Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 10

[Music] Hey! Hope you’re doing great today! Drinking your shakes, staying young, feeling
great. We have so many great things going on, and
uh, we hope you’re, at this point, plugged in, you’re getting value out of the daily
emails, uh, the daily, uh, inspiration, and there’s a lot to um, devour. And don’t get intimidated, don’t get overwhelmed,
you can always ask for help. Um, but the way our marketing is done is one
to one, right? It’s referral based marketing, which means
someone lost forty-two pounds and eight inches off their waist and walked into my office
and I was moved and inspired by their success, so I started on the product, and then I started
telling people about it. And I ended up telling four hundred people
and growing the organization to over fifteen thousand, and uh, it’s been my full time,
uh, commitment to uh, wrap my ali-uh, allegiance and alliance with the Couvers and the mission
is to free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest
health and wellness company in the world. And it’s done through referral marketing,
or network marketing. Now, some people don’t even know what network
marketing is, and that’s cool. But it is a way where you can get products,
uh, higher quality products for less money, no advertising, shipped directly from the
company, uh, to you, so there’s no overhead. Now, that, as a customer experience, you’re
gonna get a higher valued product for a less, uh, um, less investment. Uh, as a potential sharer – in our company
it’s called associates, distributes – you know, we share the story with other people
and that’s called network marketing. Now, if you refer a couple people, you can
get compensated, if you refer a lot of people, you can make big money, uh, some people just
get their enough money to get their products for free, which is totally cool, no pressure. Some people make a car payment, some people
make a home, a house payment, and some people make big money. Over a hundred and sixty people have made
over a million dollars in Isagenix, which is really cool. Through the vehicle of network marketing. So I wrote a book about network marketing,
it’s called You Online, You Offline: How to make a Fortune in Network Marketing. That’s me. Uh, see, this is me with beard, this is me
without beard, so what do you guys think? What’s better? I’m not sure. So anyway, I just wanted to read you something
from the book, uh, about the concept of network marketing, and it’s basically, uh, if your
goal is to create an exit strategy, have additional stream of income, get out of debt, fire your
boss, or get rich, then maybe network marketing is for you. And why not? It’s a profession with no bosses, no employees,
no long commutes, no traffic jams, no cost of entry barrier, no educational requirements,
little to no overhead expenses, little to no risk, uh, no limits to growth, no begging
for raises, no need for real estate capital, no demographic barriers, huge tax advantages,
no shipping, no inventory, little to no customer service, no product development, and a supportive
team that you choose and that chooses you, with teammates that share common goals and
dreams. I could keep going, but I think that you get
the picture. So, um, you can pick it up on Amazon, it’s
called You Online, You Offline: How to Make a Fortune in Network Marketing, its some of
the principals I’ve learned over twenty years of uh, business, marketing, and network marketing. I hope it helps you. Uh, if you have any questions call your sponsor,
or email me at [email protected] Okay! Bye for now!

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