hi guys and welcome to my channel today
i’m going to share with you my weight loss story how I lost 50 pounds through
my last pregnancy I gained over 50 pounds and it is something that I’m
completely not proud of I getting a ridiculous amount of weight when I
should have not been gaining that’s kind of weight I was eating some of the worst
things imaginable when I was growing a baby inside my
tummy and I look back on it and thinking why did I do that why that’s horrible i’m definitely gonna
be showing you guys some pictures throughout the story and a little bit of
everything so try not to judge if you’re new to my
channel please subscribe i would love to have you and let’s get into this story so right before my pregnancy I was
pregnant with a baby and actually lost that baby it was a really really hard
time for me and I told myself that one of the reasons why i thought that I lost
the baby was because i was losing weight and I was eating really healthy and
clean I thought maybe maybe that’s because I wasn’t putting on any weight
and there wasn’t just enough weight or energy i know it doesn’t make any sense
doesn’t make any sense at all but that’s just kind of what i justified myself so when the next baby came around I was
going to be sure that I wasn’t going to lose that baby so instead I don’t powered food I
literally turned into a food addiction addicted to fast food I was addicted to
GMOs I was addicted to meet of the VI was a
vegan before I am I became pregnant and I just started eating meat like crazy
was like my excuse i was pregnant so I could do whatever I wanted and that’s
like the worst thing to feel like why was that ok for me of such a stupid
decision not because of what the scale says but
just because my body needs to be healthy to create that baby I’m I got really
lucky i have a healthy little man but still I that is a decision that I highly
highly regret so after I had my son I got on the scale
and weigh 250 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and I was just I
was I was not pleased here’s a picture like right after I had my son what I
look like and it is not pretty anything about pretty you can tell i had
tons of weight on me so I knew immediately that I wanted to lose this
weight the first thing that I did for the first two weeks I did a raw i did a raw food diet so excited to lose
the way like I was like all right I’m gonna lose
this as quickly as humanly possible and i did i was losing weight like crazy i actually lost 25 pounds in two weeks
and I was so proud of myself but then I had to stop and think there was a lot of
like reevaluating that I did I literally just sat in my room and I thought for
like hours and I was like I can’t lose weight this quick there’s this that’s not healthy it’s not
right I it didn’t make sense to me so and I knew that there was more to it
than just losing the weight that I needed to do because out all those nine
months i had created horrible habits I became I started having food addiction
that was addicted to all kinds of food so i had to break the addiction and
that’s one thing that it really came down to and if I continue to lose weight
at such a rapid pace I would have a lot of things I would be
proud of like loose skin my skin elasticity would just you really really
crappy and everything would be not the way that I wanted it so I just slow down
my process and really kind of re-evaluate what I was doing so what I did is kind of reverted and i
started every two weeks I would eliminate something for my diet so for
the first two weeks eliminated fast food the next two weeks I would eliminate
candies the next two weeks i would eliminate process breads and so on and
so forth and I would do that not because I’m trying to withhold or
limit myself but because i wanted to get back to a healthier place and quit
having those addictions so now i really don’t put a label on
myself now that I’ve lost those 50 pounds with me five months I don’t put a label on myself I don’t
say well I’m vegan or well I’m raw food or relative 40 and 80 10 10 are all
these healthy diet I don’t say any of that instead I do kind of what i want and
that was the best part about the end of the diet didn’t have any food addictions
and i was able to kind of know what I want to do ok I want to eat a banana shake for
breakfast and I would like to e XY and z for lunch and then and it just really allowed me to have a
more healthy more sustainable lifestyle and one of the reasons why i know that i
was truly able to get rid of this addiction is that I’ve been cleansing
for the last five days I’ve been doing a juice cleanse and I’ve been doing
amazing I’ve been just drinking kale juice and i’m going to be doing a juice
cleanse for the next or a juice cleanse detox for the next 30 days and not to
lose weight not to lose weight at all but I mean if I all that crappy stuff
for nine months and it just wasn’t normally my lifestyle i know that my
organs were really stressed and you know they had a lot of crap and toxins in
there I’m really going to need a comes out so
i’m going to do 30 days where I just kind of eat green juice and drink green
juice and all of these juices concoctions to kind of help myself out I probably will lose a little bit of
weight and the process which is like I said not the goal but i do want to
cleanse myself out so that I can kind of give myself a fresh start like a new
person and just really rejuvenate myself and one of the biggest points of doing
this video is telling people that you do have to look yourself in the eye and say
is it just wait that I have to lose or do have a little bit of food addiction
and my addictive some things in my having some things that I meeting that I
know it it’s more than just a habit it’s you
know when i get it i devour when I have one ship i have to have the whole bag
like what kind of thought processes are going through my mind so I just want to
let everyone know that I’m not naturally skinny nothing about me is naturally
skinny saw those pictures so i am going to beat you’re going to see a lot of
really yummy recipes workout videos and you are going to be seeing the juice
cleanse on my channel so please subscribe to thank you so much for
watching my weight loss journey i’ll see you guys next time bye guys see you I got you a mom yeah


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