Welcome to Sal Di Stefano’s Channel: Proven strategies to build more muscle faster

Hi I’m Sal Di Stefano. Welcome to my channel.
This channel is dedicated to those of you who are seeking more effective ways to accelerate
your muscle growth and to do it naturally, without drugs.I am not a bodybuilder, a professional
athlete or a fitness model…I am a personal trainer with over 16 years of experience.
I have successfully trained thousands of people, many whom came to me frustrated with their
inability to build muscle.I have long contemplated why building muscle is so difficult for so
many people. As a natural skeptic, it is in my nature to question authority and question
“common knowledge.”Why is it that all bodybuilding magazines espouse the same basic muscle building
philosophies and routines and yet the average person gets nowhere near the results that
their hard work warrants? The answer to this question is that most of what these magazines
print is created by people that in no way resemble you or me. Most of them are genetic
anomalies, and many if not most of them are taking performance-enhancing drugs. In other
words, these people are perpetually wired for muscle growth and what works for them
just puts the rest of us in the “muscle breakdown/recovery trap” which leads to a muscle building standstill.
If you are not building muscle it is because you are not wired to respond to these type
of workouts. You are simply doing the wrong things to build muscle. What you have most
likely read is that it is your genetics that are preventing you from building muscle. They
tell you that “you don’t have good muscle building genetics.” I am here to tell you
it is not your genetics. Here is a fact: All of our bodies build muscle naturally in the
same way. Muscle building is simply an adaptive response and with the right stimulus and environment
your muscles will grow. This is the purpose of my channel… to help you realize the natural
muscle building potential you already possess. If you have tried the muscle building programs
that are touted in the magazines and are frustrated with your results then I recommend you watch
my videos. You are going to find that most of my videos present a point of view that
runs counter to what is considered common knowledge today. You see, I prefer to base
what I do on science and experience rather than on gym mythology. Much of what I share
in my videos is “uncommon” knowledge that is designed to stimulate growth in even the
“hardest gainer”. Take a moment to subscribe to my channel. By subscribing you will be
notified as I post new videos. I also recommend that you download my free report that goes
into depth on how to blast through plateaus and build muscle using the science of muscle
adaptation. Once again, welcome to my channel.


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