help bet so
what i’m gonna do is i’m uploading this video right now I want you to comment
with three things below below the video and below this post comment what workout
program you’re doing what flavor of Shakeology or drinking a number three why is it important that you finish this
challenge and you finish it strong and you show up committed every single day remember you’ve got a post three times a
week a photo of your fitness accountability five times a week a
picture of your Shakeology accountability that’s you drinking
Shakeology like this taking up for yourself you put it in the group that’s
how you’re going to split the pot now I’m excited for you guys we’re going to
do this we’re going to lead from the front and let’s show everybody that we
are the best that’s out there love you guys see in
the coach app

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