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Hi, today I want to talk about an incredibly
important topic that is Weight Loss and Foot Pain. So, one of the problems that we see
with people who are trying to lose weight is they start exercising but because they’re
carrying extra weight, that extra weight starts to essentially crush their feet and forces
their feet to flatten out. There’s actually number of studies that show if you’re carrying
extra weight you are lot more prone to problems on the bottom of your foot because that foot
is flattening out more and it’s getting longer and stretching everything on the bottom and
you’re more prone to problems on top of your foot because as that foot goes down all these
bones up here get compressed together, so you get top of foot pain. So some of the problems
you can get with when you carrying extra weight would be plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain,
heel pain, big toe joint pain and bunions and stress fractures on top of the foot here. Now, there are some easy things you can do
to make sure that you don’t injure your foot as you start a weight loss program because
this becomes a huge catch 22. You want to lose weight so you start exercising but as
you start exercising the extra weight you’re carrying causes foot damage or foot pain and
then you can’t exercise. So, what happens, you gain more weight that puts more pressure
on your foot and so on. So, what we want to do is protect your feet while you start your
exercise program and start you weight loss program. So number one is you really want
to have very, very stable shoes. This is a Brooks Beast, it’s a very stable shoe. On
the inside it has a stable midsole, it’s firm on the heel, I can’t squeeze the heel in with
two fingers and I can’t really twist it very easily although it stills bends actually where
the toes bend, right? So that’s a good type of shoe to look for, doesn’t have to be this
exact model but be looking for those features. What that type of shoe will do is it helps
stop that foot from rolling in and subsequently stop that collapse that leads to some of the
foot problems. The next thing is you need to put some sort
of arch support underneath your foot to protect it. So, two options, you want either can get
a very good over the counter arch support, but very good we mean then it’s firm. Now
you’re not going to find this at a pharmacy, you’re going to find it at high end shoes
stores, you may find it online. If you go to our website and just do a search for orthotics
for heavy people or orthotics for weight loss, you’ll find a list of the better over the
counter supports if you’re carrying extra weight. You do want something that is a little
extra firm. What that will do is again stop that foot from flattening out so much, takes
stress off the bottom of your foot and off the top of your foot. If that’s not enough
then we can use a custom orthotic, these offers a couple benefits. Number one, they’re a little bit higher in
the arch so they do a better job of stopping that foot from going down. Number two, they’re
a little bit more firm so they’re not going to collapse underneath your foot and three
we can make them as wide as your foot is. One of the issues again we see with orthotics
if you’re carrying the extra weight is that you carry extra fat everywhere including in
your feet and your feet tend to be wider, so many of the over the counter orthotics
just aren’t wide enough. So if you continue to have pain and that’s the really stable
shoes and the over the counter supports haven’t done enough for you. If you’re in our area
make an appointment to see us, if you’re not in our area find a podiatrist that really
specializes in orthotic therapy and go see them. We’ll definitely be able to do something
to take care of you and get your exercising again.


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