“We Are America’s Best Looking Couple”

BUCK: Without a doubt, I would definitely say we are America’s best looking couple, for a fact, hands down. COMM: For Buck and Michelle Miller, fitness is their business and the personal trainers
and competitive body builders certainly don’t lack confidence. BUCK: If there was a competition for the world’s best looking couple I would sign up right
now. We’re a power couple, making power moves, we’ve established a foundation, we know our
expectations, we just continue to grow. COMM: Body obsessed Buck, aged 26, and his wife Michelle spend a staggering £50,000
each year on manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, tanning, gym membership and supplements. Along
with their punishing schedule – which can see them visiting the gym up to six times
a day – 33-year-old Michelle has had surgery to enhance her appearance. MICHELLE: I went from a C34, to a double D. I had surgery done because of having
a child my body changed and I wasn’t happy about the appearance. MICHELLE: For a guy, great, he can build that chest but for a woman…you will lose your
breasts. Having plastic surgery definitely made a big impact on keeping my femininity, that was important to me. COMM: Pictures and mirrors adorn almost every wall of the image obsessed couple’s Las
Vegas home as they constantly strive to improve their physiques. BUCK: Every time we walk by a mirror we look, not because we’re cocky, but just because
you’re always critiquing yourself. We keep pictures of us around the house from our shows
as motivation. BUCK: That’s a reminder to never ever get comfortable with myself. Never get comfortable.
Cause people would die to have that. To me, that’s fat, I need to get lean ten times better than, I know that sounds crazy, but that’s just our mentality. BUCK: If someone were to say to me I’m vain… there’s two responses. If they were being
smart about it I would tell them to take off their shirt, and I’ll take off my shirt
and I would ask them to repeat what they just said. And then if they were being sincere
about it and very curious, I would be like listen, I don’t question that you
go out every Friday night, you drink, I don’t talk negative about your lifestyle, don’t
talk negative about mine. I don’t hate on your lifestyle, don’t hate on mine. MICHELLE: I can’t see anybody that look at their self in a positive way saying you’re
vain. But I can see it coming from somebody that wasn’t happy with their self. COMM: And they’re aware that people check them out wherever they go. BUCK: When we’re together it’s just you know people look, people look, I mean if you guys were
to follow us walking down the strip or in a grocery store, or even if we take our son to Chuck-E-Cheese,
everyone’s just looking like holy cow that is one jacked couple. MICHELLE: I work hard for it. But I still manage to look like a woman, so it’s nice.
You can still have muscles. Muscles are sexy. MICHELLE: One more. BUCK: That was good. Let’s see who’s got better abs real quick. COMM: Despite the amount of time the couple spend on looking their best, they still have
the full support of their 12-year-old son, Kyler. KYLER: Yeah I’d love to look like my dad, he’s a bodybuilder so that’s what he’s
supposed to look like, he’s supposed to look really fit nice, big, other words. …..Right
now I think I’m coming close. COMM: And for Buck and Michelle the hard work and sacrifices they make for their appearance
are completely worth it. BUCK: When you you think about it, it’s like who wouldn’t want a million bucks, who wouldn’t
want an eight pack and a small waist? Who wouldn’t want a nice butt and nice legs?
There’s people that would give an arm to have my body. MICHELLE: Confident not cocky. BUCK: We’re different, we stand out. I have yet to see a jacked couple like us. I have
yet to see a couple that imitates our lifestyle. And we’re not trying to prove anything to
anyone, it’s just who we are.


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