Weight Loss exercise at home

McQueen: Well what I wanted to do was go through
some of the stretching exercises. We call this our dynamic kinetic stretch. Dynamic
stretch basically is coming to a point and stretching. What we want you to do now is
learn to go through that stretch to take it to a higher level. More flexibility which
then in turn becomes more endurance, you become stronger. When I say strength I don’t mean
bulky. That’s not for most women, some guys won’t want that. We want you to be strong
physically. Something I talked about today with a person
was I think when your abs get strong, and your back gets strong, everything else starts
coming along with it. What I’d like to do is take you through and show you our dynamic
stretch. This really if somebody just took this program and didn’t do anything else I
believe that you will get results. Susan: I agree.
McQueen: What I want to get is feedback from you. I know that you’ve done some of these
and maybe I’m going to add some new ones. Tell me where you’re feeling it and tell the
viewer’s so they can get an idea of the impact other than I’m not just going to have you
going like this and, “Okay, I’m just tired.” I want to do something, okay?
We’re going to stretch first and we’re just going to bring the leg right up here. Try
to come up to about waist high and hold that for three, four, five seconds. Then come and
rotate that and if you can give me an idea of what you’re feeling.
Susan: Well I’m feeling it in here… McQueen: You’re feeling in the ham strings.
Susan: As long as I’ve got my toe up and actually flexing, I’m feeling it in the calf and in
the front of my shin. McQueen: Okay, so let’s try that and let’s
extend it and see what it does. Susan: Oh. I can feel it on the other side.
McQueen: Yep. Feel that right here. Just by extending or flexing your foot you start to
work other muscles groups. Susan: Well yeah plus trying to balance yourself.
McQueen: Right. Balance is good for balancing, coragraham, walking, but now when you do that
… okay let’s flex it and you’re getting what muscles groups?
Susan: Here. McQueen: In through here, but it’s not hurting
the knee right? Susan: No. I can feel it tightening here.
Somewhat in here, but not as much right back in here.
McQueen: Okay, right back there. Now let’s do that.
Susan: Basically the same areas and my shin. McQueen: Basically it gets a little difficult
to hold that. What we feel that we’re doing there is that we are targeting muscle groups
specifically. If you want to lose some weight back here just jogging all day long might
not do that, but if you exercise this and you stretch it, make it stronger, then it’s
going to start to come and get a little bit tighter, little bit firmer, and it’s got to
find something to do with excess fat or whatever. Susan: It’s got to go away.
McQueen: I hate to say that. That’s the first thing that we do. Now there’s a hidden area
in there it’s called the hip flexor. That’s when you walk, jog, or fun you got to have
that… Susan: I had problems with that from softball.
McQueen: Okay. That is strengthening the hip flexor. Now what we will want to is stretch
the hip flexor so we are hitting both areas and we’re hitting around it. Then we’re going
to work a little bit more balance and leg strength. Then we’re going to work this back
here. This time we’re going to bring the leg up, but we’re going grab it and we’re going
to try to drive it up even farther. I teach my wrestlers I don’t care if you keep balancing.
See you’ve got great balance, but what I want is for you to keep doing it hold it up there,
and then you can switch. Again, you really won’t believe it, but with the bands on we’re
burning calories right now. Susan: Oh, I believe it.
McQueen: We’re actually doing some aerobics, but then again we’re hitting muscle groups.
Let’s try that again and then I want you to talk about where you’re feeling that. That
we… why am I doing this? Not just to, again, I don’t want to just step up and step down.
I’m not against aerobics. I think it has a big part of working out, but we’re going to
do more. Let’s try that again and then you tell me where you’re feeling that.
Susan: Back in here. McQueen: On the up leg you’re getting it in
the some of the group and then… Susan: I feel it in here.
McQueen: In the inner thigh. Susan: Right around here.
McQueen: Then we’re getting hip flexor. How about you’re down leg?
Susan: Calves. McQueen: Calves…
Susan: Calves, inner and outer thighs just to keep your balance.
McQueen: Okay. So in one exercise we’re getting both sides, different areas, and then when
we switch we do the same thing. Susan: Hopefully you’re going to even it out.
McQueen: Then when we’re walking and when we’re running we got good balance because
it doesn’t get any easier. Very good. Again, we’re burning calories because every movement
that we make, the bands are providing resistance from right above the knees up here into the
lower abdominal areas; sometimes up here in the upper, middle abdominal. We’re getting
a good core workout and we’re building some strength, toning and firming.
Now what we’re going to do is what we call 10 soldiers. The key is we want to take the
hand, bring it out here, and we want to make sure that the leg is going straight and not
over here. We’re not getting as good of an impact if we go sideways, that’s pretty much
cheating is what we’re doing and we don’t want to bring the hand down to the foot. What
we want to do is not swing it, not kick it; I want to do that stretch, lift it. Just like
that. Now you sort of feel like I can’t get very far. That’s okay.
Then you want to switch. Then let’s talk about a little bit about where we feel that.
Susan: All the way up the back. Ham strings all the way up.
McQueen: Ham strings and the glutes. We’re getting where in the glutes?
Susan: Usually down low. McQueen: You got that minimus, medias, and
maximus in there. Susan: Well you tell me.
McQueen: All of it sounds pretty good. We’re stretching, we’re becoming more flexible,
but again we’re targeting muscle groups. That booty is where a lot of women…
Susan: Carry their…

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