Walking Interval Training : Muscle Building Tricep Dips

So, we’re really getting down to the nitty
gritty on our walk. We’re going to incorporate another strength training exercise, which
is called marching tricep dips. So, you’ve probably been walking for another five minutes.
And, we’re stopping now to do another two minutes strength building exercise. The marching
tricep dips, all you need is some kind of curb or something that is elevated. But, a
lot of neighborhoods have steps. So, I’m just going to use these steps here to demonstrate
to you how to do marching tricep dips. So, we position ourselves on the step. We get
our hands in a nice good place. Stabilize the wrists; you don’t want to really rock
the wrists. You want to get the wrists where they are really stabilized. So, we scoot our
butt out and then to do the marching tricep dips. A regular tricep dip, you just push
down. This one, we’re going to push down and lift a leg up. This adds more to the core
and it also adds a little step for your legs. It also makes the exercise a little more difficult
to do. Remember to breathe. We’re doing this for two minutes. And, after the two minutes
you know what to do. Continue on your walk, like so.

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