Warm Up Exercises for Bharatanatyam | Part – 1 | 2020 | Easy & Effective 10 min Routine

Namaste Welcome back to my channel Today’s video is about something very basic and important for all the dancers to do even before they start to dance something which will prepare their bodies and help them remain injury free Yes ! you guessed it right. I am talking about warm ups In today’s video i am going to introduce you to those asanas mentioned in Bharatanatyam text and digest I’ve tried to map these asanas to the adavus which are an integral part of learning Bharatanatyam So watch this video till the end to know how you will be benifited by these asanas if done correctly Also, at the end of the video i am going to share a pro tip to help you warm up better. So, stay tuned !! We begin with 6 variations of Tadakriya the first one. Stand erect in samabhangi, take your hands above into a karkatahastha and come back to initial position draw your pelvis inside while doing this this helps to straighten your spine and to maintain correct posture while dancing 1 . . .2 The second variation is Urdhwa Mukha kriya stand in Tada kriya, raise the heels, and look up and slowly come back to initial position 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 The third variation is Parshwa Mukha Kriya standing in Tada Kriya, raise your heels and bend to the side till your waist this stretches the lats, and the external obliques, which are much required for the adavus We repeat it on the left 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . 4 . . 5 . . 6 The next variation is Himmukha kriya stand in Tada Kriya, raise your heels and bend backward as much as possible You could also keep your hands on your hip while doing the same to support your back Kinematic demands of some dance postures like Aramandi lead to increased extension of spine, anterior tilt and obliquity of pelvis leading to back pain This asana which is Himmukha kriya helps to relieve the same The next variation is Mummukha kriya, which is forward fold or Utthanasana Take your hands up and fold forward, without bending the knees try to touch the ground exhale while going down this is a counter exercise of Himuka Kriya and this helps to stretch the body from head to heel The sixth and the last variation of Tada Kriya is Taada Chalana Kriya Stand in Taada Kriya, raise your heels and walk two steps front and two steps back This helps to improve the balance and helps to sustain the adavus where we stay on the toes for a long time 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . 4 . . 5 6 . . 7 . . 8 . . 9 . . 10 The next aasana is Jaanu Kriya Keep your feet together bend your knees and place your palm on the knee joints and start to rotate your knees clockwise and then anti clockwise This helps to releive knee pain and also warms up your knees for the much dreaded aramandi The next aasana is Arey mandala kriya Like the name suggests Go into an Aramandi or a plie squat stance Take your hands up and rotate your body from the hip from right to left…and left to right This helps to loosen the body and to do Mai adavus and also Aramandi The next aasana is ArdhaKati Kriya like the name suggests we bend to the side Take your hands above close to the ears and bend to the opposite side we repeat it on the left side Do not bend forward but to the side while performing this aasana This aasana helps in perfecting the adavus which involve side bends The next aasana is eru Vakra Kriya hold your hands in mushti and rotate from the hip, and turn to the back as far as possible Follow your hand We repeat to the left This helps to releive stiffness in waist, neck and the entire upper body These were the first ten exercises as prescribed in Bharatanatyam text and digest For demonstration purpose I did only two reps of every exercise I recommend that you repeat them ten times atleast Its time for pro tip now To help you warm up better I suggest that you add some kind of Cardio in your warm up Something like Jumping jacks or High Knees or butt kicks I suggest that you do these cardio exercises for atleast twenty seconds and repeat it for five times Do like this video and leave your comments below as to how this video helped you your suggestions and doubts Be sure to share this with your friends who would benefit from this video and also subscribe to my channel Because I post some super useful stuff every single week Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next week


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