Weight Loss Secret & Diet Workout of Super Model Fouzia Aman Similar To Victorias Secret Model

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I am going to ask you a question! So that you can able to Win an Amazing Lipstick by The same shade which I am wearing right now. You will like it. And I am sure you will love it. and you can get this too. At the end of the video. We often wonder about how’s it like to be a model. How they are like? They are the one who make the clothes appear beautiful. And just by looking at them.. we feel that if we wear those clothes than we will also look like them. We always see perfect shape model walking the ramp.. Right? Tall, Slim, Gorgeous. So in control and confident. And specially that figure. Which is close to size zero. Slightly healthy but perfect. You can’t see any extra fat. and we wonder… Maybe these girls don’t eat anything. Some say.. they must be on drugs Some will say these type of the girls are naturally thin that’s why they are modelling in the first place. Though, this might be because some have high metabolism. So many other things. But we forget that- Modelling is not easy. Models have to adapt a very strict lifestyle. In order to keep themselves fit. It’s not like they can automatically become slim without doing anything. Beside, we can easily gain weight. How fatty is our traditional food. It is very fattening. I used to think that too. and I wanted to find out… Then I bump into Fouzia Aman I said to her “Fouzia I have too many questions for you” every girl want to become a model. and people like us. Who appreciate models very much. We have so many questions… “Now you tell me?” What you eat? and what is the requirements to be like the model. How to become a great looking model. Fauzia shared with me some solid secrets. She told me each and everything. Sometime, When you reach at the right time and the right place. At times.. person talk very openly. Which I don’t want in most of the interviews. She’s a great model. She has worked with each and every great designer. Every dress looks perfect on her. Every year we see her in lawn campaign. She is one of my favorite model. Beautiful girl. and here she is answering my question. Very honestly and I was very impressed. What did I asked her? I asked What is the criteria to become the model. What qualities should the model be having? To become a good model. The qualities you should be having No.1 Height. How long should be the height? Atleast, In Pakistan normally girl’s height is around 5’4 or 5’3. But the requirement in our country is 5’8 I think having a long height is very important. because whatever she is going to be wearing on the ramp. She must look good while wearing it. One thing about good model is is that. No matter what you wear! How are you carrying it. What kind of style she has. and how much talent you have got. that you can make a normal shirt look great. Apart from the height? Apart from the height.. it is fitness! Hair, Skin… and lot of water… and running. And you have to do Oiling on your hair. Because everyday your hair are having blow dry… and your hair gets so dry. Your skin is getting bad because of constant bright light and daily outdoor shoot. Skin gets dehydrated quickly. Not only model but actor skin too. Then I asked her this” Fauzia were you naturally slim?” Naturally size zero. or you took great care and got slim and still slim What you do? Naturally I was slim but there’s a time when you starts to gain weight. and you won’t notice it that you are gaining weight. and when the time comes. you have to do little effort on yourself like running. I will know automatically if my weight increases over 50 then I started controlling it. Most of people say that… Most of the model are naturally slim. They just can’t gain weight. It’s nothing like that.. if you eat you will get fat… but you can always have everything in moderation. it depends upon yourself.. how much you want to control. how much running you are doing? Really why running is important. Running is very important. It about how much time you are giving yourself. These things matter a lot! !! hmm ok.. tell me what kind of diet you do. I stop having sweet things. I have very small quantity of rice. and the thing which helps in gaining weight like cheese, oil..I use very little oil. I don’t have pizza, cold drinks etc.. Is there’s a special thing which helps in weight lost. tell me it Second thing which I want to tell his that and I have talked with Doctors…People assume They think by drinking milk – you gain weight. But according to doctor. you won’t able to gain weight by drinking milk. Instead a new research has came which states that milk reduces the stomach fat. The more you drink .. the more Vitamin D your bones would get. So you drink a lot of milk? yes a lot low fat or full fat? low fat. So you must have it. Especially the ladies. No sweet? yes not sweet! Fauzia, Your skin is really good Although, there’s a lot of makeup but still you are glowing? No acne.. what is the secret? I drink water a lot. and this is the best you can do. and once a month.. I have facial. Ok you said you do running how long? 1 hr actually I live in Creek Vista. There’s a park beneath it. I do 3-4 rounds daily. Is there a specific way to do running? a lot of people thing of you keep on walking.. that is running. you have run in a way that you started to sweat. and your breathing like this that way.. you are sweating and your losing the weight. Why should I do running.. ? what changes will I’ll be having with the running? What changes will I will experience? Running make your jaw strong. Your chin get highlighted. Do try running for a month. Don’t give it a gap. You will see the result yourself. your jaw your waist.. and your overall posture. like people who walk down while lowering their shoulders. When you do the running.. your posture straighten up Do you drinks cold drinks Colas? No I avoid them completely. Instead you can drink a lot of water. After working out.. do you feel like to have something but you know you can’t have it. What eating item you miss the most? like eating sweet. I love chocolate but you can’t have it Because I think you gain weight so quickly. and it always show on my face I can see the double chin appearing. and it look so bad in the camera and because of this your face appear to be slightly bigger. So you should avoid it. or are there anything special thing in your diet? That you must use ? Drink a lot of water.. Eat a lot of vegetables. and sometimes, People stop eating meat. saying it is fattening. But meat has protein in it. I think you should eat it. and the things in which god has put a lot of vitamins like vegetables and which improve your skin. Broccoli is good for the skin. Use olive oil. the ads that are running up of oil and ghee Don’t use them. and have brown sugar instead of white. Tell me two people you find fit and smart? I don’t think in Pakistan people are actually fit but if you look internationally. and see actors and models. Here we give too much attention on food. They focus on gym.. they take it as the part of their diet. Every day their routine is around gym Running… and lots of water. and they stay younger for a longer time People here started to age fast. both women and man Yes you are right.. and this is our favorite phase ” Now I am too old how can I wear this?’ and ” Oh now my bones have become weak” and I am old now. and yes we have such a great interest in getting old. Here people should have this in their mind. that age is just a number So who do you think is really fit? If you look at Naomi Campbell Even now they are so fit. look at Jlow or shakira. they age but even now they have kept themselve fit.. This was Fauzia Aman- Super Model. Her straightforward talk.. I hope you enjoy it today The question is in today’s video What is the name of the model in today’s video? This is what’s it looks like! It something like lip stain. and it will last for a really long time. and your lips won’t get dry. it’s a lovely lipstick and you can win it. Simple question.. which model who have talked in today’s video. What is her name? and if you like this video leave a nice good comment. and Subscribe to my channel.


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