We Did Planks Every Day For 30 Days

– I was surprised how it never got easier. I thought it would get easier and it just was the same amount of bad from start to finish. (upbeat music) – What this challenge is gonna consist of is us trying to do planks for three minutes for 30 days straight, ^and we’re gonna see how good we can get at planking ^and how long we can hold it for. – My strategy is going to be to just go for as long as I can and then subtract that time from the three minutes so that I have less to do for the rest of the day, but it’s not gonna be pretty. – Timing start now, and I’m already shaking. I’m already shaking. – 10 seconds in, it feels like shit. – My goal going into this was being able to just do the three minute plank with no breaks in between. So, I started off around just over a minute, barely. I mean, at 30 seconds I was already shaking. It has been so little time. – 45 seconds. – Oh, this is gonna suck. – Okay, that was one minute. It just sucked, like it always sucks. All this footage is gonna be me saying it sucked. Yeah, definitely sucks today. It sucks, it’s like my core is all shaky and weak. – I think I was able to see improvement a lot quicker than I thought I was going to. Three, two, one, oh my God. Alright, well, that was first two minutes, so hey! That was cool. I did the two minute plank and I was like, alright, there we go. We’re getting there, we’re seeing improvement. Pretty shortly after that, I was able to do a three minute plank for the first time. Alright, so we’re coming in on the tail end of the first week and yeah, overall I think it’s going really well. Two, one (exhales). (groaning) Two, one, there we go. We did it, we did it, we did it. I cannot believe I just did a three minute plank. I’ve definitely never planked that long in my life ever. For me, fighting boredom while doing this plank challenge was the hardest part. – I developed a method called the Frasier method. I’m gonna try a new thing where I watch Frasier because sometimes when I’m doing a plank I get bored and I just think about how much it sucks, and it gets worse. So, maybe this will be better. – It’s just really fucking boring. I feel like I would be able to do this longer too if I was watching a YouTube video or something like that. You know, I didn’t listen to music or read a book, although I should’ve. Who knows what I could’ve done if I just had a book in front of me? (men talking) – I did my first two minute plank, pretty stoked. The Frasier method totally works. I’m a fitness guru, I love it. (rock music) – Although I was out of breath, I didn’t feel exhausted. I felt good after these planks. I felt, you know, more solid and I felt kind of energized. I think, for me, once I did it one time, I knew I could keep doing it. – I felt like because nobody was on my back about it, I was just like ‘fuck’ until I didn’t want to do it anymore. It’s harder to do planks than I thought it would be, ^and I never felt like I got stronger. – I’m ready. – Okay (laughs). Um, yeah, that’s me. Yeah, I feel like there is a slight difference. We’re talkin’ this, we’re talkin’ this much difference. – I feel like there’s a minor difference, but not really much at all, which I was kind of expecting. I got what I wanted to out of this challenge, and that was to feel better and it was also to prove to myself that I could do it. I’m super super super super super excited that I did four minutes, and I would’ve never thought that I would be doing a four minute plank by the end of this. I’m pretty stoked about that. – I mean, it’s cool to not be doing a challenge where it’s like, ‘oh, we got abs in 30 days because we didn’t eat any food at all and worked out with a celebrity-level trainer.’ It’s like, we just were in our kitchens doing planks and not changing anything.


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