Week 1 of Insanity by Coach Monica Ward

Hey everyone, this is Monica Ward and I just wanted to give you a little bit of
an update on my first week of Insanity. We kicked it off last week with fit test and
I was surprised to see the results but honestly I don’t really know what they meant,
cause I was looking at Tanya’s results on the fit test, going ‘Wow, I’ve got a long way to go!’ But I am definitely excited to take the fit
test the next week and figure out where I am gonna come and how I’ll progress too. So, what I wanted to tell you about was…
or encourage you to do, is taking your start day assessments.
For me that’s probably something that, looking back, I never, ever would have, ever considered
doing, but Dave has been a total instigator and he drugged me upstairs in our bedroom,
next to a pile of laundry and I was very unhappy and overweight mom and
then I got into my bikini in, you know, three months after having our second child and I really didn’t know what to expect. I felt very vulnerable and exposed despite
the fact I knew those pictures were gonna stay hidden on our computer never to be seen
except for Dave and I; but I think what I liked about those photos
was that they spoke the truth and assessment is a great way to measure your progress. But, if it gives you any motivation to take
your start day photos, I am forever grateful that I took those start day photos because look what happened to me and can happen to you too. See? Back in March 2007 I submitted those
Before-and-After photos and Dave and I won a large chunky change for having been vulnerable
and exposing myself and trusting a process as awesome as a BeachBody program.
Most definitely take your assessments. This time around obviously I’m not gonna be
submitting my before and after photos for the body transformation contest cause that’s what you’re gonna be doing. But I AM going to this thing called the BOD POD;
it’s probably the cutting edge, the most, state-of-the-art assessment tool for measuring your body fat content
as well as your lean muscle mass. So as I am trying to build muscle
and shed fat I have this measure of progress and so I thought I’d give you week one’s status update. And I’m not gonna go every week,
I’m gonna go every two weeks. So, I in the first week of the Insanity lost
1.4% body fat which is outstanding I think it equates to like, I don’t know, two
pounds of fat or something like that. So, gone! And I am really excited about that. And other than that, you know, keep pushing play, keep tracking your progress on your laminated
calendar with your erasable pen and I’ll see you next Saturday for more assessment. Have a great week!


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