Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 13

[Music] Hey there! So, how are you doing on your program? Uh, either you’ve had really great, dramatic,
profound results, or you’re still kinda figuring it all out. Either you’re in love with out community,
or you’re just kinda making your way. Either way today’s video is gonna help you
out immensely because we have – Isadelights. Now, these, I’ve gotta tell ya, be careful
because contents may be habit forming. We have four flavors –
So good. – We have milk chocolate, we have dark chocolate,
this one is dark mint – you can see, i just bit off, but the little Isa guy with the heart. And we have milk chocolate, sea salt and caramel,
and I’ve gotta tell ya, – delish. Now, this is not a candy. This is a super food. Tickles the brain with little happy feelers
to curb the appetite. I’ve gotta tell ya, these things, are very,
very good. And you should get some. That’s all for today. Bye! Mmm… So good.

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