Walking Interval Training : Muscle Building Push Ups

So, we’ve been doing our moderate walking
and incorporating strength building exercises in between. So, we walk for maybe five minutes
or so. Then, we stop and do a two minute strength building exercise. Our next exercise we’re
going to do, is a push up. We’re going to do a push up using the tree, though. And,
what we’re going to do we’re going to lift one leg off the ground. And, that really helps
us work more on balancing and stabilizing our body. So, it works the core and it also
gets the chest muscles engaged. And, our arms as well. So, I’ll demonstrate how we’re going
to do these tree push ups. Alright. So, our hands are going to be about shoulder width
apart. Get yourself nice and stabilized on the tree. Lift one leg out and just push and
push out. Push up and out. I would do five on each leg and switch. And, keep going to
fulfill your two minutes. And, you know when you’re done continue walking.

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