Week 11 with Elipse Balloon | Weight Loss | Lanson Medical

So this week has been the same really, erm I’ve felt fine everything’s the same. So again I really felt the same physically. I’ve started to notice that my weight loss has slowed down a little bit, erm so
I’m only losing like pounds and half pounds now. I’m still really motivated erm I’m
still excited to lose the weight. No I still can’t feel it It’s like it’s not even there. Same again home-cooked meals. Just really boring I’ve not really done anything else just home-cooked meals this week. It’s similar things I have been sort of going on the internet and finding new recipes, so
I’m going to try my hand at a different curry this Saturday and some beef in a
black bean sauce or something so I thought that would be quite exciting. We’ll give it a go see where we end up. No no no that was one treat yeah not again. Just fruit just fruit, yogurts and that sort of thing. I think it’s easy if you get yourself into a bit
of a routine it’s easier to stick to rather than just picking whenever. Yeah still having them more the rice cakes now just for something a bit more savoury rather
than sweet all the time ’cause you do get bored of fruit, it’s easy to get bored of fruit. I’ve not really noticed a difference I feel the same this week
yeah. Absolutely yeah I think that’s like the biggest motivator is seeing the
number go down. I’ve gone – I’ve bought gym clothes, I’m going to the gym on Tuesday,
Tuesday morning before work. I signed up about six weeks ago something like that
and I’m like oh yeah I’ll go I’ll go and my partner’s like shall we go
and I’m like no not not today. I’m scared more than owt like I’m scared
to go to gym it scares me a little bit. Everybody’s really fit and there’s just
me over there like oh. No I’ve lost motivation with them a little bit. I
don’t know why it just seems an effort to put the DVD on and do it rather than
pulling treadmill out that takes even longer and it’s even difficult but yeah no
I’ve lost motivation with the DVD. Yeah still doing the treadmill and
taking dog for a walk just to keep myself going and then obviously when I
start with gym on Tuesday then that’s gonna be biggest one. I can’t wait, I’m so excited

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