Weight Loss Journey – Dieting with the Military Diet and my Results

hey guys how are you doing today I’m
doing pretty good so I’m super super super excited I got a new camera which
is awesome but I’m also excited because if you follow me on Twitter Tumblr or
Instagram you may have noticed I’ve been awesome i called the military diet which
is like three-day diet plan that where you can supposedly lose up to 10 pounds
in three days sounds a little too good to be true so I decided to give it a
shot um if you fall if you want to you can check out my Twitter Instagram or
tumblr where I’ve been posting pictures of what you’re allowed to eat that day
I’m also going to put a link down below just so you guys can go see the diet
plan for the military diet it is completely free you do not have to sign
up for anything it’s literally just all laid out there for you ohmite you’re
allowed to eat and basically it also has a maintenance phase for after the three
days which I haven’t really looked into yet about to because the results were
actually really good I’m really shocked so the first day you get to eat the most
food and you get your breakfast lunch and dinner for all three days and then
the amount of food that you’re allowed to eat kind of starts going like down
and quantity the biggest challenge for me was probably I hated three of the
foods um which I haven’t really tried since I was a kid they were bananas
broccoli and cottage cheese three extremely healthy foods that just always
disgust me it used to be a texture thing with bananas and apparently I have
gotten over it because now I actually enjoyed the bananas and I actually
enjoyed the cottage cheese I still don’t like the broccoli though but if I put
cheese on that is good but can’t do that on this diet you’re not allowed to add
any sauces or oils you can add dry seasonings to your stuff
and hot sauce you can use hot sauce as long as it’s a zero-calorie hot sauce I
use carowinds call it’s one of the cheap ones and the Mexican food aisle or I
don’t know anyways um it was really really easy the first day was the
easiest because you’re eating the most food and really there were all foods
that I really liked date T was a little more of a challenge but that is also
because that was the first day I had to eat cottage cheese and broccoli and on
top of that if I we started getting really really hungry probably because
this is the complete opposite like eating habits that I have because I
typically eat one giant meal at the end of the day I do not eat breakfast lunch
and dinner I just do one huge meal because I just don’t have time and I
don’t want to eat when i wake up to me it just sounds appalling but I did it
for this diet and now I understand why it’s important uh eating three times a
day it makes you really really concrete throughout the entire day very very
hungry um so dady wasn’t too much of challenge day three I was really really
hungry it was really really bad it wasn’t really really bad um first he’ll
be probably be a lot easier um it wasn’t as bad as I thought once I ate my three
meals I wasn’t really that hungry anymore plus I kind of had a trick so
for all three days at dinner at your love ice cream you’re allowed one cup of
vanilla ice cream on day one and three half a cup on day 2 which is also why
day to kind of sucked but I used the skinny cow ice cream sandwiches because
I had them in the freezer and I really really like him um basically one of the
skinny cow ice cream sandwiches equals 150 calories which is a
out the same calories as half a cup of vanilla ice cream so on day one and
three since you’re allowed one cup I ate two of them and I space them out also a
huge tip for this diet is do not scarf your food down I literally it was like a
knife and forking everything it like just slivers at a time and that helped a
lot um yeah so I did that with the ice cream and then one day I couldn’t i did
have bread with me at work so I half a pita because it was the same calorie
content so those are my substitutions I did and the hot sauce really really
helped with some things and basically I got on the scale today and I was
expecting like maybe three or five pounds because that’s what I’ve seen on
average however I don’t know what their original eating habits are like I said I
eat one giant meal once a day so I lost eight pounds i went from 198 pounds flat
to 190 pound 190 point2 pounds sorry so I lost pretty much 8 pounds and three
days which is like literally insane especially when you’re a lot to have
free uh full meals a day and you’re getting your carbs you’re getting your
sugars that you crave so badly you’re getting your vegetables and your
proteins like it’s basically an awesome healthy diet and it definitely gives you
a feel for how you should be eating um now today I since i’m off the diet I was
like the entire time I was craving cheese pizza I don’t know why I don’t
eat cheese pizza I typically get hawaiian or something I just really want
to cheese pizza I had a healthy breakfast and then for lunch I had my
cheese pizza which after being on the diet even though it’s
only three days your body is not used to excess grease and fat so do not binge on
greasy food immediately after because your stomach is going to kill you for it
but you know like I actually think I’m going to stick on this diet and do it
the three days every week like you’re supposed to and then just kind of try to
eat healthier on the other four days than I have been in the past just going
on that three-day like thing even though i still have my ice cream at the end of
the day I’m really not cracking sugar as much as I anticipated cuz sugar I don’t
know why I’m addicted to candy for the past two weeks but like bad I’m talking
about like a pound of sour patch kids in the setting but I can’t help it they’re
so good but anyways um so yeah like i said i’ll put the link down below to the
website and it’s only three days I know anyone can do it if you just put your
mind to it and they also have on the website lists of substitutions he just
absolutely can’t do what they are asking you to do on the meal plans um I just
stuck with it I was like if it’s really bad like the broccoli which I just know
not going to do it so I did it but I was just like you know what I’m just going
to scarf it down i steamed my vegetables for a day too because you can’t fry them
and I don’t really want to boil it so i steamed it and it turned out pretty well
so anyways that’s it first day I think um but um subscribe down below if you
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to use it long enough that I can see results so that’s what i’ve really been
waiting for it’s not that I haven’t had time or anything it’s just I want to be
able to give it a fair review since it’s a pretty pricey it’s a pretty pricey
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going to be so yeah anyways that’s all for today um like I said anyone’s
debating on doing a diet should definitely give this a shot but until
next time I will see you later bye

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